MSU – 30

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Pretending not to know, Elise climbed on his solid thigh and bounced her ass lightly. When she grinded against him her erotic wetness gently flowed out as she acted casual and wet Benji’s thighs. Benji’s center lurched wildly as Elise’s shiny body fluid spread out with her movements.

“Master. Haaa…….”

It was a low, intense voice. Elise’s eyes were dimly submerged in the scorching heat, her desire boiling in her stomach. Benji didn’t miss the opportunity, and softly caressed Elise’s waist. She moaned as if she was in pain.

“Don’t touch me.”

We can’t get caught up like this, so Elise ordered him firmly. Do I have to tie his hands? That wouldn’t be bad…but there was nothing suitable, so Elise grabbed Benji’s hands and pressed them against the bed.

“If you touch me even once, I’ll be really mad.”

Despite her clumsy threat, Benji meekly nodded. Looking at his pulsating neck, adam’s apple and his muscles, and veins visibly throbbing, Elise’s mouth became very dry.

‘How did I ever think that such a kid was a fool?’

His former clumsy appearance seemed so outlandish now that it was impossible to find. His dangerous eyes, inflexibly focused on Elise as if at any moment he would bite her. He breathed through his sharp nose, his nostrils flaring as his red tongue licked his lips.

Is this what it’s like to be prey in front of a wild beast about to feast on you? Just the aura around him was overwhelming with a sense of intimidation. Benji’s gaze seemed to devour her from her head to her toes, but he was still as if his limbs were tied by her words. Elise was thrilled, it was a strange pleasure.

“If you are patient, I will reward you.”

Elise leaned down and licked Benji’s lower lip. His red and thick lips were smooth and soft. It was sweet like a hidden candy leaking through the gently opened lips.

She sucked on his soft lips and pushed her tongue through his even teeth. When Elise bit his lower lip tightly, Benji’s lips opened, offering to be eaten.

She found Benji’s tongue in his soft and hot mouth and pressed against it, causing her ass to shake. As if he couldn’t stand it, his tongue rushed in and dug deep into her throat and sucked on her tongue to it’s base.


Taking a breath that was about to be stolen, Elise raised her head. As there was a leash attached, Benji followed her, wanting to continue to lick and suck. His upper body started to rise up and chase after Elise’s retreating lips.

“I said, … oh ….’Be still.’”

When Elise pushed on his shoulder and laid him down again, their connecting thick saliva stretched as long as a silver string. Benji threw a bright yellow gaze and bit his lips. Elise gently stroked his ferocious chest with both hands.

‘It’s wide, too. Why are you groping my breasts so much when you have this? Is it that different? I think everything is there.’

Elise lightly pinched his pointed nipples. Looking at Benji’s big fluctuations and arousal, it was clear that his nipples also played the same role for him, even though they were smaller than hers.

‘Did you do it like this?’

Elise put his nipples between her fingers and grabbed them as hard as Benji did. It was so small that it was not easy to squeeze them with her fingers.

‘Is it not?’

Elise also touched her breasts in the same way. As Benji had done before, she put her nipples between her index finger and the middle finger and rubbed them, as a sneaky arousal arose. Unknowingly, she closed her eyes and let out a soft nasal moan, then came to her senses, lowered her hand, and looked at Benji again.


When Elise lowered her hands and played with Benji’s chest again, she heard rough breathing and the grinding of teeth. She lightly ignored his dangerous eyes, watching her as if he was about to ravish her, and focused on Benji’s chest again.

‘It’s different.’

Unlike Elise’s soft chest, Benji’s chest was solid and firm. If it’s mass could be gathered, it would be bigger than Elise’s, but he was as hard as a stone and she couldn’t pull any flesh off of him.

‘I like his more.’

The stone wriggling under her hand as soon as it was touched, was strange and unique, amazing her. So Elise bowed her head and sampled Benji’s nipples.


Benji’s reaction was intense even though she had barely touched him. He raised his hands to hug Elise, but then caught himself and hurriedly lowered them and grabbed the bedpost. His tendons emerged on his thick forearms. It was so utterly satisfying to see this restless fierce beast restrained by her words.”


Elise commended and kept licking and sipping on his nipples. Every time she rubbed it gently, she could hear his heartbeat fluctuate, and the corners of her mouth twitched automatically, about to smile. Then, she recalled him biting and sucking on her breasts until they hurt, so she bit his bump smaller than her fingernail in revenge. When she heard a groan of pain as if he had been grinded, her heart felt light.

Elise slowly lowered her lips. As soon as Elise’s breath touched his cleaved muscles, they twitched violently. She sucked one of them so hard her cheeks were sucked in until she left a pretty mark.

“I don’t think it’ll last long.”

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