ISY – 89

“What do you mean… .?”

Aselia found it strange that Kalisten was trembling with anxiety and hugging her tightly. But then again, he was still on drugs.

It was clear that he wasn’t in his right mind right now.

“Did you kill me?”

“No, I didn’t mean to kill you.”


Aselia patted him on the back until he calmed down. Then, Kalisten calmed down a bit and looked at her. He grabbed her hand and dragged her.

Then he went inside, leading her by the hand.

“I am not killing you. I’d rather … I would rather die.”

“Yes, I know. I believe in Kal.”

But Kalisten was not relieved by her words. So it was odd. He seemed impatient and still frenzied, unlike before when he had always calmed down with her words.

“Tell me what happened, Kal.”

“But then you will hate me.”

“No, I will never hate you,”

Aselia said solemnly as if she had sworn an oath, but Kalisten did not budge and instead hugged her again.

He couldn’t calm down, embracing Aselia for quite a long time until the effect of his medicine wore off.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Why is the deputy director looking for Aselia?”

Kalisten asked Ivan ferociously. Since Ivan was the manager of Building A, the deputy director gave him an order to deliver to Aselia.

So he had to come to Kalisten’s room to find her.

“I don’t know that either. But the deputy director said she needed A-702 for her plans.”

“No, go back.”


Kalisten closed the door just like that. Then he looked behind his back. When he turned around, the first thing that filled his vision was Aselia, who was in a deep sleep.

He couldn’t fall asleep even though the effect of the narcotics had worn off, perhaps because of his anxious mind. Rather, he hugged her and pretended to be asleep, but she fell asleep first.

He wanted to feel more secure. His heart was beating so fast, his chest was tight, and fear shot through him every time he thought of Aselia running away from him.


He called her and made his way to the bed where she was sleeping. Then he hugged her defenseless self and closed his eyes.

For such a long time…

Only when his chest calmed down a little did the sleeping pills begin to take effect.

His vision was getting more and more hazy as Aselia’s breath touched his cheek.

That’s how he dreamed of the past experiment he went to alone, leaving Aselia behind.

His dream began after he left Aselia and came to the designated laboratory alone.

The deputy director’s gray eyes looked at him contemptuously, and her similar gray hair reminded him of ashes.

She casually and heartlessly approached him with a needle.


He had made a deal to do her bidding in exchange for Aselia, so he had to do everything the deputy director told him to do. Thankfully it was easy to tolerate her because her insults didn’t offend him too much.

Instead, the pain he suffered from being separated from Aselia for a while was much greater. So he thought that this degree of humiliation was nothing compared to the pang he had suffered then.

After all this hurt, he will be able to see Aselia.

Then this is nothing.

With his hands tied behind his back, he had a restraint around his neck to block his mana. He kneeled. Then the deputy director’s high heel stepped on his thigh. Her boots tried to dig into him, trying to inflict pain.

But it didn’t hurt that much. Even if his mana was blocked, a body with enormous magic was no different from a body that had already trained and grown strong, so the hurt inflicted by her light foot on his muscular thighs was manageable.

“Are you going to wash up with that child again after this experiment?”

the deputy director asked mockingly, recalling the record of Kalisten using the shower with Aselia. He responded quietly,


“I see.”

At that point, the deputy director did not know that Aselia was a woman. That’s why she thought Kalisten was homosexual and considered it a peculiar coincidence. It was the same person Alexis had shown interest in.

Maybe the A-ranker could use trivial mana and give off a pheromone-type scent.

Either way, it wasn’t very useful, she thought. Aselia’s usefulness to the deputy director strictly in relation to the Z-rankers. It was just that.

“Show me your arm. Let go of your magic.”


He obediently rolled up his sleeve and held out his arm. Then the deputy warden held the syringe like a knife and stabbed the needle into his arm.

Kalisten’s head went blank as the hot fluid rushed through his bloodstream.

“Are you really going to share a room with A-702?”

“I’m not sure yet.”

“How ridiculous to ask permission from an A-class.”

The deputy director thought so. Class A was a grade that could be discarded at any time.

“Aselia… .”

Kalisten couldn’t hold back any longer as the drug’s effects intensified.

“Aselia’s opinion is the most important. To me.”

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