MSU – 2

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She was trying to take advantage of Benji’s innocence, Elise grabbed her head with an overwhelming sense of shame that rushed over her like a tsunami. She wanted to argue with God who she didn’t even believe in as to why he put her in this ordeal.

‘Why are you so clingy towards me today?’

She wouldn’t have thought of him if she didn’t constantly see him hanging around her, but Benji who stuck to her and wouldn’t leave her side seemed to be encouraging Elise. So it was all Benji’s fault.

‘Why isn’t he leaving and working?’

It’s not something to be proud of, but it was quite common for nobles to sleep with their servants in Cristimo. But she never heard of a mistress touching a male servant, but that was also something that was likely to have happened somewhere.

Additionally, Benji was a slave. Bought for Elise by her father when she was young. So, even if Elise used Benji a little… We’re not going to go all the way anyway… So, is it such an immoral thing……?.

‘No, it’s bad. Ugh.’

Elise, who had almost fallen for her inner temptation for a moment, barely came to her senses. Her remaining conscience was on the verge of being shattered.

But the situation was too perfect to pass up. Emma and Brie also came and went yesterday, so it was clear that no one would come to this annex today. So it would be perfect without anyone getting caught…….


Eventually, after hesitating for a long time, Elise folded the book she had opened and loudly called Benji excitedly.

If she was going to be committed anyway, it was better to get it done quickly.

“Yes, master.”

Benji, who had been fidgeting and watching Elise since she had sighed, rushed over and leaned his head against Elise’s thigh and looked up at her. As Elise taught him, he was to sit at her feet, it was like seeing a large dog talking, not a real person.

Thanks to this, her conscience which had been small was stabbed once again. But her decision had already been made.

Elise, who easily threw away her remaining conscience, grabbed her stomach with a wretched expression.

“Oh—owww! I’m dying!”

“Master, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

Elise felt her hands and feet tremble.

She was fine a moment ago and suddenly pretended to be sick. Elise was ashamed to death, but Benji was helplessly deceived by her awkward acting that began out of context. Thanks to this, Elise, who gained courage, continued her shameless and exaggerated performance.

“Poison! There’s poison on it.”

“Poison? Master, are you dying?”

I’ve been with you all day, so where did the poison come from?

Even with the nonsensical story, Benji didn’t doubt her. Elise’s awful acting seemed to be working even as her pleasant voice quivered.

“Right! If you don’t suck out the poison, I’ll die! Ohh, it hurts.”

Ah. Do I really have to do this?

Elise felt ashamed, but it was already too late to turn back.

Elise hunched her body even more exaggeratedly.


“I will suck it up! Master, don’t die.”

Good! This is it!

Elise felt a strange sense of pleasure and guilt at the same time as she saw Benji, who was now pleading with tears in his eyes. Of course, the pleasure was a little greater.

“Really… Can you do it?”

Elise’s head peeked up and asked. She was natural this time, perhaps because it was a sincere question.

“Yes, I can do it.”

Elise gulped once again at Benji’s answer, which demonstrated his determination to save her. After he said this it was like crossing a river that could never be crossed again.

“I’m crazy. Should I say it’s a joke now? No, it’s too late for that.’

After a short debate, Elise became bravely brazen.

“There’s poison down here!”

“Where is down here?”

Looking at the pretty but confused Benji that looked clueless as if he didn’t understand, Elise’s hand that had been grabbing her stomach slipped down to her groin.

Many words came to mind, but none of those words would be understood by Benji according to her deliberation.

“Master, is that your pussy?”

‘What? Pussy?’

She didn’t know the very word she couldn’t say would instead come out of Benji’s mouth. Elise wrinkled her brow. She was going to ask where the hell he learned that word…….

Benji’s face was too pure. He was quietly blinking his clear eyes, she could not find any lust in them.

‘Yes, I’m trash.’

The speaker was innocent. The listener is just dirty.

Yeah, whatever. Still, it was more important that he understood where it was. Elise blinked and nodded vigorously.

“Right! Ugh, there’s poison on it!”

Elise moistened her parched lips, as she watched Benji’s reaction. In the time that hadn’t even been a few seconds felt like an eternity for Elise. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it would explode.

‘What should I do if he figures out I’m trash?’

Even though she firmly believed he believed her, Elisa was nervous. She could just say ‘I was kidding, haha.’ She wondered if she should find a mouse hole to crawl in with a smile, so her eyes searched a corner.

“Master, can I just suck out the poison?” [t1v: suck/wash/clean/lick is the same word in Korean]

Contrary to her worries, Benji blinked and asked in good faith. There was no sense of wariness or caution on his clear face waiting for Elise’s explanation.

You don’t know anything, so it doesn’t matter if the poison is on my arm or in my secret place. Elise nodded as she looked at Benji, who looked exceptionally clear today.

“Yeah. Just lick it up.”

As expected, desire is greater than guilt. After giving in to her inner devil, Elise rolled up her skirt by herself and flopped onto her bed.

‘It’s too late now! What will you do?’

Elise, who quickly took off her underwear, slowly raised her knees.

“Benji. Then, suck it now.”

* * *

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