MSU – 18

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Elise’s jaw didn’t know how to open anymore because she still was still sore from yesterday. If she overdid it with such a big thing and push it, she thought her jaw would be separated from her head.

‘Please be satisfied with this.’

With an earnest heart, Elise licked his tip to his roots. Every time her tongue slipped, a heavy club slid down her face. Contrary to appearances, every time the soft chunk of flesh brushed Elise’s cheek, a creepy and obscene breathing was heard softly.

Determined, Elise rubbed her face on his cock. Her convex forehead, round nose touched his hard pillar and his struggling breath intensified every time her soft lips brushed against his erection.

‘Is it okay if I do this?’

The red-hot spear began to flinch as if it was on the verge of an explosion. The sour liquid Elise tasted yesterday began to form droplets at the end of the shaking hole.

Elise carefully put his soft weapon in her mouth. When she opened her mouth just a little so that her jaw didn’t hurt and rolled her tongue over his tip inside her mouth, a suppressed moan burst out.

“Haa. Master.”

Elise’s buttocks, which had been trembling slowly as her entrance opened and closed, suddenly plunged on to Benji’s face. Benji began rubbing his face impatiently under her like a cute puppy. Elise could feel Benji’s straight nose between her wet, squishy, thin fabric.

“Ha… Oh… Ha….”

All her nerves were focused on what he was doing to her beneath and made her shiver. Benji grabbed her asscheeks strongly and pulled her down when trying to escape from her strange mood. The part against his nose grew wetter, liquid flowing vigorously as if it were ripe.

Elise diligently moved her head, forgetting that her jaw hurt. Her hair shook up and down. As she moved diligently with her hands holding the blanket on her solid thighs, his low growling groan grew louder.

“Haa, haaa……. Master.”

Perhaps because of the enclosed space under the blanket, Elise was covered in his mascline scent. The smell of Benji’s sweat was overlaid on the grass’s aroma. The mix of musky and fresh scent slacken Elise’s eyes. Elise blamed the wine she drank earlier while enjoying this bizarre intoxication that made her pour down below.

“It smells delicious here.”

Benji brought out his cheeky tongue and licked Elise’s thigh. Benji clenched Elise’s butt when she jumped in surprise, holding her down while under her.

When Benji kneaded her round asscheeks with both of his hands and pushed up against her flesh covered in white fabric, Elise’s clit naturally sat on Benji’s lips. Benji gently put the wet material in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it’s taste, speaking in a ravenous tone,

“I want to devour it. Please let me eat, master.”

Elise nodded as if she were possessed by his earnest pleaing. Her ruined underwear was ripped off instantly and Benji’s heated breathing submerged Elise’s secret place.

Benji’s hot tongue made a squeaky noise and moved along her vertical line. He clasped her and used his thumbs to spread her exposed areas apart and stuck his tongue up and brushed it against her. He put her most sensitive part in his mouth and smacked it with his tongue. When Elise poured out her erotic liquid, Benji drank it sweetly as if it were his life’s water.

“Hgn, Ahh, huuu.”

“Give me more, master. I still don’t have enough.”

If Elise’s spring slowed down even a little, his harsh reproach was to caress her vagina relentlessly with his thick and long fingers. Elise couldn’t think of anything because her mind was so soft and blank as if it had melted. She was drunk with lust, her eyes hazy as she continued to suck on what she put in her mouth. Even then, she had been pulled up on Benji’s face so she could barely lick his head.

“Uhnn… Annn.….”

Benji sucked Elise even more intensely. Her whole body felt like it was going to be sucked in, but an strong quake that pierced through her.


The sensation of pain or pleasure promptly led Elise to ruin. Amongst the peak that seemed to never end, Elise quivered. Her vaginal mouth kept trembling without ceasing.

Elise drooped and lay leaning against Benji’s thigh. She didn’t even have the strength to squat down no matter who saw it or not. The tingling of her fingertips, toes, spread and seemed to soften her body.

Elise closed her eyes slowly and opened them. Her heart was desperate to sleep like this.

“Benji… I don’t have any strength in my body.”

At the sound of her fragile voice Benji jumped up and sat up to look at Elise. Elise rolled up the blanket that hid her face, put it beneath her head and lay flat on her back.

“So, you put it in.”

Elise closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Even when she closed her eyes, the back of her eyelids looked red under the sun that she felt acutely. The scent of grass floating like a cloud passed pleasantly. A rustling breeze gently swept down Elise’s wet hair. Oddly for her, this moment tickled her heart and she could only describe it as peaceful.


Gently squeezing in between her open lips and Benji’s organ filled in instantly. Elise was suffocating by his movements to covet deeper places while piercing her throat.

As he grew in size, he slapped Elise’s throat relentlessly.

“Master… I think I’m going to die.”

At his growl, Elise struggled. It was Elise who was about to die. Benji did not budge even if she pushed her hand against his thigh full of strength. As it was, Elise was locked up in Benji’s body. In an instant, shadows fell, the sky and earth wobbled, and no sound was heard.

“Ha… Master.”

Benji’s thigh muscles, which was so tight she could not pinch off any flesh no matter how hard she grabbed, twitched violently. It looked like he was about to burst at any moment.

Fastened to Elise, Benji’s body shook as if he were convulsing. At the same time, his lumpy semen poured into Elise’s mouth.

Even though it was no longer painful, Benji did not stop. He continued moving, slowly raising and lowering his twitching ass; exhaling a rough, deep breath.

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