MSU – 22

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Should she have said more while confessing her sin? The desire to fall into a hole and die, regret, and her low self-esteem collided causing Elise to shout.

“So, you lied to me because you were curious what it would feel like to have someone go down on you after you read your book?”

“Huh? Uh …”

Benji’s voice changed instantly. The dull, soft, slow slurred, but pleasant voice promptly took on a bleak and cool gleam. At the same time, there was a simmering heat boiling up from it’s depths.

‘By the way, did I mention the book? I don’t think I did.….’

Even after answering unexpectedly, Elise’s eyes fluttered in embarrassment. After tilting his head and quenching his dry lips, Benji rummaged through Elise’s drawer and bed angrily.

‘What are you doing? Could it be that you feel this is not enough? That can’t be.’

It was only small jewels, but it was worth enough for a commoner to buy a small house, play and eat for the rest of their life.

Elise licked her lips wondering how to tell him that this was quite expensive, as Benji snatched a thin book that he found deep under the bed.

It was the same book that had Emma running out to look for her boyfriend in the middle of the night, and Elise called Benji to do something bad.

There was a bookmark in it because Elise hadn’t managed to read it all yet. Whenever she had tried to read it, her lower abdomen ached and Benji was called, so she couldn’t finish it. The bookmark had always remained on the same page since that day. Thanks to this, Benji, who easily found the wrinkled pages as if time was burning, began to read the type in a languid voice:

“He buried his lips in her pussy. When he stretched out her delicate flesh and licked her labia which no one had touched before, and when rubbed his white tooth against her clitoris her back bent like a crescent moon. She shed tears of joy. Even if she died right at this moment she had no regrets. A heaven, which she would never feel again in her life, unfolded under her. Two breaths elicited at their climax intertwined under the darkness…….”

‘Oh my. He must be crazy. How could you read that out loud?’

Elise closed her eyes and covered her ears in embarrassment. Then I opened my eyes and looked at Benji.

“You… You! Did you know how to read?!”

It was a stupid question.

‘You just saw it. No—I guess heard?’

Regardless, Elise’s eyes and ears had confirmed that Benji knew how to read.

‘No,—what the hell— when? No, how? Who taught Benji how to read?’

This was also a foolish question. People believed Benji was an idiot. She could not imagine any of the mansion’s people dedicating time and energy to teach Benji letters.

‘No, he can’t even speak well.’

Until a few weeks ago, he was a child who only knew how say: “Yes, master.” He had quickly improved his speaking skills and soon began to understand well, but he couldn’t have studied reading alone in the meantime, which would take a year.

‘Then maybe…….’

With one remaining assumption, Elise fell deep into contemplation. It was an unbelievable conclusion. No, she never wanted to believe it. Looking at Elise, Benji raised the corners of his mouth sullenly.

“Aren’t you curious about what’s next?”

He lifted her chin with his long fingers. As he leaned towards her, his approaching sharp eyes shined intensely–completely incompatible with his normal demeanor. Even his usually innocent and slightly ajar mouth was now drawing up a powerful smirking arc.

Witnessing such an unfamiliar expression from him for the first time, Elise’s mouth went dry, and gulped.

“W-what’s next?”

“After ardently sucking you off, your overflowing hole gets filled up with my hard cock, so it can stir and thrust up in there.”


Elise kept blinking. She must have been having auditory hallucinations. Those words were so lewd that it was hard to believe that the innocent and sweet Benji had uttered them.

While Elise was greatly embarrassed, Benji grabbed her small hand. His hands were so large that Elise’s could not be seen. So even when he lowered her wrapped below, Elise could hardly register reality.

Benji had grabbed her hand and had her slowly stroked him up and down. At the same time, his gaze persistently bore into Elise. Those naive reddish brown eyes disappeared instead his eyes had the light of a bright yellow beast.

They reflected an obscenely alluring appearance. Because her hands were hidden, it was as if she was watching him masturbate alone. Her throat felt like it was on fire and her lips were parched.

At the same time, the sense of fullness in her grip felt clear. Each time her hand stroked up, the object grew wildly in size. The scorching heat throbbed violently along her heartbeat penetrated the thin fabric and hit Elise’s hand. Startled, Elise hurriedly pulled out her hand. The heat left on the palm was as hot as fire.

“Wha- What are you doing?”

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  1. Now I’m curious like who is he? Because clearly he’s educated and stuff. So what’s his real identity?

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