MSU – 27

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He hugged Elise, who was barely catching her breath, panting for a long time, and lifted her drooping legs. Now completely spread out and revealed, her exposed entrance was flinching and pushing out what was inside. Benji’s eyes, staring at her naked flesh, narrowed sharply. Her lips twitched with what she wanted to say.

But Elise was too tired and said nothing. She had already poured out all her energy and didn’t have the power to push him away, asking what he was doing.

“Can we do it one more time?”


He lifted her body even before she could retort. Suddenly, Elise was seated on Benji’s thigh. Benji hugged her tired, grumbling body firmly, chewing well on the back of her neck, eliciting her murky moan. Elise, whose whole body heated up with several climaxes, fluttered once more at the low voice digging into her ear.


Instantly, the lower part of Elise opened up. Benji knew every one of Elise’s weaknesses. How did you find out that I can’t say no when you beg with such sexy eyes?

Resenting herself for not being able to resist, Elise whispered softly:

“Sure. Gently.”

At that moment, Benji slammed Elise down on his towering member.

“Ah, you…. You!”

It didn’t hurt because it was covered with body fluids from both of them. But she orgasmed again with that one movement. Elise convulsed and clung to Benji’s neck.

“How can I stand it if you tell me to do it gently with such a cute face?”

It was very much his fault, but it seemed he would blame Elise for just breathing. But…. Still, she liked that he said that she had a cute face, so Elise decided to let it slide.

“Do it slowly then, hmm?”

When Elise exhaled out coyly and buried her face in Benji’s shoulder, she felt his body stiffen. There was a growl, the grinding sound of teeth and his back muscles visibly writhed.

“Haaa… Don’t squeeze me like this.”

Then he exhaled and began to knead Elise’s asschecks, who was holding him too much. His greedy hands grabbed her asscheeks and spread them apart, and then pushed her against him so Elise’s clitoris was rubbing against his pubic hair.

“Uhhhh, hmm.

Elise wiggled her body because of the strange sensation that sprung up. Benji hugged Elise tightly, bowed his head, and bit her white breast. Benji’s figure seemed to be twice as big as Elise, who was in his arms. When Benji licked up her pointed red flesh with his wide-spread tongue, a thin moan flowed out naturally.

One arm holding her firmly, the remaining hand clenched her other breast. When kneaded the softness that filled his hand as he gently bit her tightly standing protrusion, Elise’s head tilted back.

“Oh… unn.”

With her moan being the signal, Benji began moving his waist. Elise’s breasts swayed and jiggled with abandon when he lifted by the ass and pulled her down hard on his cock. Her hard nipples rubbed against Benji’s broad chest and crushed them flat.

“It’s too deep. Too deep—Ah!”

cried Elise. His member was already a heavy size, but when her weight was added, she felt like she was reaching where she shouldn’t have touched. The hefty movement with her whole body behind it, driving in the sense that there was a dam deep inside her body that was about to burst.

“I can’t stop— please. I’m sorry. Just a little bit. Just a little longer. Please, relax.”

Her whole body’s muscles were pulled tight at his heated voice, full of sensual fervor. She gripped Benji’s waist and clenched her thighs as if she were going to burst and grabbed his brown hair. Even though she was still, she was helplessly shaken by the powerful thrusts of Benji’s pillar.

“Ha—Ahhh! [sfx: Gasp].”

Water from the depths of her core soaked Benji’s thighs vigorously. Then she climaxed again.

* * *

A heated breath inhaled sensually and chewed her earlobe. He sucked the soft flesh into his hot mouth, playfully stroked it with his pointed tongue, and then spit it out, and sucked the soft flesh behind her ear until it made a squeaky sound.

Elise did her best to endure the moan that leaked out. She pretended she didn’t feel anything, closed her eyes tightly, held her breath, and desperately pretended to sleep. It was clear that if she opened her eyes now, that insatiable beast would devour her again.

She suffered helplessly for three days and nights. She fell asleep like she was passing out. When Elise woke up, unable to open her eyes, she ate the food that was handed over, then her tongue got entangled and the endless love affair continued again.

‘I can’t fall for it again.’

Because she was nude, she felt Benji’s heat directly. Benji snuggled tightly against Elise from behind and caressed her with his short, tidy nails. He stroked her from her lower abdomen to the navel and gently touched the thin belly skin. The sensation was strange and stimulating, so Elise closed her eyes a little more tighter.

Unexpectedly, the hand that reached up to her breast came up to the pink peak. Circling the nipple, as if he could not reach it, his desperate touch hovered around it and eventually grabbed it.

He enjoyed the sight of the red handprint appearing where he held and released it. Her tender, soft flesh already had dark stains from past love affairs. The petal-like marks were repeatedly crushed and bloomed under his wretched hand again.

‘You have to endure it so that you can sleep a little bit more.’

Even when her breasts were being fondled, Elise focused solely on the idea of sleeping. She thought she might really die if she fell for Benji’s seduction again.

Her nipples were crushed when they were unusually hard firmly sandwiched between his fingers and pulled. Naturally, she got wetter and wetter.

Nevertheless, Elise clenched her teeth without making a single sound of pain. It was good—no it was really damn good but even if it’s really good, it was really too much. Her whole body was throbbing as if it had been beaten, so she felt like she was really going to die now.

“Aren’t you mad that I lied to you and used you?”

“Does it make sense that you are so upset that I told you to leave? I said I would give you money, too. Argh! Okay. Don’t go! Stop it now. —Ahh!”

First of all, she shook off the guilt from the past. Elise didn’t have such a conscience that she was sorry even though she already knew what she was ordering.

‘Anyways, you were acting the whole time, right?’

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