MSU – 4

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‘This is insane. As expected, I was right.’

As soon as she swallowed her breath, her head naturally tilted back and her eyes rolled back. At first, she had been looking at Benji’s cute head between her legs, and before she knew it, her gaze was directed at the empty ceiling.

“Benji—Unnn, lick it gently.”

It was an explicit request, but Benji did not ask back this time. Without even raising his head at her words, he raised his tongue and persistently licked and sucked out the area she had kindly informed him of.

As expected, Benji uses his body well. It hasn’t been long since I told you, but I can’t get a hold of myself every time you go down on me.

“Huu unnn.”

Elise was shaking as if I was going to get cramps in her legs because her toes curled up so tightly.

Unbearably aroused, Elise grabbed Benji’s hair tightly in the heat of the moment.

Whether she was pulling or pushing, my arms were full of strength without her even realizing it. It must have been incredibly painful, but Benji didn’t even budge. He just held open Elise’s thighs with strength and spread them apart for sucking and hastily whirled his tongue and sucked it all up.


For a moment, a thrill that could not be compared to the petty pleasure of prior experiences hit her whole body. Her back bent like a bow and trembled in waves of convulsions to the point that afterward, she was surprised she was so flexible. Benji with a bewildered look, revealed his face when she came to.

“Master, are you okay?”

His innocent eyes were filled with worries. A face rich in her body fluids and brown hair that is more messy than usual after being randomly pulled and ripped out. Looking at the soft, warm, but completely erotic lips that had wrapped around her just now, Elise continued her shameless lie again,

“Hmm. Thank you. Benji. Haaaa……. Poison… Phew… I think it’s all out. I survived thanks to you.”

“What a relief.”

With a relaxed face, Benji replied with a grin. His eyes were so clear, knowing nothing, that Elise rubbed her face. At the moment, guilt flooded in.

‘What have I done?’

She started comprehending it, but she probably would make the same choice if she went back, but Elise lamented, rebuking and blaming herself.

Then suddenly, one side of her heart shook anxiously. Benji was one to disappear and less likely to say a word in front of others, but in the world—perhaps… perhaps—anything was possible.

“You can’t tell anyone about today? Understand?”


When Benji blinked and asked back as if he really didn’t know, her conscience that she had thrown away earlier revealed its existence again.

‘I’m trash. Trash! No matter how curious I was, that innocent Benji……. Crazy. You’re really crazy.’

Benji, who was watching her pull out and ripping her fine blonde hair as hard as she could, slowly spoke,

“Master, didn’t you have poison in your pussy, so I washed it for you?”

There were still traces of Elise on Benji’s face, as he tilted his head and his eyes searched the floor as if he was unsure.

Perhaps red hot from exhaustion from the hard work, his red face was drenched in a liquid with a clear source. In particular, his red lips that suffered and worked hard today were open and waiting for Elise’s reply.

‘I’m seriously going crazy–Really. Why do you look so naughty?’

Because the area still flinching in excitement seemed to be heating up again, Elise proceeded to talk, rubbing his face with her palm to wipe off the remaining body fluids.

“Y-Yes! That thing. Don’t let others know. Got it?

“Yes, Master.”

Elise clenched her hand the size of her face [t1v: small faces are a Korean beauty standard] and received his promise.

The sound of “Yes, Master,” was not very reliable, but Elise had no choice but to believe it for now.

“But… Master…….”


“Am I going to die?”

What are you talking about?

Benji’s drooping eyes looked unusually sad.

“No—uh—Why would you die?”

“I ate a lot of Master’s poison….”

Elise’s face heated up at Benji’s unexpected words.

‘Yeah, he did drink up a lot. How can I explain this?’

“Ah… No! This is poison only for me! It’s good for your health if someone else eats it’s good for your health! You’ll be healthier!”

“Oh, thank you.”

‘What kind of bullshit am I spewing?’

The excuse she spat out in a hurry was so absurd that anyone would snort at her, but fortunately, the faithful Benji did not vomit. Elise was relieved.

“Master, do you want to take a bath?”

Benji asked as he saw the sleepy Elise.

‘I want to wash up. I want to wash up.’

But now she didn’t even have the strength to lift her hand. Her whole body became drowsy due to the muscles that had been loosened after a long time—she barely was keeping herself awake.

“No. I’m going to take a nap now. You take a rest and bring dinner later.”

‘If I could call that crumbly bread a meal…….’

Before she could finish her thoughts, Elise rolled up in her blanket and hugged it, and fell deeply asleep as if she had fainted.

Seeing this, Benji quietly left the door. An unknown smile spread across his lips.

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