MSU – 19

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If she stayed put, she would overflow with semen. Elise carefully held Benji’s penis in her mouth, swallowing the white cloudy liquid that filled her.

“Benji. Get up now. You’re heavy.”

When Benji’s movement completely stopped, Elise carefully pushed what had become softer in her mouth with her tongue. Even with a light push, Benji fell off and laid on the grass.

Elise was angry. She told him to put it in her mouth, but she didn’t know he would move so roughly. Elise just tried to lick and suck a little at the end, but Benji rushed in like a madman and thrusted his back. Like yesterday.

‘This time, I have to tell you for sure. I will never let you do that next time.’

After her firm determination, Elise shot Benji with a pouty gaze.

A sunny afternoon.

In the open meadow, Benji was naked like a beast and breathing heavily. Both hands brushed through his tangled hair that had covered his face. It was the very same hands that had grabbed Elise’s ass tightly and urged her to climax.

Actually, Benji didn’t know anything. He just succumbed to his instincts without knowing what he was doing. Everything had begun with Elise’s actions.

“Master… I think I’m going to die.”

She could hear his low voice pouring out between his clenched teeth again.

Elise eventually turned her gaze away without saying anything. She felt like she was getting drunk again.

* * *

“Miss, are you having a hard time being alone? You’ve become very emaciated.”

‘Me? I’m doing well.’

In haste, Elise searched the floor with her eyes for an answer.

“No, I’m doing fine. Don’t worry about me.”

In fact, Elise was doing really well. Except for one thing.

The problem was Benji.

There was no opportunity to bring it up as he brought his enlarged penis to her mouth, saying he had been poisoned all the time.

‘How does it manage to get bigger day by day?’

Each time she thought it couldn’t be bigger than this, but strangely, Benji’s center seemed to get greater the more she sucked him off.

Now, Elise would have to caress for a very long time to make him orgasm, and she had to hold it in her mouth all day yesterday to see him reach his peak. The amount of cum Elise swallowed was so large that she felt full even if she hadn’t had bread.

‘Oh, my jaw hurts.’

Now, Elise didn’t even seem to have a sense of pain in my jaw. As Benji approached his zenith, he thrusted like a beast down her throat and so when she spoke her hoarse voice cracked even though it had barely been used.

‘No. Is this because I screamed too much?’

Benji persistently ate and sucked Elise out to the point where she was worried that she might be squirting. Even if she bit on the pillowcase to try and restrain her cries, the more she tried hold back the more daring and bold Benji’s moves were until she couldn’t control herself anymore. It was unreasonable that her face would be unscathed if it was only satisfactory only after pouring out all the water from her body.

‘But how can I say this?’

No matter how close they were to each other, this was a predicament that she could not share. Elise, who cleared her voice loudly, quickly changed the subject.

“So you’re getting married?”

“Every night we rush out to meet and ultimately do it.”

“You… I told you to be careful with your words in front of the lady.”

Emma, who shyly brightened up with good news, with Brie, who looked discontented, held up a cup of tea and drank it side by side.

A lady drinking tea with her maids. Typically it would have been unimaginable, but the three of them often chatted over tea together, perhaps because they had been like friends since childhood. On days with good news, it was their new tradition to celebrate with difficult to steal cookies and tea leaves.

“Then I’ll just brag only a little. Miss, I have a strong boyfriend— guess how big is it? I think I’m going crazy bragging about it.”

“Emma, no one is curious about that. Keep it to yourself.”

“How big is it?”

Unlike Brie, Elise was curious. Do other people’s jaws hurt so much everytime they do it? How to put something that’s that hard to put in your mouth in an even narrower place?

Emma, who was looking at Elise, whose mouth went dry and who was swallowing her saliva out of sheer curiosity, opened her palms with all her might. She had a triumphant expression as if she was being kind to Elise, who she thought had no experience.

Huh? A palm span wide? Does that go in? Was Benji on the smaller side?

Elise, who reflected on her weaknesses and stared at Emma with a look of respect, and tilted her head wondering how that worked.

‘I don’t think it’s going to fit in.’

Emma’s mouth was even smaller than Elise’s. No matter how much she thought about it, if it was a span it would be too big.

“…How thick…?”

Disbelief struck Elise so she asked again—trying to confirm, she knew it couldn’t be, but she couldn’t hold back and asked for it to be clarified. If Emma knew a trick she didn’t know, she was willing to learn.

“Oh, my. Miss, I can’t even talk to you. What are you talking about?”


“Of course, it’s the length! You know too little.”

‘You’re bragging about it being that big? Benji’s third leg is as big as his forearm.’

“Then how thick is it?”

“Oh my goodness~ Miss, you’re naughty.”

Hohohoho pfft—

Her voice of laughing and scolding was filled with joy. Emma, who had been laughing for a long time, suddenly became serious and faced her thumb and index finger to form a big circle.

“I’ve never seen this size before.”

“Ugh. I’m sick and tired of this. Let’s do something else.”

“Oh…. were you surprised?”

Emma and Bree looked anxiously at Elise, whose jaws were wide. Contrary to their worries, Elise was actually recalling how big Benji’s was by stretching her mouth.

‘This much? No. I think my jaw hurt a bit more.’

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