MSU – 20

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Elise was now tilting her head with her mouth ridiculously wide open as Emma and Brie exchanged an uneasy look and communicated with their eyes

‘What should I do? I guess the innocent lady was surprised a lot.’

‘I told you to stop!’



Elise, who awoke to a careful voice, asked the next question after she cleared her throat loudly.

“So when are you getting married?”

“She’s thirsty, so she’ll do it quickly—What?”


“Who cares. You should know too. She’s pregnant.”


Elise’s eyes widened at the sudden news.

“Miss, well…….”

Emma blushed shyly, and drank the tea water calmly, her expression of joy outdoing her previous elation on her to-be-husband’s size.

“It’s a natural result if you do it every night. What’s the big deal about having a child and getting married?”

“Say no a few times. It’s all planned out. That’s why I didn’t even eat the pie berry. You know, miss. It was my dream to meet someone I love and form a family. I’m shy, but I’m so happy these days. Will you congratulate me?”

Emma asked as she slid her hand down her flat stomach. Emma’s happiness was growing in her belly. A precious family with a man you love. That was the happiness that Emma, who was born and raised as an orphan and came to work for the Count as a child, has hoped for all her life.

“Yes, of course, congratulations.”

Elise’s face reflected her serious sincerity while giving her awkward congratulations.

* * *

‘Did the wallpaper in my room always look like that?’

Hours after Emma and Brie left, Elise was lying in bed, staring at nothing.

‘Why do I feel so frustrated?’

When she closed her eyes, she saw Emma shyly blushing and stroking her stomach that hadn’t even grown.

‘I’m happy. No, I’m really happy.’

But she had no idea why she was so depressed.

Is it because Emma is leaving? Not really. Rather, it was Elise who urged them to quit their job immediately. She had even given Brie another ruby to go back to her hometown.

‘It’s very heartbreaking but you need to find your own happiness.….’

“It’s my dream to meet someone I love and form a family.”

Why are Emma’s words repeating like annoying apparitions?

‘Is everyone like that? Maybe Benji is like that, too?’

Elise’s heart ached when she imagined it. Benji cutting firewood and entering a small house, smiling at another woman, them laughing together and stealing a sweat….

Elise wasn’t at all sad when she said goodbye to Emma and Brie, but when she thought of Benji living happily with another woman, thick drops of tears streamed down and wet the floor.

‘Oh my god. What should I do? I guess I like Benji.’

Elise was startled and burst into tears. The tears that she shed when her father died were not as thick as these. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and fortunately, her tears dried up quickly.

Elise had pretended not to know that she liked Benji. After admitting it, she felt a little relieved.

Those innocent reddish brown eyes soaked in pleasure and hazy. Sweeping up his light brown hair while exhaling harshly. The sound of him calling her anxiously as she teased him. And when he climaxed, his thick muscles shaking while hugging and squeezing her tightly. And his body temperature, warmly wrapped around her.

No, it was nice to just stare blankly at the air. She didn’t want to be stuck to him, she was already too close.

It was her biggest concern these days. When Elise saw Ben, she wanted to be closer and do more. Although her main concern was how to get a contraceptive so she could eat her pie in peace.

Elise couldn’t help but also think of a lie to tell: Poison can be neutralized with poison— and when asking him to put it in, naive Benji would follow without doubt. Even if he may not know the word neutralization.

‘Ugh, even thinking about it is disgusting.’

Elise shook her head. She was glad she hadn’t gone that far yet.

And then she became even more sullen, wondering if Benji would ever like her.

Of course, Elise was confident in her appearance. Even objectively, it was clear that she had a pretty face.

‘I have an attractive figure. Personality… Well, I don’t think it’s too bad.’

But for Benji, Elise was just a master. When he sucked her from below, he seemed to lose himself in lust, but that was just instinct. Benji had never expressed any feelings towards Elise.

‘If Benji wants to leave……. If he wants to have a family with a woman he loves and live happily…….’

Right. No matter how shameless Elise was, she had no right to take away Benji’s happiness.

She had to let Benji go. As soon as possible. Before she ate herself in resentment and hoped for the impossible.

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