MSU – 23

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“If you want to put it in, you have to stand it up.”

Unlike his usual soft voice, his tone was bleak with sharp words and cynical laughter mixed in. Elise bit her lips and shrank back.

“Benji… Did you know?”

Elise wanted to collapse right away. Barely maintained her quivering legs, she asked with all her strength.

‘It can’t be. Please say no.’

Elise desperately hoped. She already knew the answer inside but she wanted to deny it to the end with all her might.


Benji’s lips settled on the back of her neck. As he stood up, he chewed on her tender, soft flesh as if he were tasting his prey, red marks quickly arose. Benji licked along the traces he made, and his low voice softly whispered in her ear.

“What? What I’m sucking out for you is not poison?”

His voice was hot mixed with rough breathing. Elise got goosebumps as a deep growl rumbled in her ear. Her heart tightened and she couldn’t breathe. Now, Elise was worse off than a cornered mouse.

‘Benji knew about it.’

As soon as her suspicion was confirmed, she crumpled her skirt. Her whole body turned red with shame and a fever rose. Uncertain whether to apologize or pretend not to know—her thoughts were cut short when Benji’s thick tongue licked her earlobe and sucked up the soft flesh behind her ears filling her ears with a lewd wet sound.


“Or does Master’s wetness flood out when she sees me?”

Elise gulped and held her breath and swallowed as he bit and blew on her earlobes.

His hand that firmly encircled her waist and slid down was so hot she was on the verge of melting.

“It’s not like both of us didn’t know.”


He held her by her back and pressed her against him as if he would pierce her from below at any moment. Elise pushed against Benji’s chest and shook her head a little. No matter how much she thought about it this was strange.


He lifted Elise lightly and sat her on the bed. He spread her legs wide and sat between them and slowly grabbed her thighs. Her thin skirt flowed down to the bottom of her ass, revealing translucent underwear and her exposed nudity.

“How captivating. Such a erotic body,”

As Benji’s fingers twirled over her damp cloth his sharp, bright yellow eyes shined. He was like a hawk slowly descending in search of prey. Elise pressed her lips together, trying to hide her anxious heart.

His fingers, which had been circling, drawing in a big circle, suddenly stayed on her apex drawing a small circle. It was the same part where Benji’s nose hit one day and Elise asked him to lick it gently.


She squirmed at the repeated stimulus that persistently penetrated her. She could feel the pouring liquid flowing down her cheeks and wetting her ass.

“[You] really like this.”

Benji noted while removing Elise’s underwear as if confirming his achievements. As he asserted, her bottom was very wet. As he swept it away from her bottom with his rough palm, a thin jelly-like liquid ran down her clitoris down her slit. Since her senses became sensitive even that was too stimulating.


“How are you going to fill this bottom without me?”

He parted her soft flesh and traced in search of familiar places with his deep fingers. It was not a slow rubbing as usual, but a rough promiscuous touch. Despite the unfamiliar movement, Elise quickly reached her familiar orgasm.

“Haa unn. Ha. ….Ah …”

“Did you want to invite someone else if I left?”

“No! Huu……. That’s really—Ha……. really no.

Elise replied with a fluttering gasp. She never thought of that before. She didn’t know anything else, but she wanted to refuse to be misunderstood like that.

“Hoo, ah—huu.”

Whenever Benji’s fingers thrusted in, lewd liquid overflowed and soaked the bed. She didn’t like the cold feeling, so she moved around but soon there was no place where the bed was not wet. For no apparent reason, the discomfort and cold on her ass made the stimulation more acute.

‘A little more. A little more’

Even in this situation, her eyelashes trembled in anticipation. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, readying for her upcoming climax. But right before that, the finger that filled her up had slipped out with indifference.

“Haaa… ha…….”

Elise took a deep breath and carefully opened her eyes. As he stared at her, Benji’s red tongue licked his wet fingers. His bright yellow gaze held hers without blinking.

“Did you think there would be someone else who would eat you out as well as me?””

Benji’s cock swelled up, found her sensitive area and tapped it heavily with it’s weight. The part that was throbbing with excitement was being teased and trembled. Elise’s ears burned red. When his raging member left teasing her entrance and clit a different type of surprise hit her:

“Did you think I’d leave if you told me to leave? Naive.”

It was like thunder when it wasn’t raining. Elise froze at his furious, angry growl she heard for the first time.

I should say it’s not like that, that I’m letting you go, not kicking you out, and I’m giving up on you, but I couldn’t.

Benji spilled the jewels she had stored in a small box on the floor.


‘It’s not colored stones. They’re expensive.’

Elise closed her mouth about to talk. It looked like the current Benji didn’t know their worth.

“If you touch a person who is calmly living a content, quiet life, you should take responsibility. Don’t be like this, pay my price.”

Elise didn’t dare to ask what his price was. The gaze that looked over her body had already given her the answer.

Her lips were dry, unable to say what she wanted to say. At the same time, Benji raised her chin to make eye contact.

“Look at me, Master.”

I’m about to be devoured.

Elise remembered that moment like that. She was swallowed at once by his hot lips that hit against hers roughly. No, his tongue came before his lips. His thick tongue pushed into her depths recklessly and harshly. She was eaten by a beast licking, nibbling and biting her soft lips and tasting every inch, nook and cranny of her.

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