ISY – 93

“Do you think that’s possible?”

Alexis reacted crookedly and fired back at the Kerno tribe chief.

“Why do you think it’s impossible?”

Alexis didn’t like the head of the Kerno tribe. Indeed, he earned his dislike by looking like Kalisten’s twin, but he hated him even more because he seemed to have a more congenial personality than Kalisten.

With such an affable air, he could easily become friends with Aselia. Moreover, Aselia seemed to already like Kalisten, so it would only be a matter of time before she became friends with this genial and amiable leader.

“You annoy me.”

“All of a sudden?”

“Yes. You. I hate you,”

Alexis declared and wiped his dry face with his hand and then posed a question:

“Will you grant my wish after you become emperor?”

“No, we will do it in advance and ask for your cooperation. How about that?”

Alexis felt relieved at his proposal. He had thought the deal would only be carried out after he was made emperor.

“What if I betray you?”

“You must be tired and trying to escape the lab. And isn’t your wife in danger too?”

“… .”

“Instead of hiding, please cooperate with us.”

Alexis initially thought the Kerno chieftain was a fool, but taken aback by his persuasion, he realized he wasn’t as stupid as he thought.

“If the lab does grant your proposition, you will be used by them until you fall.”

Alexis was more conflicted when Bellos chimed in.

It was as if his future wife, Aselia, would still be as radiant and beautiful as Bellos when she got older.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

‘Come to my lab without the child knowing. By 7 o’clock.’

During the meal, Aselia held the note in her hand, delivered through a B ranker.

Kalisten had fled and never came back. She didn’t know where he went but contemplated returning to her room. She would tell him she would return to her room if she ran into him. If she didn’t come across him, she could pass it on her farewells through Ivan.

Thinking so, she clutched the note that seemed to have been written directly by the deputy director. The strange smell of the deputy director’s perfume alone made her nervous. Moreover, her handwriting was so straight it seemed as if a machine had printed it.


Aselia signed and looked down on her attire as she walked. Along with the note she had been handed Z-898’s outfit along with the note and ordered to wear it.

She was on the move in Alexis’ clothes. She quickly moved from the vicinity as if she had become a rat, even though everyone was looking down.

Aselia had to move quickly to the deputy director’s lab.


“Ah! Yes!”

She turned to the voice calling her.

“Researcher Ivan!”

“Where are you going?”

“To the deputy director.”

“… I see.”

Ivan seemed concerned about Aselia because her blonde hair reminded him of an old friend who had died. Although he thought Aselia and his late friend did not look alike, their platinum hair and vulnerable aura were similar. It was an unusual hair color.

“Shall I call Z-898?”

“No! It’s okay!”

As Aselia waved her hand and refused, Ivan’s gaze softened. The two also seemed to resemble in this lax manner.

“By any chance… .”


“I want to go back to my room… .”

“Because Z-999 is uncomfortable?”


she said innocently and nodded.

“It’s not in my power… but if Z-999 says he’ll let you go, I think it will be possible.”

“That has already been resolved. He said he would let me go back if I wanted to after staying with him for a day.”

“I see. Then I will take care of it.”

“Thank you.”

After Ivan assured her, he added something he didn’t have to say.

“Today… I’ll make it so you can come back. I left the room as is.”

“Thank you, Researcher.”

He felt strangely like paying a debt to his dead friend. Maybe that’s why her words of thanks sounded so warm.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

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