MSU – 33

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Benji, who kissed her sex-sobbing voice, teased his waist even more harshly. Rough like the ferocious movement of a racehorse made Elise forget how to breathe.

In the midst of the intense love affair, Elise was pushed all the way to the end of her bed. Benji was firmly supporting her bent waist as she was falling back, but the fear that she was about to fall at any moment surged, and her tangled hands and thighs tightened.

Elise desperately clung on to Benji and buried her face in the nape of his neck.

“Ha— I think I’m going to fall.”

“Then hold on tighter.”

Having said that, he pressed down on Elise’s ass and raise his pelvis to meet her at the same time. Her eyesight became dizzy so she closed her eyes until they opened in surprise from a feeling of pressure that had come from deeper than ever before.

“I wish master would always hang on to me like this. Wanting and looking only at me.”

Because he didn’t want to drop the body he was firmly attached to, he moved only the pelvis slowly and showing his obsession and possessiveness engraved himself inside. Elise watched with admiration as he skillfully dug into her.

As she looked into his mad yellow eyes, Elise could clearly see it. Until now, she had been quietly holding on to him leash that he had given her, but it was all initiated by Benji. This docile, obedient beast has never been under her control.

“If I could, I would do anything.”


As soon as she heard his dark voice something flashed through Elise’s head. If she now lifted her head and whispered to this bright yellow beast ear, it was clear that Benji would gladly place her stepmother’s neck into Elise’s hand. Perhaps the task would be arduous, but oddly enough, she didn’t think it would be impossible for him.

“Tell me anything. Master, okay?”

As if he had noticed Elise’s thoughts his seductive voice rang low, thick with temptation. As he waited for her answer, he had stopped beating his back. Benji’s eyes glowed eerily. Elise’s mouth went dry.

Did Benji know? No, there’s no way he didn’t know.

It was because Benji had always silently comforted her when she felt the day was too hard to bear and had often talked about her stepmother, which she couldn’t tell anyone. She liked Benji, who is stained with the same emotions as her, and Elise feeling so comfortable would even bring her old memories of her that she had previously forgotten, and vent about the tiniest grievances she had with her. Of course with a bit of exaggeration.

Elise licked her lips a few times without a sound. Benji’s gaze went up and down steeply. She bit his lower lip and said:

“Then. Now move properly. Fuck me deeply.”

The bright yellow eyes that gleamed with a ferocious light fluttered uncontrollably and loosened, helpless against her. At the end of his sweet smile, her jaw started to tense up again.


His back moved beastly, teasing her as he hugged her tightly. Grabbing Elise’s asscheeks and he lifted her vaginal mouth until it reached the tip of his penis and slammed her down on it. Naturally tears welled up and she moaned.

“Deep… … . Ugnnh. Too deep.”

“Hold on a little, just a little bit more. Be patient.”

Elise hugged Benji even more tightly at the unstoppable momentum. The faster the sound of her screaming, the stronger the provocation. As Elise slammed down, hitting exactly where she feels the most in her depths, she reached a climax, and the sound of the water flowing grew louder and louder.

“Un, Ha. Enough, now uhhnn, enough.”

“Haa… … . I’m cumming…..”

In the end, Elise, driven to her limit, bit Benji’s shoulder hard. Just before Elise’s begging, moaning body collapsed Benji halted and his hard body briefly convulsed as he hugged her tightly. Burying himself in the deepest part of her womb and pouring out thick semen, Benji kept kissing her all over.

“Haa… … . master… … .”

Even after shaking his buttocks and squeezing himself all the way to the end, Benji did not pull himself out. He buried his face in her chest and called out to Elise with a growl. Even though she full of the smell of sweat, he took a deep breath of it buried in her body and closed his eyes as if he was savoring a pleasant scent.

Elise didn’t even have the strength to lift her hand. Her inner walls were still trembling, and she didn’t even have the strength to lift her eyelids. She could feel who-knows-whom’s her liquid dripping through their loosened connection, but Elise didn’t care. It wouldn’t be surprising if she fainted like this right now.

Benji, who had been holding her for a while, gently laid her down and laid facing her while maintaining their interlocking union, smiled lowly as he arranged her messy hair. She gasped and pushed his thick chest away.

“I can’t do it anymore. Take this out.”

“Sleep. I won’t do more. I want to stay like this a little longer.”

Elise closed her eyes, trying to ignore Benji, who was dug deeper. She had no strength left to argue.

* * *

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