MSU – 25

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“Master, may I suck it up?”

“Unn… Please suck it.”

Even though it had been done innumerable times, Elise couldn’t meet Benji’s eyes, ashamed and very aware of the fact he knew exactly what this situation was. Even though she feared an accusing finger pointing out how lascivious she was and maybe criticized for being lewd—it was more pressing to relieve her burning passions that were about to explode.


As soon as Benji’s red hot tongue reached her enlarged clit, Elise’s spine curved back, round. Her whole body, which was touched a lot differently, instantly trembled. At the same time, a lot of slippery fluid poured over Benji’s face, which Elisé could not ignore.

Squirt, schlip, smack, squelch—

The sensation of him licking and sucking on her apex was terrifyingly overwhelming. After the peak of her rushing climax, it was overpowering to the point her whole body was stiff, and it could longer be called pleasure.

“Unn. That’s enough.”

Elise begged as she pulled up Benji, who had stuck his head under her and devoured her ravenously and clumsily kissed him.

“From here to here. Give me everything, Master.”

Benji’s heavy fingers slowly moved from the tip of her nose, making a path to her lower abdomen and down to her toes. At this moment, Benji possessed the eyes of a conqueror. To the point where Elise wanted to bow and obey. How had he maintained such an appearance of meekness all this time? It was unimaginable as his sharp eyes shined coldly with a terrible lust.

When she imagined that finger would fill her stomach and the direction it moved, her head melted. Elise couldn’t say anything and just blinked her eyes. In response to her quiet sign of permission, Benji coolly raised the corners of his mouth and pulled down his waistband.


Elise immediately regretted her choice. His penis was of a size that one could not get used to even after seeing it dozens of times. His cock slapped violently against his firm abdomen muscles and remained stuck up against his stomach closely.

“Benji. Wait a minute…….”

The thought of something like that coming into her body made her shiver. Elise shook her head urgently.


Benji immediately grabbed Elise’s pelvis and pulled her body against his. Elise twisted in surprise at his firm strength as if squeezing a fleeing prey.

“No, I don’t think so. Benji—wait a minute!”

“I’m so anxious about this.”

Just as Benji spoke with overflowing remorse, he slowly rubbed his angry pillar against her clitoris and her vaginal opening, drenching it in her overflowing erotic fluid.

“What do you mean stop? You’re still lying. My Master.”

Benji smiled like a villain as he adjusted his tip against her slit as if he would put it in right away. Then, as if to prove his words, her entrance tantalizingly bit the end of his flinching flesh as he moved away and wetness spat it out again. Elise closed her eyes with fear and anticipation. She just touched it, but her whole body was melting down.

“Ha… I think I’m going to be sucked in, Master.”

Pressing his glans at the narrow entrance, Benji let out a low groan. It was slippery with the lustful liquid spilling happily, and it seemed like it would push right in at any second.


Elise was surprised by the loud erotic moan that leaked out without realizing it. Now Elise didn’t know herself either. Benji gripped her wrist to steady her, not knowing whether she was trying to avoid him or begging him.

“Ha… Master.”

Benji clenched his teeth and called Elise. Elise moved her groin closer, so he lifted her thigh, put it on his shoulder as he faced her. Benji’s erection was incredibly hard, as if wanting to pierce her right away rashly, and pressed against Elise.

Elise breathed heavily, her round breasts fluctuating and jiggling up and down busily. Benji looked at her figure without saying a word. Then, receiving his bright golden gaze, Elise swallowed, her mouth parched. She was thirsty, as if her whole body was burning.

“Hmm… oww……. Huek…”

Benji firmly gripped Elise’s pelvis and slowly pushed himself in. Elise was distracted by the pain that cut through her whole body. On the other hand, she had orgasmed several times, so her inner walls, now very sensitive, trembled and sucked in his thick chunk of flesh.


“Ha, we’re not even halfway in yet. Hold on—wait a minute.”

When Elise whimpered, Benji stopped moving and teased her breasts. Her white breasts were crushed and squashed under his large grip, changing its shape. Elise twisted her body whenever he persistently licked and chewed her nipples softly. A scorching heat ran down her spine and pounded throughout her body.

Benji was moving so slow that she was sick and tired of it. She could feel his hot flesh pushing through her inner wall. Elise clenched her teeth.

“Haaa… Relax. Unless you want to break it off and devour it.”


Although it was clearly a tight fit, Benji finally pushed until the end. The soft skin that had been forced open by the intruder was now tightly clinging and pressing on to his organ. Although there were brief moments where it was difficult to breathe, Benji braved through it and didn’t stop. Instead, he pushed himself deeper and more forcefully.


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