MSU – 28

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When the guilt disappeared, she was rather relieved. The fact that he pretended to be a fool was dismissed because she didn’t know his circumstances. Even so, when he was told to suck the poison, he pretended not to know, pretended to be innocent, had removed each other’s clothes, and took baths together, and even had her suck on his own thing insidiously, saying that he had poison on him.

But at this moment, Elise put all of that behind her and promised to address it later. For now, it was her priority to get sufficient sleep and recover her physical strength.

Meanwhile, Benji raised his knee and placed his legs between Elise’s legs. His hard thighs were settled between the swollen flesh after countless bites, licking and sucking  of her legs. The pressure of rubbing the wet area was thrilling, so Elise slightly turned her body pretending to be asleep.

Then Benji snuggled her head closer into his chest, and encircled her waist with the other hand and cuddled her.

It was an intimate embrace without even the slightest a gap between them. Elise felt a hard foreign body on her round and soft ass. The object was already hard and bulky squeezing in between her asscheeks and settling there.

When Elise was embraced as if a cradle had been tailored to her body from head to toe, she felt a sense of security and stability that she had never felt before. It was a little heavy, and the touch on her butt was scary, but it was negligible. If I can just sleep like this…….


However, Elise could not achieve even that. This is because Benji, who had been rubbing himself behind her, slowly pushed his head inward. Elise hurriedly moved her ass and avoided him.

When the tip, positioned as if it were hanging over the narrow entrance, was abandoned, Benji licked his lips in disappointed.

“Are you awake?”


Elise jumped up and sat down and shot a glare at Benji. Seeing him smile, he must have known earlier that she was awake. In the mood of playing again this time, Elise pouted her lips.

“Master mumbles and curses when she’s touched while sleeping. Because you didn’t say anything…….”

Benji’s face still seemed happy as ever as he answered unspoken questions, while Elise still pouted and pressed down on her twitching lips.

“But it got wet, so I didn’t know.”

She even smoothed down the corners of her mouth, feigning solemnity and then Benji arrogantly smiled as if he had comprehended. His warm-colored eyes were folded in half and the cool mouth stretched to the side in a smirk. The brown hair seemed to shake lightly even though there was no wind.

“Please forgive me.”

Elise twitched her nose. She had to get angry, but it was good to see him drop an apology to fit the situation. She still had her pride, so she managed to keep her eyebrows furrowed but her soft lips touched his cheek lightly, making a small sound and then she quickly pulled away.

“Thank you.”


She laughed this time. She had never laughed out of joy. It was because this was so ridiculous, so the wind leaked and the corners of her mouth went up a little.

“Let’s get some sleep. I’m going to die like this.”

Elise changed her method and decided to directly communicate and appeal for recognition. He should let her to rest when she’s saying this.

“Please eat before you go to sleep,”

Benji said, preparing and putting new pajamas on her. It had been Benji that had prevented her from wearing clothes this whole time, asking why should she bother when he would take them off anyway. This time, she eyed him suspiciously, wondering if she could really sleep, then the meal prepared on one side of the room caught her eye.

She wanted to sleep first, but when she saw the food, she became hungry. Elise sat at the table and opened her mouth.

“Master, just eat a little more of this.”

By the time she was full to some extent, Elise was dozing off. She opened her eyes wide while mechanically chewing the pieces of food that Benji fed her. She had something to do right away.

“Benji! We have to go berry pie picking.”

‘Oh my, I must be crazy. Why didn’t I think of this before?’

Elise rolled her feet nervously.

“I need to prune a whole tree.”

While looking up and down at Benji, she fixed her gaze on one place and muttered. As if he understood the meaning of her rambling words, Benji let out a low chuckle, picked up Elise and held her in his arms.

“I know what you’re worried about, but there’s no need for that. So just sleep.”


‘Just sleep? This is really important!’

As Elise glared at him as hard as she could, Benji stuck out his left wrist.

Rubbing it roughly force, small symbols that she didn’t even know existed materialized. It looked like letters, but she couldn’t read it.

“Lengdo Briggrae’s males are engraved as soon as we are born. We’re a precious asset and it’s difficult to raise a baby. Good fertility is useless to us.”

“Lengdo… What?”

“Anyway, the important thing is that I don’t have reproductive abilities. So you don’t have to eat things like that.”

Elise did not ask further. She was curious, but couldn’t continue to pry when she saw Benji’s bitter smile.

Male, asset, baby, reproduction.


When she heard the list of words that didn’t match a human’s dignity at all, she remembered something.

Elise knew nothing about slavery. Firstly, the County did not have slaves. The first and last slave Count Grande bought was Benji. But since he was an idiot he had no responsibilities and was left unattended.

She had heard bits and pieces about the enslaved but it had felt like a distant, faroff thing that didn’t concern her. But now she felt terrible.

How can you restrict reproduction as soon as a baby is born?…. When Elise imagined how Benji lived and how he must have been  treated at a young age before coming to the County, terrible scenes came across her mind. Elise looked at Benji with a dismal and grim gaze.

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