MSU – 37

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“To receive it like a dog, you have to pose down like a dog. I’ll take care of everything and I’m confident you’ll enjoy every moment. Master.”

As he sternly soothed her, he slapped her ass into her pose; Elise quickly fell to her knees with her arms outstretched.

“Haa……. Do you know my shit is still coming out of here? It’s driving me crazy.”

As she held her posture, perhaps because she was pressing on her stomach, she could feel his accumulated seed pooling and flow out. Then, as Benji said he should take a closer look, he grabbed Elise’s white ass so hard that she could see his handprints as he spread her ass cheeks apart.

“Do you know what master’s hole looks like? To anyone’s eyes it looks like you’re begging me to fuck you. You’re really driving me crazy.”

Elise flinched and wiggled her body involuntarily when his raw, wild gaze fixed on her exposed part.

“I’m going to fill you up. You’re going to be so full of my scent that everyone will know that master is mine and belongs to me. I want to fill your belly to the brim with my seed until you’re overflowing and my owner spills out my cum every time you breathe.”

As if in a dreamy haze, his stilted voice loosened as if in a daze. His hand movements of raking up flowing thick liquids and putting them back in her were automatic, unconsciously. Elise’s back jerked and trembled because of his unruly fingers coming in and out.

“Ah. Now, one finger alone isn’t enough, right? At first, even if I put just one in, you went wild.”

Quickly noticing Elise’s reaction, his fingers increased in number and began to move in and out deeper. It came in and rubbed her sensitive areas like waves rushing in, and it went out, fondling her inner wall wickedly.

“I see it clearly. How deliciously my master eats my fingers. How sorry you are to feel them pull out. How tight you are.”

“Haa ah. Oh. Ah, haa.”

After immobilizing her pelvis, the remaining hand quickly penetrated the inside as if in response to Elise’s moans. Water splashed all over the place, and her toes curled. Finally, Elise sobbed and buried her face in the bed. There was no more strength in her body. Benji pressed his hot lips down where he had pulled out his wet hand.

“You are starting to feel even better. There is more water. How appetizing.”

He grabbed her round buttocks and split them apart as he stuck out and squeezed in his tongue into her vaginal mouth and relentlessly sucked it up. Elise struggled, her whole body twisting, but Benji didn’t care. Rather, he grabbed onto her harder and buried his manhood in her all at once. Her core sucked and swallowed him greedily to his roots.


“Oh …… . You really like it. When I put it in, you bite it so tightly.”

She couldn’t blame Benji for teasing her. She was squeezing and sucking on what had just come in; her tender flesh had grown swollen with excitement. It was such a heated reaction that even Elise was acutely aware of it.

“Haaa……. I feel like I’m being devoured. Please give me strength… … Ungh.”

As if holding back his rising fervor to orgasm, the veins sprang up on his hands grasping Elise’s ass.

“Please calm down. If you relax a little I will make you feel better. Don’t finish it like this.”

Benji whispered nonstop, soothing her, gathering Elise’s hair neatly and hanging it to one side over her shoulder. Benji’s large hand stroked the exposed nape of her neck and gently caressed her spine. Her breath that she held burst out with a strange husky whimper.


At the same time, Benji began to move cautiously. She wanted more than the monotonous movement that was neither fast nor slow and unconsciously raised her ass, jiggling it and begging him to come in deeper. Trying to get her to stay calm, he heeded her request and pounded her to her limit, but she liked it so much that she cried out in excitement:

“Ugh. Yes—There! Oh, that’s so good. Haaa….”

Benji, who held her breast swaying to his thrusts, kneaded it greedily with one hand and made a sound as if he was dissatisfied.

“I want to do it while looking at your face.”


Benji gave a rough thrust and lifted Elise’s upper body so he could kiss her. As weight was added to their overlapping sitting position, her entrance tightened roughly while embracing Benji deeper.

Her lips were burning as he sucked on them hard. He licked her lower and upper lip alternately, then invaded the depths of her mouth to find Elise’s tiny tongue. He held her neck as he took her breath away, and their wet passion filled their ears.

Elise gasped and hung on to Benji more earnestly. She didn’t even feel any pain with her back bent. Now, he plunged his cock in and out so intensely that there was a popping, thudding sound. It was so overwhelming that she didn’t even notice that his rough hand was grabbing her breast so tightly it look as if it was about to burst

“Haaa haa.”

The roar of an excited beast echoed through the bedroom. Benji was deliberately growling in Elise’s ear. His panting was barely audible, revealing how aroused he was and how much he liked it. Every time he slammed in, her natural lube drenched his thighs.

“I’m going crazy. I like you so much, I’m going crazy with joy.”

Benji, who had been holding back for a long time, had enough and increased his speed and drove it in harder. With each clapping sound, his heavy testicles slapped her clitoris. Elise felt her helplessness squeeze her lower entrance.

As Benji’s hand moved from her chest to her waist, Elise naturally fell forward. It felt sensual rather than humiliating to bury her face in her pillow and only raise her ass up.

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