MSU – 1

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1. Then, suck it now.

Elise sat leaning against the chaise and gulped. Even though the weather wasn’t that hot, a fever of sorts rose and her face flushed. At the end of her fixed gaze was a large man, lying on the floor in her room alone, in this detached, abandoned house.

‘Should I say it? Or not?’

She had been anxiously deliberating this for so long while chewing on her lips that they were in tatters like a wet rag.

Elise wasn’t one to think complicatedly. But this dilemma troubled her. She didn’t expect that she would think this much about this problem. She couldn’t do this or that, and she felt like she was going crazy because she was so extremely frustrated.

No matter how deeply Elise breathed in and out, she didn’t feel better. The tightness in the corner of her chest did not subside.


Perhaps surprised by her heavy and audible breathing, a shaggy brown-haired man raised his face and carefully looked at Elise. His clear reddish-hazel-auburn eyes were quivering finely with anxiety. He looked like a nervous puppy, which did not fit with his distracting size

‘Whew. What was I thinking? As expected, let’s not do it. Let it go.”

Elise waved her hand as if it were nothing. The man, who was slowly blinking with a bewildered expression, soon looked relieved.

‘How could I, with a child like that….?’

The moment she encountered his innocent eyes that knew nothing, Elise felt like she became the world’s worst trash.

As expected, it was something she shouldn’t have even thought about. No matter how brazen she was, she still had moral standards to perceive that much. Therefore……

I know I can’t—I know I shouldn’t—yes, I know it very well…….

‘It’s thick and looks very soft.’’

Elise’s regard was one of sexual tension and attraction.

Once she was conscious of them, she couldn’t take her eyes off the man’s red lips. When she thought of what those lustful lips could do, her reason melted. His half-witted, gullible expression with his long tongue between his pillowy open lips.….

‘I can’t see it. You’ve finally gone crazy. Utterly insane.’

Elise shook her head harder to shake off her impure thoughts. As expected, it was useless.

Her desire to cross the line kept shaking her resolve dangerously, Her lips and mouth dried up. She felt like she was going to die if I did this and die if she didn’t—her stomach was burning to a char.

‘Who cares? Benji won’t even know what he’s doing. Whatever I ask him to do, he will obey saying ‘yes, master.’’

Elise made a discovery about herself today. She knew she was shameless, but she didn’t know that her morals were so flimsy. When the inner devil whispered to her in earnest, Elise easily blamed Benji for all her anguish.

‘You shouldn’t have looked like that.’

Well, partly yes. If Benji had just been a little uglier, she wouldn’t have had to worry about this at all. No matter how deprived she was, it was not the kind of thing she wanted to entrust to an ugly man.

Actually, Benji was completely Elise’s taste.

It might have been hidden in his randomly cut, messy hair and stupid expression… so she hadn’t noticed until now— but when she took a closer look, all his features were so perfect that it was burdensome.

He had such a strikingly handsome face that he won’t starve to death if he just went to any town square and stood there.

Also, he was so tall that it was difficult to make eye contact. Even if Elise talked to him for any length of time her neck seized up, so she had taught him to always sit down or kneel in front of her. It was inevitable for her precious neck health.

‘I don’t think it was to that extent when I was younger…….’

Of course, he was big when she was younger, but it was within the normal category. It was never so much that one could not distinguish whether he was a person or a bear.

What did he eat by himself while she was not watching that made him so huge in the meantime? It wasn’t possible, but just by looking at his size, he looked like a person who only ate meat for three meals a day.

What was even more surprising was that it was hard to find fat on that large body.

He was donning a small blanket and unintentionally showed off hidden skin that Elise noticed with a glance.

Even though she had never seen another man’s body. She spotted muscles that stretched elastically on his thick chest and abs that split into pieces and dented in various areas that didn’t look ordinary by any means.

Perhaps that’s why Benji is strong and good at everything he did with his body. Of course, it took a lot of effort to teach him at first, but the outcomes were never poor.

Why didn’t I notice before?

Come to think of it carefully, it seemed illegal that she had not recognized such a precious gemstone by her side. Blaming herself for her narrow-mindedness, Elise shook her head again.

‘No, what would you have done if you knew?’

Elise had never thought of Benji as a man. To be honest, it hadn’t been long since she thought of him as a person. So it was natural that she didn’t think anything of it even after seeing that great face and figure.

‘I should’ve kept doing that… That would have been better.’

Elise let out a bitter sigh again.

‘Why are you so naive?’

Benji, who has a perfect appearance, was actually a little lacking. Not just a little, but a lot….. He was a little less understanding than others and clumsy, but it was never to the point that he was ‘dumb as a dog’ like the rumors. However, thanks to this, he was very naive. To the point where he would be perfect for Elise to use.

Was it because we spent our childhood together?

Far from speaking in front of others, he hid to the point where one could not even see his shadow but followed Elise blindly. No matter what she asked him to do, he never complained, and no matter how frivolous she was, he easily accepted.

So, it was clear that Benji would follow no matter what Elise said.

And since it’s something you do with your body, you’ll do well if I just teach it.….

‘No, Elise. No—No matter how blind you are with lust, you can’t do that.’

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