ISY – 90

At his words, the deputy director opened her eyes in surprise, crossed her arms, and stepped down.

As she waited for the drugs to take effect, she looked down at Kalisten. He felt the haze each time the drug was administered and a strange feeling as if his thoughts and senses were drifting away and blurring, yet becoming clearer.

It was as if the boundary between what could and should not be done was broken down.

“What are your feelings towards A-702?”

The deputy director suddenly asked before dragging him away again. Then Kalisten sighed and declared,


At his answer, the deputy director brushed her flowing gray hair over her forehead and smiled expectantly.

The guards and researchers took him to the following research site. As they took him away, they covered his eyes.

“This time, you just have to catch the animal in front of you.”

After saying that, the deputy director pushed him into a room. Then, after loosening the restraints on Kalisten, who was sitting on the floor, she finally removed his eyepatch.

What he saw when she took off the blindfold was—

“Kill it.”

Kalisten listened to the deputy director’s orders and looked at the massive bear before him.

He didn’t think it would be difficult even if he was high. The restraint from his neck was also gone so he could use his magic. Although he was not a fully awakened person, he could at least use enough of his abilities to catch a bear with his bare hands.

– Kwaaaang!

The bear screamed and rushed at him ferociously. He moderately evaded it.

His head was so dizzy it seemed like the bear in his sight was spinning around. He thought it was a simple task, but it was hard to think when intoxicated.


The bear attacked him ferociously, opening its mouth to bite him. Kalisten’s body staggered; he moved aside to avoid the bear’s claws. The floor also seemed to be shaking. He felt dizzy, and had motion sickness. Somehow the bear in front of him felt surreal like it wasn’t a living creature, which was strange.

So he fell when the bear charged at him.


Kalisten, buried under the bear, stared blankly at its teeth close to his face, then grabbed its jaws with his hand.

– Grrrr!

The bear, caught by him sealing his mouth closed, tried to get away from him as if it came to it senses, but Kalisten wouldn’t let it.

If I annihilate this bear, I can go back.

He hated being high. If he went to Aselia while inebriated, he kept seeing him as someone else. Because he looked like the woman named Selina.

He couldn’t even comprehend how apologetic he felt towards Aselia. But he was undeniably attracted to Selina because of her resemblance to Aselia.

If so, shouldn’t my feelings be directed towards Aselia, not Selina?

‘I like you, Kal.’

But he was reluctant since Aselia was a man like him. Even so, he wanted to be close to him, want to be with him and have him by his side.

So it was weird. He didn’t understand how that could be, and every time he saw Aselia, he felt like he was seeing him as a woman.

To him, Aselia was a woman. Obviously, the body was male, but the eyes, the behavior that attracted him—everything…

-Kreuk… !

At that moment, he pierced the bear’s neck with his fist.


The bear slumped over him with a great scream.

He sighed and closed his eyes tightly before opening them.

That was the moment–

“Ah… .”

The bear’s corpse transformed into Aselia’s.


So he came back to reality from that terrible dream.

“Huh… Ha… !”

It was hard to breathe. It was as if there was no oxygen at all, as if he was underwater, and his head was getting more and more blank.

Now he was back to reality.


“Cou, ugh… Ha… !”

The shock of seeing Aselia’s body made him unable to breathe.

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