MSU – 13

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7 days of abstinence.

Elise was drying up.

Benji alone made her feel uncomfortable with her reason flying away and her lower back seizing up. She no longer takes her favorite bath.

When Elise thought she couldn’t stand it, she touched herself, but Elise’s body was no longer satisfied with her clumsy gestures.

Elise had also removed her precious books she used to carry in her arms every day. The moment she opened her book, it was obvious that she would succumb to the easy temptation before her eyes.

“Master, would you like to take a bath?”

“There’s no way that innocent Benji understands how desperate this situation is.’

Poor Benji was restless and hovering around Elise as she hung on the couch all day and donned a rough face.

“You said bathing makes you feel better.”

The more he insisted, the darker and more irritable Elise’s mood became.

“I don’t take baths anymore. Get rid of the bathtub, too!”


“My body… isn’t not feeling well.”

I’m holding it in so hard that I can’t take a bath with you now. Say something that makes sense.

Benji’s face was stained with worries when she made an unreasonable excuse. She couldn’t even scold him.

“Master. Is it because of poison? Do you want me to clean it up for you?”

‘Oh? Do you want to?’

At that moment, Elise had almost raised her head and asked back, but instead she pressed her lips together. She raised her body firmly, praising herself for her self-control and said,

“Benji. Stay out of my sight for a while.”

‘I’m going wild from just looking at your face. You have no idea how pleasant your lips, your tongue are and how they drive people crazy. I’m trying my best to live like a normal person right now.’

“Master, are you angry at me?”

“No, it’s not like that. It’s just….”

There’s no poison anymore.

Elise wanted to say that he didn’t have to do it anymore, but she couldn’t say it outloud and swallowed hard for the unpredictable future.

It was the last defense left for the time when she had no choice but to endure it.

“I really don’t feel well.”

Elise gave a clumsy excuse, lied down and closed her eyes tightly.

“Yes, master.”

Elise was relieved as Benji, who readily agreed as easily as usual, heard the footsteps going far away.

“Oye. He’s too nice and gullible.”

Somehow, her heart felt empty with regret.

* * *

“What’s with this weather today?’

From early in the evening, heavy rain poured down, and the sky was swallowed by dark clouds was complete darkness itself without a single light.



‘I’m scared.’

Elise trembled with fear at the loud rumbling that she heard even when her ears were covered. The sound of thunder was so strong it shook the ground so of course her thin pillow didn’t do anything.

Elise was strangely afraid of thunder and lightning since she was young. No matter how rationally she was, the sound of Mother Nature’s roar penetrated her ears and shook Elise.

‘There’s no one here.’

Usually, Emma and Brie were with Elise at times like this, but today she realized that she was alone.

It would have been better if she was asleep, but Elise couldn’t sleep well because she avoided Benji half-heartedly.

‘Yes, Benji! What is Benji doing these days?’

The loyal Benji faithfully disappeared as she asked. Elise, who opened her eyes late in the afternoon, could barely find any traces left by Benji who left prepared meals at the table.

‘Where is Benji?’

Elise wandered around the annex and began to look for Benji. On such a thunderous day like this, she was terrified to death, and even as she thought of Benji, perhaps due to abstinence, Elise’s lower half did not get wet. So she reasoned it would be okay to be together now.

‘Gosh. This building is uselessly spacious.’

The place where Elise resided was a detached house, but in fact, it was a large mansion that her ancestors used for generations a long time ago. Although it was now abandoned with the construction of a new main building, it was still magnificent in size as it was an old mansion of the Count’s family.



The old floor screamed at Elise’s steps.

‘T—This is scary.’

It was usually a sound that she wouldn’t have paid much mind to, but compounded with the sound of the heavy rain Elise recoiled.


‘Why are there so many rooms?’

Elise, who had opened each door one by one while calling Benji anxiously, was worried about the last remaining warehouse door in front of her.

‘Would Benji really be here? There are so many rooms here. Why?’

But she had searched all the other rooms. This was the last place she hadn’t looked.




When he heard a voice calling for her with a strange timber through the open doorway, Elise stepped into the dark warehouse without fear.

“What are you doing?”

Ruuumble, crash!

Just then, lightning struck and a flash of light shone through a small window.

With that light, Elise found Benji curled up in a warehouse full of all sorts of junk and breathing heavily. She felt sorry for his form unmindfully folded in half.


“Yes, master.”

After being apart for a month, with this unusual atmosphere, Elise rushed towards Benji. There must be something wrong. Her heart ached at the answer that came steadily between labored breaths.

“Are you… sick?”

“Yes. It hurts.”

Elise’s heart was pounding in her eyes. Benji is sick. It was something she would have never imagined.

‘What should I do? Should I run right away and get the butler? No. He won’t care about Benji.’

Rather than bringing in a doctor, it would be obvious that the butler would like someone who ate but did not work to die.

‘Where is the emergency medicine kit? Right. Emma and Brie would know.’

Elise, who was about to rush through the rain to the main house, nervously bit her lips.

‘What medicine does he need? Where does it hurt?’

Elise fumbled in the dark to find Benji’s face. Benji’s face was damp and clammy, because he was sweating profusely.

‘Oh? He doesn’t have a fever. Then, what kind of medicine should I bring?’

Despite her growing confusion, Benji’s harsh breathing became even rougher.

“Where does it hurt?”


Benji kindly pulled Elise’s hand that had been wandering around his face in vain, and placed it on his sore spot. Once he put her hand on his painful area, Benji groaned at the same time Elise gasped in surprise, startled by the size. After he inhaled twice more, his voice conveyed how much he was struggling,

“I feel like my dick is going to explode.”

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