MSU – 11

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“Emma! Brie!”

Elise hugged the two maids who came after a long time with open arms. Now, thanks to Benji, who could communicate to some extent, she didn’t miss talking, but there was another reason why she was particularly happy today.

“Did you bring it?”

“Oh, of course. Miss. This is really amazing.”

“Miss, forget everything you’ve read so far. You just need to look at this.”

She was already nervous about the news that the book she had been looking forward to for months had finally come in stock again and was waiting for Emma and Brie to come.

“Really? Is it that ‘bad’?”

“We read it first, and it’s no joke. It’s really—.”

“Emma suddenly ran out in the middle of the night to meet her boyfriend while reading it!”

“There’s nothing you won’t say!”

What? How dare you have a boyfriend?

Elise shot Emma a betrayed look without realizing it.

“Ahem. Anyway, this is the best. Lady, can I read it one more time when you’re done?”

“Is it that naughty? It’s my first time hearing Emma wanting to read something again.. I heard ‘new things are the best.’”

“Yes, of course. I’ll lend it to you after I’m finished.”

“Miss, then me too!”

Looking at the two maids blushing and asking, Elise swallowed her dry saliva. She was already out of breath with anticipation.

“It’s been a while since we came, and your room is a mess. I’m going to dust off a little bit and sweep the floor today.”

Looking at Emma and Bree, who were busy helping her even on their day off, Elise couldn’t say anything and thought as she tightly gripped the book they handed over,

‘Guys, please do a quick and dirty job today. You have to go so I can read this.’

* * *

“Ah.….. ooh. Benji.”

That’s why this incident occurred.

Elise was able to understand Emma’s feelings a hundred times over as to why she would have visited her boyfriend in the middle of the night. She, herself, couldn’t stand it and used the innocent Benji…….

“Haaa [Sigh]…”

It was difficult at first, but guilt was not important after that. No matter how much she wanted to pretend she didn’t know, it wasn’t easy to turn a blind eye to the joy she had tasted. Whenever she opened the book, her lower belly felt numb and hot making her hungry for Benji.

“Oh, my!”

Now, after just crouching with a clumsy scream, Benji skillfully buried his face between her legs. His skills were getting better and better by the day. Elise went crazy just by Benji placing himself between her legs.


Elise, who climaxed faster than ever, curled her body and trembled, Benji looked up as if he had finished his job. Then he would leave the room as usual, and…….

But today, Benji was gazing between her legs, not moving.

“Haa… Benji, what are you doing?”

asked Elise, who was struggling to catch her breath and had not yet calmed down.


What’s this?

She suddenly felt like something was squeezing into and under her, so her body trembled. It wasn’t difficult to figure out. She also benefited from the experience of putting her own in.

“Benji! Take out your finger!”

What is he doing? Rather than unpleasant it felt tingly. The more diligently Benji’s finger moved, the more she felt a different sense of pleasure from the depths of her belly. A completely different heat spread throughout her body frighteningly fast.

“Master, poison keeps coming out of this hole. I think I need to scoop it out.”


Then of course, yes. 

Fully ready to be saved, Elise curled her back instead of answering in response to his innocent manistrations.

‘How can he touch me so well when he doesn’t know anything?’

When Elise put it in herself, she had only felt a foreign body, but Benji’s finger was bigger and thicker, and were accurately stimulating her heated parts without making her feel uncomfortable. Whenever his finger, bent like a hook, kneaded her the inner wall, her eyes became white and she couldn’t breathe.

“Master. There’s a lot. The bed is all wet.”


At his determination to inspect her bottom a squeaking wet clinging sound rang out because he was so persistent. Whenever Elise breathed in, hot lumps of wetness poured down and drenched her bottom. That rough finger pulled out.

“Haaa……Oh…..oh, Benji. aang. Ah. Put one in.”

Can one be enough? Elise urged Benji, regretfully.

Then as the volume of the finger increased [he switched to a bigger finger], the pleasure doubled. Whenever Benji’s fingertip rubbed her vaginal walls, a thrilling, strange energy spread to the tip of her toes and then disappeared instantly.

She seemed to be doing something wrong. Like a newborn beast who didn’t know where to put strength, Elise was trembling, unable to control her body. Her feet and limps were disorganized and haphazard; she felt like a broken doll.


On the other hand, her pelvis moved steadily, chasing desire. A little deeper, a little faster. Without knowing what she was doing as she was embracing Benji’s finger, Elise’s pupils, shaking finely, grew hazy and lustful. The moans that she spit out with were a sigh mixed with her anxious heart.

“Ugnnnh… it’s great….”

Elise lost her temper and was erotically whimpering. Was it an accident that her eyes were blinking but her vision was blurred with a pleasure that she couldn’t believe was real? Without even noticing the hot heat spreading, Elise closed her eyes and tilted her head back.


The heat that began to amass her lower abdomen was growing frighteningly in size. Elise hung on Benji’s neck with a dual mind, hoping that it would explode and afraid it would explode at the same time. She was desperate for something to happen as soon as possible because anything was better than being in this tortuous in-between stage right now.

“Mhmmm. Hurry…….”

At Elise’s urging, Benji more diligently teased his finger deeper. It felt like her heart beat had moved down by the foreign body wriggling and filling her lower stomach. It contracted hard. She felt her inner tunnels clearly squeezing his finger tightly between contractions.

“I think my finger is going to break. Master, the hole is too tight.”

“I know… it is …. Hhh… Argh, Ah!”

The moment she thought it couldn’t get any better, the scary heat that tickled Elise’s stomach, shuddered and exploded. It was as if a dam had broken, the quake was exhilarating and terrifying. Elise bent her body as if she had been captured in a seizure with a titillating exclamation.

“Hah… Haaa… Oh!

It was like a series of bombs went off as she struggled to catch her breath. The climax lasted for a long time as if it would never end. Elise drooped like a doll with broken strings, whimpering, and twitching.

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