ISY – 88

When Alexis’ grip weakened, he got up and stared at him. He ordered the guns lowered and the pursuing rebels to stand down.

The rebels were confused and lowered their guns as if they had no choice but to follow their commander’s instructions. Alexis scratched his head and confessed,

“I don’t know either. The imperial family told me to catch you.”

“Then why are you so surprised to see me?”

“Because you look like someone I know.”

Alexis responded honestly to the other person’s honesty. When he spotted a woman with a gun among the rebels with platinum blonde hair, which was unusual, he thought he did not want to kill her. Her appearance was obviously different from Aselia’s, but her hair color was similar.

“Now, please follow me.”

“What happens if I follow you?”

“I don’t know either. But since I told to bring you alive, I won’t kill you.”

At Alexis’ words, the Kerno tribe chief sighed deeply with a distraught expression.

“Did you have an order to catch me in a hurry?”

That wasn’t it. The command Alexis received was to destroy the rebels within a month and capture their leader. The chief was a part of the royal family who inherited the imperial blood.

“It’s not urgent.”

“Then can’t you just give me a little grace period and then take me?”

“I don’t want to.”

He knew the sooner his work was done, the sooner he could find a nest with Aselia.

“Maybe I can be of some help to you.”

“You can’t give me what I want.”

Then the head of the tribe laughed. He judged that Alexis would be willing to talk to him the moment he made the remark.

“Aren’t you looking for number XXX-666?”

At that, Alexis’ eyes widened.

“You know about them?”


“Right. But that’s not my business,”

Alexis concluded and tried to use his mana again.

“I’ll hand over number XXX-666. And why don’t you tell me what you want?”

“Are you not listening?”

“I’m quite competent. Tell me.”

At his daring words, Alexis was about to attack him.

“Don’t you want to leave the lab?”

His hand froze right before it grabbed his neck.

“I’ll get you out. Without anyone knowing.”

Alexis contemplated for a moment. The deputy director was a cold-hearted person. She rewarded him when he fulfilled her expectations, but even if he were given a new identity and tried to make a new life, he’d be forever at her beck and call.

He had never hated carrying out his missions before. He could freely use his abilities, so what was there to dislike about it?

But not anymore. Never mind not wanting to die; he didn’t even want to get injured. It might have been his dream to die fighting in the past, but now he wanted to live. He wanted to be alive and have a child who looked like Aselia.

Then… what if

What if he died while on a dangerous mission from the deputy director?

Aselia was vulnerable with the many secrets she shared with him. Even if they were safeguarded, would the humans in the lab leave her alone?

Obviously, the moment he died, Aselia’s life would be in danger.

Somehow, this situation made him think about from dreaming of his future with Aselia to her safety.

“Show me XXX-666. I’ll tell you what I want after.”

Long before Alexis had awoken, he had heard about the rumoured XXX-666 who had escaped, so he was exceedingly curious.


Besides, it was strange that they were alive without a stabilizer. If one’s ability exceeded a certain level, one must drink a tranquilizer. Otherwise, the heart would burst, and a painful death awaited.

“Follow me.”

To see how XXX-666 is still alive.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

After Aselia received her necklace from the deputy warden, she had to return to Kalisten’s room.

‘Go and wait. Until I call you.’

Because she sent her back.

Aselia was standing in front of Z-999’s room. Then she took out the card she received from the deputy director and was about to put it against the sensor.

– Beep.

The door opened unexpectedly and surprised Aselia, making her jump back. Suddenly her face was slammed into Kalisten’s vast chest.

“Ah… .”


She froze, startled by Kalisten’s hug and shout. She was even more surprised that Kalisten seemed somehow frantic and precarious.

“Kal, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t go.”

At Aselia’s question, he hugged her tightly like someone still under the influence of drugs.

“I didn’t mean to kill you, Aselia.”


“I’m sorry.”

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