ISY – 92

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“How did you catch XXX-666?”

Alexis asked as he followed the leader of the rebels. Alexis made sure he was constantly in a position where he could blow off the head of the Kerno tribe leader right away if he had any tricks up his sleeve.

“I didn’t catch them. But I thought it would be good if the two of you met.”

The Kerno chief looked at him as if he understood him. Alexis, who didn’t like that expression, didn’t hide his displeasure and scratched the back of his neck.

All he could think of was how much he wanted to finish this mission as soon as possible and go back. For some reason, he was getting increasingly annoyed by his work. He just wanted to return after his job, hug Aselia and stay like that from night to morning.

Then, Aselia would close her eyes and be quiet, pretending to be asleep for him although she was awake. Eventually, she would really fall asleep.

Then he would fall into slumber while watching her defenseless face.

With that maddening thought in mind, Alexis geniunely longed for a safe home.

“I know that XXX-666 was originally rated R-666.”

“You’re right.”

The R grade was a special grade that only had recovery abilities. Alexis suddenly remembered a remark the deputy director had said before.

‘At that time, R-666 made all the recovery drugs in this lab. But not now.’

When he saw the deputy director pursing her lips regretfully as she talked about the incident, he frowned with deep physiological disgust.

“I was always curious. How a healer was able to defeat all those offensive attack awakeners.”

“You are a curious man.”

Alexis used to be curious about fighting. Life after awakening was so dull.

However, now it was more important to return to Aselia than anything else. In the past, he would have wanted to find out no matter what, but now he thought that he would be fine if he did not know.

“Walk a little faster. Why are you so slow?”

Alexis said irritably.

“We are almost there.”

The place he arrived at was a hut in the very center of the garrison.


“I brought a guest. Bellos.”

Then immediately, the door opened.

“Is that number XXX-666?”

As the Kerno tribe chief motioned at the rebels gathered behind Alexis, they frowned and dispersed. They intended to shoot Alexis all at once when the Kerno chief gave the signal but were forced to retreat at a gesture that expressed his genuine command to disband.

Rebels opposed the imperial family. They were most wary of internal divisions, so their discipline was absolute. They followed the opinions of their ruler, the head of the Kerno tribe, without delay.

“That’s right. What about you?”

“I’m number Z-898.”

“Ah, you are in grade Z. Z-class… it’s the first time I’ve seen one. Somehow, it feels like the quality of your magic is very different.”

Alexis identified number XXX-666, called Bellos. She had light, almost white, platinum-blonde hair and purple eyes. She looked a little older, but it was hard to tell her age because her face was round when she smiled.

“You look very similar to someone I know.”

When he saw Bellos’ unusual beauty, he thought it was strange. The most gorgeous person in the world he knew was Aselia. Even when she was a man, she was stunning, and when she was a woman, she was so exquisitely beautiful that words were not enough to express her splendor.

Strangely, however, when this woman named Bellos smiled oddly, she resembled Aselia.

Alexis exhaled with a frown.


He was lucky enough to find XXX-666 but realized she was an opponent he could never kill. Why did they look so alike?

“What a relief.”

As Bellos smiled, Alexis’ frown deepened.

“Alright, let’s get to the point.”

Alexis murmured that if this continued any longer, he would be at his wit’s end, trying to pick and choose which rebels he could bear to destroy. He wanted to hear what deal they had in mind.

Besides, he didn’t trust the lab completely, so he thought it was better to have a fail-safe if something didn’t go according to plan.

Above all, when he saw a woman resembling Aselia before him, he felt even more desperate to find a safe place to stay and nest with her.

“I want to be freed from the lab. I want to hide where no one can find me. I have someone who will be my wife, and I want her to escape with me.”

As Alexis poured out his purpose, the Kerno tribe chief and Bellos’ jaws were agape in surprise.

“You said you could grant me anything I wished for. Can’t you do it?”

“No… it’s you. We had no idea you’d be so straightforward and tell us everything so easily.”

As Bellos smiled, Alexis blurted out a question before he could stop himself,

“How old are you? Thirty?”


“… … .”

Alexis was confused about whether this had been a rude question because of the social education he had learned only in theory.

“That’s it. My conditions. Just tell me if you can do it.”

Alexis stated his terms with determination but felt strange when he saw Bellos’ amused grin. It was the first time he felt sorry, so he didn’t recognize that the unpleasantness he was feeling was regret and sorry. The feeling of apology was not because of Bellos but Aselia. The back of his mind suspected he had casually asked a question that Aselia would not like.

As if he had become a very uncultured person.

He was sorry because it must be something Aselia hated.

“I can meet your conditions. But in order to do that, you have to help us.”

“What is your purpose?”

Then the head of the Kerno tribe answered,

“I am going to be emperor.”

With the same face as Kalisten.

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