MSU – 14

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‘Crazy. What’s coming has come. Even the beasts go into heat, and even innocent Benji cannot resist the providence of nature. How old is Benji?….’

Elise, who was now recalling their first encounter as children with a vague memory, quickly shook her head.

Her father, who promised he would come back after ten days, didn’t come even after a hundred days, had suddenly brought Benji when he finally arrived. Even then he had been two heads taller and two years older than Elise, who had been eight years old.…. Since Elise was 23 now, he was about 25 years old?

It was an western calculation method [t1v: Korean age is different, you are 1 year old when you are born], regardless, Benji was an adult.

‘It’s natural……. How do I explain this?’

If Benji had stayed with someone else, he would have naturally learned about his changing body, but unfortunately, there was only Elise around Benji. She was troubled.

If she had to provide basic sex education, she would have to confess her sins. However, she couldn’t turn a blind eye to Benji, who was struggling with pain without knowing anything.

“Benji. You know—”

The moment she opened her mouth with reluctance—

“Master, I think I have poison on me too.”

There was no lightning, but Elise’s eyes opened wide.

A trick to get out of this situation without confessing one’s sin. No matter how much she tried to think of a way, a method that she couldn’t have even imagined rolled into her feet. And through Benji’s mouth.

The moment she felt relief,

Ruuumble, Bang!

When the fierce lightning struck, Elise saw it. A completely different pillar of fire from what she had seen before. Really, it did look like it had been poisoned, with a dark red tip and ferocious twisted vein pushed against the corner of her mouth.

“Master, please save me.”


Elise now swallowed her dry mouth, recalling what she had to do.

‘Me? Can I do it?’

Like a bird that measures the size by opening its mouth before eating, Elise, who carefully opened her mouth, shook his head.

‘It’s impossible.’

If it was the size of a baby’s fist, she could have somehow shoved it in her mouth, but his was too big.

‘Can I?’

Elise lifted her fist and put it in her mouth. Far from being able to hold it in, it only hurt her jaw.

‘I think he is bigger…….’

Emma and Brie, who declared ‘the bigger the better!’ must have been peacefully sleeping right now, but Elise is going through this ordeal. Forgetting the past when she only looked at a man’s nose, her resentment rose.

“Benji. Wouldn’t it be okay if I applied saliva like this?”

Elise asked with earnest heart.

“You said you should suck out the poison.”

‘Right, I did. Why is he suddenly getting smart?’

“Benji. First, let’s go to my room.”

She had been bitten by the calamity she had brought on herself.

* * *

Elise, sitting on the bed, became even more embarrassed. As she told him to do, an ugly thing that contrasted to Benji’s innocent appearance, was erect, standing in pain with his lower part exposed, was bobbing vigorously.

‘Should I have just washed it in the warehouse?’

Under the bright lights this fierce form, looked starkly naked and made her timid.

‘Phew… So I have to put this in my mouth?’

Elise became disturbed by the size that made her jaw ache just by looking at it.

“Stay still.”

‘Why is it moving so much? Oh. It’s distracting.’

Unlike the threatening appearance of Benji’s lower half that Elise unconsciously grabbed…….

‘Huh? It’s soft.’

Elise was surprised by how completely different the texture seemed from what she expected. She had thought it ugly and hard but the silky soft flesh held by her palm was so soft that she almost rubbed it against her face.

“Oh, master.”

Benji twisted his body as if he couldn’t stand her fondling touch.

“Alright, hold on.”


‘It might not be as bad as I thought. Benji has already done this dozens of times. If I can relieve some of my guilt with this…….’

Elise finally made up her mind.

After carefully wrapping both hands around Benji’s member and opening her mouth, Benji bounced his back as if he was surprised as the tip of his member entered her mouth little by little making her eyes water.


Thanks to his movement, it entered her mouth. As expected, is anything impossible? Benji’s eyes reddened, looking completely different from Elise, who was admiring the mystery of the human body.

“Master, please suck it now.”

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