ISY – 91


Aselia called out to him as if she were screaming. Kalisten looked like he couldn’t breathe.

“Heh, heh— !”

It was as if he was constantly taking short inhales to catch his breath but somehow not breathing at all. Aselia was addled and terrified at his erratic behavior while contorting in pain, almost as if he was drowning.

“Kal, I… ! I—I’ll call the researcher!”

“Don… n’t!”

Kalisten came to his senses enough to protest in the midst of his agony the moment the word ‘researcher’ went out of her mouth. He grabbed her wrist, although he tried not to touch her body.

He lost control of his strength due to the pain. He had struggled not to touch her because he feared he would leave bruises on Aselia while the spasms overshadowed his reason.

But as he held her wrist, a sweet scent came over him, along with a strange, ecstatic sensation that stabilized the mana in his body. Nonetheless, he was still short of breath.

“Huh… !”

“Kal… ! No! At this rate, you really… !”

Aselia was taken aback. Because his condition was bizarre.

Kalisten felt he was drowning and forced to breathe in water, his head hurting, his nose burning, and unable to expand his lungs.

He was in utter agony.

“No! If this doesn’t help… !”

Kalisten knew what this symptom was. Because that’s what he went through when he was first brought here.

He was fine then because the deputy director put a paper bag on him, but now he could not find a way to breathe in his carbon dioxide to stabilize his breathing.

“Ahh, ah— selia… .”

“Karl—let go. I can’t let you stay like this. I’m really worried about you. Please.”

Aselia started to cry. At that moment, he admired her pink lips. 

Maybe if you overlap those lips and share your breath….

Wouldn’t this agitated breathing find stability?


He grabbed her chin as she called him. He then kissed her as he leaned over and collapsed on top of her.


Aselia was very flustered but soon stayed still as he sucked and bit her lips. Still, in the back of her mind, she wondered why he was doing this to her. Now it was evident that she was completely male.

Maybe this is to calm your breathing.

She thought so, but on the other hand, there was also a hope that he might have come to want her regardless of whether she was a man or a woman.

“Kal— Li… Ungh… .”

Just as she was about to tell him to stop, he entangled with her flesh. Aselia was seized and touched by him, pressed down and stroked here and there, completely unable to avoid him. He grazed the roof of her mouth wildly, coveting her breath.

“Huh… ugh… .”

When his lips fell, Kalisten barely managed to regain his breath.

“You… .”

He couldn’t calm down yet, so he looked at Aselia, trying to hold back his throbbing heart and shaking eyes.

Aselia met his gaze and looked squarely back at Kalisten. His reflection was in her wet, tearful eyes as she gasped, trying to steady her breathing.


He looked at her with a face deeply stained with guilt.


“Kal, I… .”

As she hesitated to speak, Kalisten cut off her words in fear.

“It was a mistake. Forget it.”

After saying that, he felt ashamed of his loudly pounding heart and fled the room.

Left alone, Aselia’s tears welled up along with her sadness.

“You’re the one who kissed me.”

She was upset, feeling as if she had been rejected.

“Huh… I really… hate you.”

Abhorring even the bed he had messed up, Aselia got up and entered the closet. Where she sobbed and cried.

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