MSU – 15

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‘Okay, I got it. I was going to do it now.’

Elise wanted to protest, but her mouth was full and she couldn’t say anything.

Slurp suck

Elise recalled the many lewd things she read in books, but there was nothing Elise could do. The fit was so tight that all she could do was suck it up like candy without any tricks.

“Master, it hurts.”

‘Does it hurt? Alright, I’ll go easy on you. This is pretty hard.’

His brutal looking appendage was surprisingly very sensitive. Beads of sweat formed on Elise’s forehead, who poured all her attention into not grazing her teeth against him again and not sucking too lightly or too hard.

‘How did Benji do this difficult thing so well?’

Thinking back on his admirable abilities, Elise felt the fire to match him and pour her heart and passion into her actions delicately sucking up his heat and sex. As Benji began to twist and jerk his waist as if what she was doing was working.

‘Is this okay?’

Elise, who looked up with eyes as if she were going to examine her homework, met a sight that made her eyes grow. Benji was flushed and was holding back his moaning with his teeth clenched.

‘Fuck. You are too sexy.’

Benji’s appearance was so sensual a part of her grew grumpy.

‘More. I want to tease you more.’

Right now, Elise wanted to see the naive, innocent Benji, who didn’t know what was happening to him, struggling with his animalistic instincts.

‘Let’s hold it like this and lick it like this,’

thought Elise, who was a little excited at practicing the knowledge she had acquired so far. She carefully spoke,

“Benji. You have to stay still.”

When she grabbed his raging club, and licked it up, it got even harder and a whimpering suppressed groan erupted out.

“Huuun… Master.”

‘Wow. Oh my god. He’s so sexy.’


Having gained confidence, Elise buried her head and licked and sucked the protruding and swollen head. It had a slightly sour taste, but it was not unpleasant. Rather, it was extremely rewarding to observe Benji, who responded faithfully to even her smallest movements.

To avoid disturbing Elise, his hands held up his rolled top were full of bulging veins illustrating how much force was applied.

His wet eyes looked down at her with an erotic frown. Strong abdominal muscles that twitched with every labored breath. A low groan that leaked out from between his lips that he bit. And even his pretty, hard ass that clung in heat, anxious for more.

There was nothing about him that wasn’t erotic.

In particular, there was an unusually racy hole on the tip of his penial head that twitched as if it were fish looking for food. Elise gently held the soft tip with her lips.

Unlike the hard pillar that was like a nail, the head was just like pudding. It felt amazing when she pressed it with her tongue, it changed its shape as it was rolled around and returned to it’s original form.


‘How cute.’

He was usually cute, even though he was huge but today’s Benji, who was bewildered and excited by his body, looked particularly lovely. Perhaps that’s why Benji’s center, which had first looked scary like a mace with spikes, now looked as appetizing as a deliciously made fresh baguette.

As he let out a low heated groan, Benji’s thighs were visibly trembling. The feeling of fullness that Elisa felt for the first time in her life rose from the depths of her heart that such a large man was so excited by her small movements.

Elise decided to be more courageous. She put her hands on Benji’s firm ass and took in Benji’s tower a little bit deeper, she wanted to take it out when her jaw started to hurt. But she endured craving Benji’s sincere reactions. As he began to move a little deeper and a little faster, the heated pillar of fire in her mouth reached the back of her throat.

Elise wanted to see Benji’s face. He was terribly sexy earlier, but now she wondered how he looked now, so Elise slowly looked up while holding Benji’s member and made eye contact.

His hazel eyes, which had always shone brightly, were deeply submerged into a thick haze. His face, which had always looked perfectly clear and pure, was distorted with unfamiliar sensations that put him in bittersweet agony.

Gratified by his appearance, Elise smiled without realizing it.

Benji’s hand wandered in the air for a moment, then threw off her top.

‘Huh? What are you doing?’

An instinctive fear struck Elise. Huh? As soon as she felt embarrassed, Benji wrapped his arms around Elise’s shoulders, pinning her so she could not move back, and began to shake his back as if he were out of his mind.

‘Wait, wait. It’s too deep!’

Even with her urgent push, Benji didn’t know how to stop like a beast with only instinct left.

His large and thick penis was quickly thrust to the end. Liquid welled up on the tip that pushed into the end of her throat. Whenever Elise gasped for a breath, Benji’s penis writhed noticably. Somehow, it seemed to be growing in size.

“Haaaa… Master…….”

Elise also lost her reason for Benji’s pretty sobbing voice for a moment, feeling dizzy by being hit in the throat. Both the rough pubic hair rubbing against her nose and the smell of Benji’s sweat felt lewd. She didn’t hate the feeling stirring in her mouth.

‘I’d rather put this somewhere else…….’


Benji’s buttocks contracted like a convulsion. Soon something hot poured down Elise’s throat.

‘Oh, is this what it tastes like?’

It was so lewd that she could feel it flowing down her mouth even after filling her mouth. Fishy and salty had never been Elise’s taste.

While looking around to find where to spit this out, Benji, who approached her with hazy, loose eyes lightly wiped the corner of her mouth.

“Master. I heard it’s good for your health.”

‘Crap, I did say that. Seriously, why does he have such a good memory today?’

“Swallow it. All of it. You’re not feeling well these days. You have to be healthy.”


Elise swallowed what was in her mouth without realizing it because her body temperature was unusually hot when he gently swept her disorganized hair and put it behind her ears. She didn’t mind the feeling of the hot, cloudy liquid running down her neck.

“The master also had a lot of poison.”


Benji’s rough hands suddenly slipped into Elise’s pajamas and slid over her soaked thighs.

“I’ll clean/suck it up for you.”

Boom bang!

Elise’s ungainly celibate life came to an end with the rumbling sound of thunder.

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  1. I was having the worst day ever. But the fact that you guys updated made it a little bit better. Thank you so much for all the hard work. I know this is just a smut novel but honestly having something good finally happen to me (the updates) when I’m so down makes me a bit emotional. Keep up the good work!

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