MSU – 12

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‘If this keeps up like this, isn’t it dangerous?’

It clearly felt amazing, but it was such a strong stimulus that she wondered if she could do this. Each cell became sensitive as if it were reborn. To the point where she was trembling from touching his breath.

“Master. A lot of poison came out.”

Benji’s voice was full of pride. His red tongue slowly licked the fluid flowing down his forearm. After licking his fingers, he spread apart Elise’ knees, which were still convulsing, and dug into between her legs.


‘What is this?!’

Benji’s tongue, which she thought he had gotten used to, seemed unfamiliar, perhaps because she became more sensitive after her peak.

‘I think it’s hotter and more rough than usual.’

The already crumpled sheet was rolled up and clenched in her hands, her knuckles turning white. Benji would stop if Elise told him to, but she didn’t want to stop him at all. Rather, she lifted her ass hoping he would lick her more.

“Ha… ha…”

Benji buried his face deeply and sucked her from underneath. He filled her entrance, licking it out with his hot tongue and found the swollen clitoris that was about to burst and massaged it. Perhaps because she became sensitive, her senses were as clear as possible, as if she could see it all even with her eyes closed.

“Ohhh mmm.”

There was a series of scary climaxes. Elise was almost out of her mind because of the overwhelming pleasure she got from Benji licking and sucking on her, making her contract and chew with firecrackers going off in her mind. Her vision, which had been repeating flashing like lightning, darkened for a moment.

Finally she reached her limit.

“Master, poison is really sweet.”

Looking down at Elise, who had fell asleep while trembling with uncontrollable pleasure, Benji unhurriedly licked his lips.

* * *

Everything was fine. Indeed, everything was going well, but the problem was the lewd Elise’s body.


“Yes, master.”

“Can’t you stop looking at me now?”

The ritual of staring between her legs occurred without fail whenever she took a bath made her more and more uncomfortable.

“I must be really crazy.”

Benji was just following the procedure as usual, blinking his innocent eyes, but Elise’s rationale seemed to be paralyzed by the fact that she felt her entrance was flinching and something felt like it was about to pour out.

Elise almost reached out and pulled Benji’s head out of the impure desire to lick his tongue between his red lips.

‘With just one gesture, you could reach the place you love so much….’

Elise, who was smacking her lips, shook her head.

I’m going insane.

She felt guilty with the thought that she couldn’t control herself. Every time she thought it would be the last—the very last time,, and she shouldn’t use innocent Benji again. Yet she was addicted to unnerving pleasure and called Benji every day and shivered.

‘Is it safe to have such an obscene body?’

She had become accustomed to Benji’s thick and hard fingers and soon couldn’t be satisfied with only two. At least three fingers had to come in to comfort her prickly stomach. Sometimes she found herself shaking her hips and ass because even that wasn’t enough.

‘It’s a relief that Benji doesn’t know anything. If it were someone else, they would point fingers at you for being lewd. No, you wouldn’t have been able to do this with a normal person.’

Honestly, Elise’s body always heated up under the pretext of Benji’s innocence and wanting new and stronger provocations.

‘Let’s stop it.’

Elise knew it well herself. That the time to give up this dream-like pleasure was approaching. The way she looked for Benji as if she were in heat every moment was abnormal and unethical, no matter how generously she reasoned with herself.

Especially since these days, Elise and Benji communicated to some extent, Elise’s guilt grew bigger and bigger. Contrary to the rumors, Benji was not such a frustrating fool, rather he was a sincere hard worker once he learned something and was diligent.

He was just so naive to not suspect a master who never died with ‘poison’ constantly gushing from a naughty place out of nowhere, everyday—sometimes twice a day.

‘So to such a child I can’t…….’

The worst person she knew now was herself, who manipulated the nice, sincere, innocent and poor Benji.

‘It’s really over now. Right. I should never use this innocent and cute Benji for my filthy desires again. I’m so bad there would be nothing for me to refute if I was dragged into hell right now. I will never make Benji do anything weird anymore!’

As soon as Elise nodded her head with determination. Benji who had been looking between Elise’s legs for a long time, lightly brushed against her labia with his finger.

“Master. Poison came out again. I’ll suck it up after the bath.”

It sounded like he was going to serve not only a meal but dessert too. With those lightly said words, Elise’s heart began to pound loudly.

‘This is really, really the last time. Just one last time!’

Elise was going to go to hell at this rate, it was impossible for her to go to heaven anyway because of all the sins she had already committed.

‘If you’re going to hell, wouldn’t it be better to taste heaven one last time?’

“Mhm. Alright.”

Elise had forgotten her previous resolution and prayed that her bath would be over quickly. Very, very desperately.

* * *

* * *

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