ISY – 94

“But why are those the conditions?”

Aselia was afraid of her deputy director, but she couldn’t stop herself from asking

“What do you mean?”

“Uh… .”

As she met the deputy warden’s gray eyes, Aselia’s heart skipped a beat, and her cheek felt numb.

“I don’t know why you’d only let me out.”

It was her honest thoughts. The deputy director was suspicious of her relationship with Alexis and even assumed she was with child. But shouldn’t she offer to let her and Alexis go out together if that was the case?

“You have to disappear alone,”

declared the deputy director as she looked straight at Aselia.

“Wouldn’t they suffer?”

She didn’t know if the deputy warden was serious or not; she was so confused that she blurted out anything, not knowing how to respond.

“Z-898 is too conspicuous. It’s obvious he is holding you against your will and intoxicated with you. He said he would take you.”

Aselia couldn’t answer. He wasn’t that sort of person. But she was a toy to him, abet a respected one at least. But she never knew when he might twist her neck.

“You can make a guy like that suffer.”

She couldn’t answer and lowered her head.

“Have you changed your mind?”

“… no.”

Aselia didn’t change her mind because of her words. She just wanted to check the other person’s thoughts due to her unease.

“If you are going to cooperate, go here.”

“Can I go now?”


She received the note the deputy director handed her and opened it.

「 Laboratory No. 2901 」

It was a place where all 29 floors were made into one laboratory.

“All right.”

After Aselia said that, she headed to Lab 2901.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Is this where you’ve been hiding?”

Kalisten opened his eyes to the sound of an unpleasant voice. With loathing, the first thing he saw upon waking in the supply room was the deputy director. He knew it would be more difficult for him to face Aselia now, but when he saw the deputy director, his heart missed her even more, and he felt exceedingly apologetic to her.

“Get lost.”

“I can’t do that.”

At Kalisten’s retort, the deputy director laughed at him. Usually, she would have hit him, but she seemed in great spirits now.

“Do you want me to kill A-702 then?”

Kalisten rose, glaring at her, even while realizing that because of the chip implanted in his body, he would get caught no matter where he hid. So, of course, Aselia would be in the same powerless position.

“What do you want?”

“You have to get going. There’s another experiment.”

“… Didn’t we already do one yesterday?”

Powerless to resist through action when Aselia was threatened, Kalisten could only express his resentment through his voice coming out of his stiff jaw. Noting his attitude, she stood in front of him and said:

“Yes, the experiment yesterday was a success.”

“… Then give me a break for a day.”

He said so as if to ask. Kalisten was at his limit now. What he did to Aselia during his panic attack and hyperventilation made him feel ashamed. He couldn’t believe what he had done to Aselia when he thought he was dreaming.

He felt as if he had committed a great sin against Aselia. The sin grew deeper and deeper, and it seemed to be strangling him beyond his control.

“No, if you don’t want A-702 to die, you should follow me.”

Kalisten sighed at the deputy director’s cold remarks. Resignedly, he walked behind her.

He walked while looking at the ground. Several guards and researchers were in front of the supply room, and they warily followed Kalisten, high on alert.

He felt miserable that even now, he dared to think of Aselia even at this moment.

Is he okay in my room?

Maybe he left because he never wants to see me again.

He felt like all his fantasies and what he had imagined between the two of them had been revealed to Aselia. He felt acutely exposed and repulsed by himself.

I can’t believe I kissed him like that

If it was Aselia’s first kiss, how should I even begin to apologize? And would he really accept my apology?

He forgot for a moment that it was also his first kiss. Already, when he had been inebriated and had kissed Aselia countless times, thinking it had only transpired in his lewd dreams. Even so, his sixth sense was strangely developed, so it never occurred to him that it was his first time.

Kalisten surveyed his surroundings as they walked. They arrived where the test subjects came out and in laboratories and private practice rooms. The lower floor was lined with private practice rooms, and moving upstairs was where subjects were tested.

Kalisten moved upstairs and suddenly felt the scent of Aselia in his chest.

I have to apologize.

He decided that he must apologize the next time he saw Aselia. 

But what should I say when I apologize?

What should I say to earn his forgiveness?

He couldn’t figure it out. Aselia would obviously say he would forgive him on the outside, but it wouldn’t be genuine. He suddenly wished that Aselia was the Z-ranker, and he’d rather be the lowly A-ranker— but then he shook his head. If that were the case, he wouldn’t be able to protect him.

For some reason, Kalisten thought Aselia wouldn’t be an attack type if he were Z-class. Instead, he would probably show defensive attributes, displaying illusions or something like prophetic powers.

That fits him well. I can’t imagine him attacking others with fire.

“What are you thinking about?”

When the deputy warden looked back at him and asked, Kalisten shook his head. She sneered at him and hurried her steps again.

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