MSU – 26

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Suddenly, her vision became hazy. Elise’s ass was trembling against the shallow slap against Benji’s thick waistline. Her whole body seemed to split, crumbling and collapsing. Elise reflexively hung onto Benji’s neck. Tears welled up in her eyes.

His penis, buried in her depths, twitched and increased in volume in her core. Elise buried her face in Benji’s chest and shook her head. Hearing a muffled cry saying no, Benji slowly began to pull out from deep within her. As his dark red pillar slowly slid out, he felt her inner wall pushed wide, hugging him as if it were regrettable. It was a movement against Elise’s will. However, this was a problem that Elise could not control.

“Oh… Ha……. Hu…”

When she took a short breath, her vision once again became distant. It was because Benji suddenly pushed back in.

“Argh! Hh… It hurts! It hurts!”

“You’re lying again. You’re so good at flexing and gripping it down there. Ha…….”

Elise sobbed and struggled. It was true that she lied, but it was also true that it hurt. However, she couldn’t say anything anymore because of the deception that she had repeated countless times. Elise clenched her teeth again and closed her eyes.

‘Right. Let’s be patient. Let’s close our eyes and endure it. I’m the one that’s gone awry. The penalty is given by Benji. The price of sin cannot be pleasant.’

After she repeated it several times, the pain seemed to subside after repeating it several times.

‘It’s pretty bearable…….’

No, it couldn’t be—she must be mistaken. It was hard to put it in her mouth, so how can it not hurt when it’s roughly coming in and out of an even smaller hole?

Elise bit Benji’s neck as hard as she could. Even so, it was as if Benji didn’t feel any pain, but only after inserting her teeth in his nape with all her might did Elise feel a little relieved.

At the same time, he was voracious underneath. Benji was insatiable, and his ruthless flesh persistently stuck her sensitive area. Whenever that happened, Elise was thrilled and looked for her own pleasure.

How many times did she tremble? Benji’s movements, fast as a ferocious racehorse accompanied by the sound of lewd water splashing, slowed down at some point.

“Ha… It’s so small inside that it hurts my dick, Master.”

Elise wanted to snort at Benji, who had moved so well but was now talking nonsense if she could afford it.

“Hi… Benji, you……. Hmm… you are the one that’s too big—you’re grown but so ignorant.”

But she couldn’t stand him blaming her. When she struggled to breathe and corrected his erroneous assumption Benji, who had been slapping into her for a long time, stopped beating her back.

‘Oh? Suddenly? Why?’

His fiercely distorted eyes were wet. Benji overlapped his body over hers as if pouring over her and clenched his teeth. Thick drops of sweat flowed down his angled jaw, looking obscenely sexy. A guttural groan of pain rang in her ears clearly.

‘Is Benji enduring the pain? Is Benji hurt like me? Did I hurt this child?’

She’s the one that started this in the first place. As Benji said, it was Elise who twisted him regardless of whether he had deceived her or not. It was her who had to be punished in this situation, not Benji. And Elise was actually enjoying the punishment. So she had to stop. The person suffering has been wrong for a long time.

“Ha… Stop it now. Benji…. huek.”

“Are you still in pain?”

It did hurt. Apart from feeling good, it was true that it was painful. Even now, her bottom, which kept tightly pulling on Benji, seemed like it was going to tear. Or maybe it was already torn. But it wasn’t Elise that mattered now.

Benji’s voice was deeply husky. It was a voice that endured pain and reached its limit from somewhere in the abyss. It was pulled up from the depths of the stomach and roughly cracked.

“Not me, but you…. You’re in pain.”

“Does it look like it hurts?”

‘Are you not in pain?’

Elise searched his countenance: Sweat was dripping off Benji’s straight and soaked forehead. His fierce eyes were filled with a ferocious heat, and the tendons that erupted and protruded everywhere were fluctuating violently. And even now, he was clenching his teeth and taking a painful, laboured breath.


“Driving me crazy. Who the hell is the idiot?”

Benji groaned as if he were growling and sighed.

Elise blinked her wet round eyes. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. Nevertheless, it was clear that she was being teased. And by Benji! When she pouted her lips, Benji lightly grabbed Elise’s earlobe and whispered,

“I think I’m going to cum. Can I?”

‘Oh my gosh.’

Elise raised her head and shot a look at Benji.

‘So it’s not that you were in pain, but you were enduring?’

How unfair that her stomach burned for so long in worry that he didn’t even ask for it. When she clenched her fists and hit his broad chest, he caught her two wrists at once. Intending to rush in and bite off his nose, instead, her lips slammed against his.

“Please, Master.”

She didn’t know how to respond to his pleading voice that sucked on her lower lip. All Elise could process was Benji’s sensual figure, his erotic appearance, thrusting into her at a different speed than before. With each pounding, his hard thighs thumped against Elise.

Benji clenched his teeth and occasionally let out a low guttural groan. At the same time, he accurately stimulated and pressed against a part of Elise that grew. A fire poured over her, and water gushed–Elise couldn’t get a hold of herself.

“Wait. Ha… Benji. Stop… ahk……. I-I… I’m!”

Elise became urgent. Every time he hammered her, sparks splashed high like hammering a hot iron, raising the heat under her belly. Elise twisted her whole body and bit his lips at the sound of wet flesh hitting her. By the time her toes were about to cramp, what she had been holding back and enduring with all her might eventually burst and poured out.


Her whole body convulsed as if she had a seizure. The limbs trembled, and the water spurted vigorously from below. It was orgasm after orgasm.

“Master, it’s too hot.”

“Benji… Ha, s—stop….”

Benji grabbed her thigh tightly, his muscular ass clenched, and continued to thrust into her heavily. Benji’s hard thigh muscles swelled up as if they were about to explode.

It was like lightning struck her. Her vision grew black, full of sparkles, and she couldn’t breathe. Muscles in her body contracted and spasmed repeatedly.

Her inner walls, quivering wildly at his excitement, gnawed on his ejaculation as white liquid erupted, splitting her apart. Even then, Benji pulled out only after shaking his back for a long time. His fluid filling her womb dribbled and leaked out when her entrance loosened from her arousal, looking like a white tail.


Benji breathed heavily and constantly poured out small kisses. From her forehead to her nose, to her neck, ears, and her ample fluttering bosom.

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