MSU – 24

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4. You’re still lying.

Her breath reached Benji’s chin as her tiny fists pounded him and pushed on his shoulder, but he wouldn’t let her go. Rather, the more she did, the stronger his grip was on her back. Because of Benji’s strength, there was nowhere for Elise to go, so all she could do was helplessly gasp.

“Ugh… Huu …….”

Escaping his grip after an intense kiss, Elise was barely able to huff a thin breath in. Benji’s swollen lips climbed down her chin, then along Elise’s ear, trailing down her neckline and settled down on her collarbone.

His hot, heavy tongue ravenously gobbled up her soft flesh and sucked and rolled it out of his mouth. Elise’s toes curled with the strange sensation. One part of her wanted to escape, but another, more decisive part was following this strange sensation up a dark and unknown path leading Elise to hug Benji’s neck tighter and hang off of him.

A sticky kiss hit her lips again. A lump of flesh came into her mouth and pulled her tongue. If she tried to avoid it, the more he responded obsessively and persistently followed her. She soon was out of breath again, and as if she had been sucking on Benji’s cock, she let out a muffled moan through her blocked mouth and nose as Benji sucked up her soft flesh and invaded her mouth deeply and persistently with his tongue.


Benji’s lips headed back to the back of her neck by the time her head became mushy and was about to explode. It was full of strange enthusiasm as he licked her as if he was readying to bite her impatiently.

While Benji chewed on her pale, vulnerable neck, his hands moved diligently. One of his hands encircled her, holding her tightly, while another unhurriedly split the soft flesh of Elise’s lips. Then his hand, slippery with her spit, trailed up like a snake looking for its place, found her tongue, lightly pressed it, and twisted it.


As Benji slipped between her legs, not allowing her to run away, he slowly stirred Elise’s mouth. While his thick fingers teased her, it swept every inch of her mouth and crushed her tongue as if it was not enough.

All Elise could do was sob and close her eyes, moaning at the unfamiliar sensations of Benji’s fingers that tenderized her flesh.

As saliva filled in her mouth flowed down her chin, Elise hurriedly moved his neck and swallowed it. Thanks to this, Elise’s mouth filled with his fingers, narrowed tightly, and Benji collapsed over her slender neck as if he couldn’t bear it.


Then, with a suppressed groan in Elise’s ear, he began rubbing his sharp nose against her neck.

His erratic motions were as if a gigantic beast was intent on imprinting his body odor on her.

“Benji. Stop. This is so weird.”

At that moment, she gathered her courage because she was sure Benji would agree with her. Elise’s hounds had also acted like this with her. Resembling a beast with his face buried in her shoulder and rubbing it around, Elise tried to push Benji away from her pounding chest.

However, the bright yellow beast was not satisfied. Due to Elise’s feeble movement, Benji fell off of her, and she met his eyes bright and full of desire.

Confronted with an unfamiliar face stained and flushing with passion, Elise’s mouth went dry, and she gulped, feeling parched. Benji took Elise’s hands and restrained them with one of his hands above her head. Benji gave a leery smile.

It was an appearance that she had never seen or could have imagined. It was unbelievable that that pretty and innocent Benji had such a cold smile. He was like a stranger.

As his bright yellow eyes appreciated Elise’s red-hot face, it looked like another person was wearing Benji’s skin.

To receive such a blatant gaze with both hands bound together like this…….

The situation would have been scary if he had been a stranger, but because it was Benji’s familiar face, Elise felt more excited than afraid. As soon as she realized it, she could feel the concentration of her wet arousal pouring over her already soaked underwear and wetting my thighs.


She didn’t know what she wanted, but she wanted something. So she raised her chin and called his name anxiously; Benji sighed and grabbed her swollen breast.

Because of her thin pajamas, the sound of a beating heart at his rough touch was clearly felt. Benji grabbed her dainty mound between his thick fingers and matched the sound of her loud heart, and stimulated it in beat. Elise twisted her waist at the hot sensation of her sensitive areas rubbing violently against the thin fabric.

Benji took a big bite of the breast he rubbed in his grasp. Under the thin clothes, her pointed nipples were crushed in Benji’s mouth. More than a dozen times did he wrap his tongue around the papilla, licked it, sucked it up thickly, and chewed it finely.


Even though she had been naked countless times, the sensation blooming over fabric was unbearably hot. No, the cloth wet after Benji’s pouring heat became absent was jarringly cold. It was exhilarating to feel a chill one moment and then instantly heated up the next moment with Benji’s body heat. Elise couldn’t even think of pushing Benji away for a single second. Instead, she wanted to embrace Benji even more tightly.


When touching her breasts over Elise’s pajamas was no longer enough, Benji began to pull down her clothes. Her white breasts flushed and teased were revealed under his gaze, and he took in the sight silently for a while.


Her breasts had been seen and rubbed countless times by Benji while bathing so Elise was confused as to why today she felt so unbelievably embarrassed and twisted her body to hide.

As soon as he saw that, Benji lost his reason and began to covet her soft breasts with both hands. He rubbed and fondled her breasts as if he were going to burst. He buried his face in her breasts impatiently and sucked them up, gathered them, grabbed them, and rubbed his face all around them.

When he ate her out, it was as if lightning struck her, but when her breasts were teased, a burning heat spread like the pigment in a watercolor painting. Even though she felt that her breasts were so hot that she thought they were going to melt, his firm grip on her breasts supported them as he held her nipples with his tongue while licking and sucking.

Elise was able to cling to Benji freely with her free hands. Then, without realizing it, she whispered that she felt so good and liked it while breathing in his ears.

Benji’s lips, moved diligently as if eating delicious flesh, gradually turned downward.

‘Yes. A little lower. A little lower.’

She didn’t know that her heart and ass shivered with longing and an ache. When Elise  unconsciously pushed Benji’s head further down his soft, smooth movements of meandering and teasing her flat stomach had abruptly stopped.

“Master, may I suck it up?”

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