MSU – 29

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Benji’s reddish brown eyes dimmed, now subdued. It was a natural reaction; it wasn’t a pleasant tale. Elise didn’t know how to comfort him, and realized that there was nothing she could say.

Cheer up. Well done. Good job. I know how you feel. It’ll get better in the future. Usually, in this situation, all the words that could be roughly selected and used did not fit the situation.

Elise, who had only been licking her lips, eventually just let out a long sigh. Come to think of it, she had never comforted anyone before. She felt pathetic.

‘What do I do at times like this?’

Elise usually looked for sweet food when she was depressed. She was thinking of taking out the chocolate that she hid for an emergency, but then remembered Benji didn’t seem to enjoy sweet food. Otherwise she would have given it to him.

‘Then I should give Benji what he likes…….’

No matter how much she racked her brain, she couldn’t come up with a solution and realized that she didn’t know anything about him. Plus, even if she knew something, it had to be something on hand…….


Elise, who had an idea, looked up and met his gaze. Bewildered, he raised his eyebrows when her face got increasingly red.

Elise wetted her parched lips and whispered,

“Do you want to touch my chest?”

Benji laughed. He definitely laughed hard, but now she felt bad. For some reason, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of being rejected, perhaps because it seemed that he was laughing at her.

“I’m fine.”

‘No, I didn’t say that because I like being touched. I said that because you seem to like touching them since you do it so much. If you don’t like it, why are you rubbing it and giving me the wrong idea?’

She left Benji’s arms and buried her head inside the bed while grumbling inside what she couldn’t even say out of embarrassment. To hide her hot face, she covered herself with a blanket. Benji naturally dug into her bed, settling next to her.

‘This is my spot now.’

As she pushed away his hugging arm from her back, she heard a low whisper in her ear.

“I want to touch you. Let me touch you. I want to touch you.”

Elise’s lips were twitching at the plea he was pouring out because she didn’t know how to answer. He dug in, shamelessly pestering and begging her with a coy voice, elictating unprecedented compassion on her part.

“I’m going to sleep—so just a little bit! You can touch me above my clothes, but it can’t be racy.”

Elise closed her eyes, making a desperate request. It wasn’t long before the sounds of a joyful communion filled the bedroom.

* * *

“Benji. Take it off and lie down on the bed.”


On a peaceful afternoon that is no different from usual, Elise asserted, nervously putting down the meat Benji had been getting from somewhere. The more she thought about it, the more strange it seemed.

To Elise, these days couldn’t be more enjoyable. Every night, she fell asleep trembling with pleasure flooding over her like a tsunami, and Benji came on to her as if he had been waiting, if she wriggled a little by his gentle touches—She melts, goes up and down, up, and down, reaching countless peaks…….

‘No. It’s great, but…….’

Elise was thoroughly swayed by him. Even though she cried that she couldn’t do it anymore, she ended up nodding without realizing it when Benji asked her to comfort him. Then, when the moment she wanted him to stir deeper and rougher approached, he watched Elise and pulled out.


As the pressure that was filling Elise disappeared, the inner wall, which had nothing to tighten on, was anxious. To fill her sudden sense of loss, she eagerly embraced Benji. Her ticklish stomach was boiling and she couldn’t stop like this.

“Yes, master. What can I do for you?”

“Hmm.. Put it back in.”

“Like this?”


Elise trembled as she watched him, slowly moving his navel with only his tip hanging at the entrance. Obviously, it is disgraceful to tease her even though he knew what she meant but in the midst of this, with just the tip her convulsing entrance had a small peak and chewed on him.

“More……To the end— deeper…nghh……..…hit me hard, hmm?

It was Elise who was ashamed to say it back. When she hugged his neck, hanging off and her voice wet with pleasure, she could hear a low laughter echo in her ears.

“Wasn’t it a short while ago someone said they couldn’t do it and didn’t like it?”


A feeling of ecstasy close to pain rushed in with the pillar of flesh that had suddenly been shoved in. The harder he hit it, the greater Ellis trembled, hugging Benji’s hard chest, and gasping for breath. When her unbearable climax came, she buried her face on his shoulders moaning and sobbing. The more she did, the intenser Benji’s thrusts became.

Come to think of it, it was always like that. Elise didn’t know because she was blinded by pleasure, but when she looked back, she felt like she was being trained by that daring Benji every time. She always felt as if she would die and felt urgent, but he always took the lead in a relaxed manner and swayed her. So she had to pay him back at least once.

“Yes. Now.”

In response to her order, Benji languidly laid back on the bed without asking more. He was without a sheet obstructing his perfect nudity. Proudly erected was his thick center, as if there was no gravity.

Benji gently swept down the hard pillar and raised the corner of his mouth. It looked more cheeky because he looked so relaxed.

“I’m sorry, master.”

Are you aware of your sins? Elise decided to give him one last chance, even though she knew it couldn’t be because he was smiling.

“For what?”

“I didn’t notice that you were eager for something else. I fed you a lot in the morning, but was it not enough?”

Benji’s hand skillfully wrapped around Elise’s cheek and whispered into her ear while fondling it. Her legs almost faltered at his dizzying breath. Elise had to tightly squeeze his shoulder so as not to collapse as usual.

In the meantime, Benji’s hand skillfully dug into her pajamas and massaged her breast. Elise, who was moaning lightly, was surprised by her own voice and slightly shivered.


Slap. Benji’s eyes widened when she lightly struck his hand and glared at him. The reddish-brown eyes shook finely to see what he had done wrong. Elise, who felt better at his appearance, pressed down on his shoulder, laid him on the bed, and sneered at him.


Elise sat on Benji’s thick torso. When she slightly lifted her ass to remove her wet underwear Benji’s abs tightened violently, his eyes filled with fierce passion.

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