ISY – Prologue

The sky was very clear that day. The sky at the laboratory was mostly filled with gray dark clouds, or it was mostly cloudy just before it started raining.

Maybe that’s why I admired the blue sky because it was so beautiful, and then looked at Kalisten, who mesmerized me with a handsome smile under it.

Bright red eyes and jet-black hair.

A sharp and sophisticated nose that God could not make twice, and a shoulder that was wide open at right angles with a muscular upper body.

Even though he was wearing a shabby lab coat, he shined unlike the other lab subjects.

But then what could I do?

He was Kalisten, the maniac male protagonist in a devastating waste 19-gold BL novel called <And Everyone Was Silent>.

Kalisten was a madman who would destroy the Arsene Institute, where Espers were trained, and murder everyone there. Of course, that included me as well.

It was the first time I had seen him smile so close.

I got goosebumps, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. 

I was afraid, but I thought it would be impossible to say it in the future if I could not muster up the courage now.



His low voice rang in my ears. His voice was perfect. Just like his straight shoulders at right angles, so excellent.

“I— I like you!”

“… What?”

“I like you!”

Seeing Kalisten’s bewildered expression for the first time, my heart raced. When he asks what an absurd lie this is—what will I say?

He stood there like that, still not sure what to say.

Kalisten licked his lips and hesitated repeatedly. Then he continued talking as if he had decided something.

“I’m a man.”

Yes, I am a man right now… !

Unknowingly, I fiddled with the necklace hanging from my neck.

“I like you more because you’re a man!”

But I couldn’t withdraw my confession.

I stood in front of him, looking straight into his eyes. Then a blaze of exquisite vitality filled his eyes. It wasn’t a clouded emotion like anger, but a beauty sparkling with hope.

“I mean it!”

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