MSU – 36

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“Haaa [Sigh]…….”

‘I’m crazy. Am I really torn? No wonder it was tingling. I’m not bleeding, am I?’

Benji, who had become a doctor, examined the affected area very carefully. His one hand gingerly spread apart from one side of the labia that covered the vaginal entrance. Then, cautiously, he raised one of his fingers and gently stroked her slit. His fingertips brushing against her delicate skin moved meticulously as if they were searching for flaws in a precious piece of art.

Elise suddenly became anxious.

‘Last night was exceptionally aggressive……. No, I mean, who picks up people and knocks them down? Anyways–that beast. It’s already too big just to do it……. What kind of medicine do I need to apply down there?’

While she agonized, Benji’s eyebrows narrowed violently.

“Is it torn a lot……? Am I bleeding?”

“No. That’s not it…….”

Noticing the heat of his voice, Elise hurriedly lowered her legs and wrapped herself in a sheet. It was clear that if she lost here, she would not be able to eat, and she would do it until her body broke.

“Ah… Anyway, let’s leave as soon as possible.”

Her voice cracked as she hurriedly changed the subject. Benji smirked as he watched Elise’s eyes search for a mousehole to hide in with only her face poking out of her sheet. He patted, soothing her, his actions casually saying, ‘I’ll let it slide this time.’

“Have you decided where to go?”

“No, not yet. But Benji, what is your real name?”

Elise suddenly asked what she had been curious about all this time. She wanted to call him by his original name, even if she had to ask about it first because he wouldn’t tell her first. Because Elise’s dog was named Benji. Since she decided to live with him for the rest of her life, she thought he needed a more proper name.

“It’s Benji. That is enough for now.”

Benji’s answer came back without any hesitation. So why did ‘it’s enough’ sound so bitter? Elise’s eyebrows, expecting an answer, turned darkly downwards, now upset.

“That’s the dog’s name… … .”

‘If I had known it would be like this, I’d give him a more human name later.’

Her regretful lips pouted.

“Yeah. You treated me like a dog. Stroking my hair.”

He groped around and hugged her as his voice reminiscing about the past began to grow mischievous again.

“I know. I didn’t even know you were such a dark-hearted wolf; I thought you were a dog. I was scammed.”

Benji locked her in his arms and pulled her chin to meet his gaze as she teased him. Elise wrinkled her nose. The fact that she really had no clue was beyond absurdity and even made her chagrin.

“Then shall I really do it like a dog? I could hit it from behind, like a dog.”

Vulgar words were said so sweetly as if he would grant her wish. Pushing her down like a beast? As she showed her blatant expression of dislike, his arms around her waist tightened.

“You said yesterday that if I persevered, I would be rewarded.”

“What? No.”

The words she had uttered induced by the atmosphere now haunted her.

‘Why do you have such a good memory?’

She vowed to be more careful in the future as she rolled over in her sheet.

“It was so hard for me to endure. Master climbed up and shook her ass… not knowing where it felt good and stumbled through it and pressed down on it……. You were so tantalizing… I thought I was going to die because I wanted to embrace you tightly and fuck you how you like in the spot you like. Still, I held it in and was good and obedient. As Master wanted.”

As she pretended to ignore him, his voice became mournful. Usually, in a sultry voice he begged her like a child and Elise gave in helplessly. His arousing appearance of cunningly seducing her would overwhelm her, so he had always triumphed.

Normally, that was the case, but today Elise had already hardened her heart. No matter how much he pleaded, she did not want to be in such a humiliating position.

“I heard it’s better than oral…….”

Since the typical tactic wasn’t working, Benji skillfully changed his direction. Her face suddenly stuck out from the pile of sheets like a squirrel. Despite his obvious intentions, her eyes twinkled with curiosity.

“From who?”

“From the book, Master was reading.”

That book. The very same book that persuaded naive Elise to call on the wicked Benji.

When did he read the book she hadn’t managed to finish? As her eyes sharpened doubt, Benji’s voice softened as if he knew her suspicion.

“I wanted to figure out in advance what you’d like. I think you will like it. So let’s do it once. Just once. If you don’t like it, I’ll quit right away. What do you think?”

“Then… well, I’ll just try it once.”

Elise gained courage from the fact that his source was the book, si she nodded her head, pretending as if she couldn’t win against him. She was a little shy, but she thought it might be worth trying when it was reported to feel so good.

“What should I do?”

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