MSU – 38

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Benji gripped her pelvis and pushed her hard. Then, with a powerful shock, Elise closed her eyes and shouted:


Cells all over her body seemed to explode at once. It’s hard to explain, but she was sure it was not a pain. Her love liquid pouring out as if a dam had burst was proof of that.

“Haa. I thought I had cummed.”

He pulled out his member in disbelief, making sure he hadn’t ejaculated yet. Benji grabbed Elise’s by her ass and sighed.

“If you tighten it like this, it’ll really break. ‘Cause I’m really hurting too. You can break it even if it is without bones.”

He was constantly scolding her, but he never stopped hammering her. Even when it was clear that he had already peaked, he kept banging her until he came a few more times and released her.

Benji did not stop kissing her as he stroked Elise’s disheveled face. She was wrought with tears of ecstatic delirium that flowed every time she was roughly fucked and saliva that leaked out as if she was out of her mind and could not close her mouth.

“Since you get cold easily, don’t you think the south would be better? No, would it be better to go north? That way, you’ll never leave my arms.”

With a sly smile, he pulled Elise into an embrace. Benji’s skin was hotter than usual.

‘That way you can’t abandon me. You’ll have no choice but to live with me.’

At Benji’s obsessive words, Elise giggled and closed her eyes.

She lived happily ever after. An ordinary and difficult happy ending was in front of Elise.

* * *

Not long after they decided to leave, Elise and Benji crossed the border and arrived at a small town. It was a long journey that started with Benji saying that there was a place that Elise would like.

She, of course, did not forget to leave a gift for her stepmother. She had written in every corner that her stepmother had killed the Count to cover up her infidelity, and now she wanted to kill even Elise. Then, the annex was covered with blood to the extent that it would be impossible to remove it. It was clear that she was going to suffer for a while.

After a few days of euphoria, they arrived at a remote place surrounded by mountains. There was little interaction with the outside world, but it was a peaceful and quiet small town. She didn’t know how Benji knew about such a secluded place, but, as he promised, Elise fell in love with it.

Instead of a small hut, she even found a decent house with furniture at a reasonable price. She enjoyed the sentiment of being a newly married couple, but an unexpected problem arose.

“Then you won’t do it?”

Benji insisted on taking marriage vows at the temple. It was something Elise had never thought of before.

“Do we have to?”

Elise turned away from Benji, who was looking at her with a pitiful gaze and drinking tea with a miserable expression.

What do you mean by marriage vows? If it was between the two of us, I could do it a hundred times or a thousand times until I was satisfied. I’ve already made up my mind to live with him for the rest of my life anyway. But to make a formal vow in front of a priest?

Commoners usually did not take formal oaths. What was the use if they couldn’t share surnames like nobles? No matter how good it seemed, it was unnecessary. Elise couldn’t understand Benji’s needless insistence.

In a small town, word of mouth travelled fast. People had already thought they were a married couple when they were looking for a house together. But it was clear that if they called someone later to make an oath, they would be gossiped about. Since they were foreigners, there was no reason to draw undue attention in a situation where they had already received ample scrutiny.

“I understand.”


It was Elise who was bewildered by Benji’s simple forlorn reply. If it were the Benji she knew, he wouldn’t give up so meekly. If there was something he wanted, he would coax her, and if that didn’t work, she would tire of his begging and agree…. But now he gave up so easily?

‘Why? It can’t be…… .’

The mildly brewed tea tasted astringent in her mouth due to a sense of unease.

* * *

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