ISY – 94

So Aselia parted with Ivan and arrived at the vice director’s office. Researchers near her deputy director’s office tilted their heads when they spotted her wearing Z-898’s outfit. Even if the low-level officials who managed the building rarely saw Z-898, it was because the vice director’s office was located in a place where the heads of the researchers were concentrated.

And since most of them were made up of women, it was strangely hard for Aselia, in her male form, to set foot there. Aselia strongly felt that she was not supposed to be there, feeling like she was in the lion’s den. No, rather than lions it was a place full of queen hyenas.

With her head down, she was about to reach the deputy director’s office door.




A researcher stood behind Aselia. She was holding her gun, and wearing a white researcher’s gown.

“Who are you to be wearing Z-898’s clothes?”

“Oh I… .”

“I gave it to them and told them to come dressed like that.”

The deputy director opened the door with a ‘beep’ and spoke.

“Deputy Director!”

“I came out because I thought you would have blown his head off if I was a minute late.”

“No, ma’am… I wouldn’t have shot her in the head.”

“Then where would you had shot?”

“The neck… ma’am.”

When the researcher said that, the deputy director smiled and said,

“A shot to the neck doesn’t kill someone instantly. If you’re going to aim, you should aim for the heart, Rose.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

The researcher, named Rose, bowed to the boss with blushing cheeks, put her gun in her pocket, and quickly disappeared into the lab.

“Thank you… .”

“You almost died because of me, should you really be saying that?”

“… sorry… .”

“Ugh, you’re so boring.”

The deputy director stared at Aselia, and then she entered her office first. Aselia followed her into the office and followed her steps into the private laboratory behind it.

Her deputy director ensured that Aselia followed her and took a seat.

Then she motioned to Aselia as if to take a seat.

Aselia sat down on the sofa in her lab, and she noticed,

“I have to talk to you here so no one will find out.”

“Yes? Uh… .”

Aselia spoke, then hurriedly shut her mouth, thinking she would get hit again. Then the deputy director was silent.

“This is a special room. It contains the magic power of a concealer. Psychometrics can find out what we talked about elsewhere.”

Aselia knew that psychometry was reading the memories of objects.

“You seem to know what it is. Well, that’s why you must have lasted as long as you did with an A rank. Like a bug.”

Perhaps because of the last words of the deputy director, Aselia shrank even more.

“Don’t you want to get out of here?”

“… .”

“Answer me.”


Aselia was confused about how to respond to her liking. If she answered, she felt like she made a mistake, but if she didn’t answer, she felt even worse. She didn’t want to be hit like last time. She couldn’t forget that she was in a position where she could be hit at any time.

“There’s no way that Z-898 doesn’t know you’re a woman.”

“… I do not know. He sees me as a strange toy.”

“Then what about Z-999?”

“Kalisten doesn’t know. Honestly,”

Aselia asserted as she met the deputy director’s eyes. When her deputy warden discovered she was a purple-eyed woman, she lost her desire to hit her.

“Yes, I see.”

She clenched her fist as she lost the will to strike her, and Aselia hurriedly lowered her gaze.

“You’ll be just a toy for them anyway, so why are you taking sides like that?”

Aselia knew what she was talking about. She clearly didn’t believe her at all when she denied it.

“Kalisten really doesn’t know. He doesn’t know anything.”

“I’m is not talking about the child. I’m referring to number Z-898.”

“Ah… .”

“Come to think of it, it wasn’t once that he let you into the bedroom, prehaps—”

Aselia’s face flushed in embarrassment at her words.

“Did you happen to conceive a child?”

Aselia could not answer the deputy director’s words. Even though it seemed like she was asking, it was insulting. She was getting upset and couldn’t manage to reply.

“Ah, then, is that why Z-898 wanted that?”

Aselia lowered her gaze to avoid responding.

At her silence, the deputy director smiled confidently and said Alexis was originally someone who wasn’t obsessed with gaining a new status. He was initially someone content with whatever she gave him, but suddenly, he was longing for a new home and a new identity, almost to an obsessive level. On the condition that he could take A-702 with him out of the lab.

If it was needed so urgently, there must have been a reason. He couldn’t have done it just because he knew she was a woman.

“I’ll pardon you and your child.”

Aselia was troubled, thinking that the deputy director’s lie was sincere.

“… but… .”

“Instead, say that you will participate in experiments by your own accord until Z-999 awakens.”


Aselia was surprised by the deputy director’s words. It was enough if she ignored the opinion of an A-grade and proceeded with her directives.

“How about it? Will you do it?”

Aselia thought she’d rather take her own way. Kalisten only saw her as an object of lust, and Alexis saw her as a toy.

She suddenly thought going outside without anyone knowing would be a better option.


At Aselia’s answer, the deputy director smiled in satisfaction.

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