MSU – 3

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Elise sobbed. Even as she was gasping, a sensation of lightheadedness rose to the tip of her head as her back curled up, while holding his brown hair firmly underneath her.

“Benji… Hunnnn…….”

Unfinished words scattered into the air. At that moment, her thighs trembled at Benji licking and sucking her down more tenaciously.

Benji only made a sucking noise as if he couldn’t hear her voice and teased her with his tongue more roughly.

Crying at the pleasure that dominated the whole body, Elise bent her back as if satisfied.


It had been harder than expected to teach Benji step by step how to pleasure her. But now, at this moment, it seemed that all her efforts had paid off.

“It’s so wet. Is this poison?”

When Elise laid down with her knees up, she looked down at Benji who asked. Her pussy was already soaked with anticipation. Even the cool air caressing her bare skin felt stimulating.

“Right. That’s poison. Come on, lick it up.”

Her audacity took her by surprise. There was not even a slight tremor in the lie that was calmly spat out. Instead, there was anticipation and excitement.

She lifted her ass as if urging Benji, revealing her vagina to be licked.


As soon as his unchanging innocent face disappeared between her legs, something warm and soft passed beneath her.

It was too short to feel thrilling, but there was something about it that made her feel impatient. Now her guilt was gone and only thirst remained.

“Benji. I think there’s still poison left there. Try sucking a little bit more.”

Benji buried his head deeply at her command. As instructed he sucked it up longer and harder and her head began spinning. Her body naturally wiggled and a thin moan leaked out.


‘Oh no. I love it so much.’

Although she touched herself, this was a completely different level of pleasure.

As foreseen, Benji’s soft, supple, warm lips made her waist bounce as soon as they touched her sensitive area.

It was the first sexual pleasure she had felt as her core tightened and her whole body started to tingle. No matter how hard she tried to hold it in, the sound of her whimpers came out.

“Master— Oh, it hurts.”

Elise was startled by his urgent voice, Elise raised her head in surprise.

Benji’s face was tightly trapped between her thighs because she had closed it without realizing it. His eyes blinked quickly as if embarrassed and his light frown face as if he was in pain was cute and erotic.

“Oh, sorry. Continue.”

Elise said awkwardly and spread out her tight thighs wide. In case she lost herself again, she firmly placed her hands to hold her legs open.

“Thank you.”

With Elise’s delicate consideration, Benji meekly buried his face between her legs again. His blunt tongue filled her vaginal entrance and sucked so hard his cheeks were sucked in with the force.


It felt insanely good. Her eyes were flashing. As Benji buried his lips deeper and sucked her up, unable to bear it, Elise screamed.

“Master, are you sick?”

Benji, who had been eagerly sucking her down hard, raised his head and asked with an innocent look that didn’t suit his big bear-like body at all.

As if he was very worried, the tails of his eyes drooped and his sultry lips, erotically doused in her own body fluids, looked exquisite.

“No. I like… No, it’s because the poison is escaping. Don’t worry.”

“Master. But the poison keeps coming out.”

Benji’s voice was trembling tightly. His voice reflected his anxiety that she might die at any moment. In the meantime, as imagined, or even greater than imagined, the gap between her legs was getting wetter.

“Benji, you’re doing great. All the poison inside needs to come out. Keep going.”

“Yes, Master.”

With Elise’s strong encouragement, Benji eagerly dug between her legs. A desperate kiss continued as if to suck out everything in her. As his tongue touched her labia, she squeaked, her voice once again sneaking out and her pussy spitting out water from the chilling pleasure. The reason ‘poison’ kept coming out was because Benji had ‘washed’ it so well.

“Haaa…Haaaaaaa……” [sigh]

The noise made Benji’s movements even more ravenous. It was as if a dog, who had been starving for a long time, licked her ‘bowl of food’ faithfully intending to devour her.

Just a little more. Just a little more.

It felt crazy good and terrifyingly exhilarating, but something was missing.

At that moment, Benji, who was moving diligently with a fervor up and down, pressed his straight nose against her swollen clit, mashing it down.


It was purely because of that coincidence that she noticed how to quench her unbearable thirst. Just a brief glance opened my eyes wide. How could she forget this important place? Scolding herself harshly, Elise shouted urgently.

“Benji. There. Suck it there!”

It’s a good place that made her smile just by touching it by herself, but just imagining what it would be like if those lips and that tongue touched it made Elise dizzy. She couldn’t wait to solve her curiosity, so she couldn’t help herself.

“Isn’t the poison coming from below that?”

‘Ugh, why is this kid that normally doesn’t ask questions suddenly like this today?’

Elise gulped at the sharp question that suddenly stabbed her.

“It’s like a poison button. If you wash it here, the poison will come out better.”

Now her lies came out as naturally as her breathing. Elise didn’t have time to care about her conscience because her eyes were overturning with pleasure right now. In fact, when she spat that out, it wasn’t that wrong.


Benji buried his face in her core with a short exclamation as if he had realized. Then, according to Elise’s instructions, his wet lips were raised over her clitoris and sucked in at once.

“Ugh [Gasp]!”

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