MSU – 10

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It had been a pretty unlucky morning.

Elise had been called to the main building, another crazy madman wanted to get married to her, she frightened the man by getting crazily drunk and wanting to fight him and afterward her stepmother was waiting for her.

‘She had been quiet for a while.’

When she got back from the overwhelming drunkenness filling her whole body, Elise lost her energy and didn’t want to do anything.

When she was sober it was hard enough to listen to her constant and insistent berating. Now that she was inebriated she felt like she was on the verge of her sanity. Fortunately, she wasn’t one to yell when she was drunk, but sometimes she exploded with anger like a seizure.

‘Why are you telling me to get out of this house for so long? You thought I would leave nicely? Well, you don’t even want to see me on the map. What should I do to make it worse? To the point where she doesn’t want to find me even when I’m drunk.’

Elise, who was sitting on the bed and agonizing over it, stopped thinking and laid down. She couldn’t do anything but worry about things that didn’t have an answer.

“What are Emma and Brie doing?”

Today was a day when she missed the two larks, who would normally stick next to Elise and comfort her constantly.

“Benji! Come here.”

She wasn’t particularly sad, but she needed comfort. Since childhood, she felt better when she touched Benji’s curly hair, so now was the time she needed Benji.

“Come up here.”

Benji tilted his head gently and blinked his eyes slowly. It was the same blank confused expression that Elise got when she ordered him to do something out of the norm.

‘I don’t have the strength to sit up, so you come up.’

Benji gently fell on the bed when Elise, who jumped up and couldn’t stand her frustration, dragged him. The bed  wobbled a lot due to his large size.

“Lay down here!”

While he leaned calmly on the place where Elise thumped, his eyes were still blinking quickly as if he didn’t know what she was saying.

Elise also lay down and faced Benji. It was a little cramped, but it didn’t matter. Beyond the soft sheet, the warm temperature of Benji felt comforting.

‘It’s just like when I was young. Back then, I hugged him every day.’

When Elise suddenly remembered her childhood, her heart tickled. As she did as a child, Elise continued to talk, hugging Benji’s head in her chest and burying her fingers deep in lush brown hair.

* * *

“How much money do I spend? Isn’t it too shameless to keep trying to sell me off god-knows-where? I understand that you don’t want to see me. It’s the same for me. No, shouldn’t they bring someone handsome and tall? Shouldn’t you have the sincerity to bring someone who looks strong? Are they dumb? I won’t even leave this house even if I’m possessed! But you only bring old and ancient seniors…….”

It wasn’t that Elise didn’t like men. Rather, she held excessive curiosity in that direction. After hearing that men have to have tall noses, she only looked at their noses every time she met someone, but unfortunately, the people brought by her stepmother had small,  flat noses as if they were pressed down with an iron. As expected, this stepmother could not do anything good for Elise.

“But… you.”

Elise had poured out words that she couldn’t say to anyone because she thought he couldn’t understand them anyway and inadvertently lifted Benji’s face. Benji let her gently raise his head, looked around at her sudden forward gaze and slowly blinked his eyelids. The nose between those dark reddish brown eyes…….

‘It’s really big!’

Elise recalled what she saw when she first washed Benji. It wasn’t even comparable to a child’s forearm, but as big as her own forearm!

Elise looked carefully at Benji’s nose. The smooth stretch had no curves, and how high it rose seemed to remind her of the highest mountain range in the kingdom.

‘Was Benji’s nose this handsome?’

It was a handsome nose, she could affirm as an expert. It was the best nose she’d ever seen.


Elise, who had no reason to clear her throat, buried her hands in his fluffy hair again. There was still a long story left.

“So today…….”

Benji was silently listening to her for hours even though he couldn’t understand. Perhaps that’s why words that she couldn’t dare to say to Emma and Brie naturally came out.

“I’m going to hold on. Even by a thread.”

Finally her eyes closed, Elise fell asleep while holding Benji in her arms. It was a warm night after a long time, as if she had returned to her childhood.

* * *

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