ISY – 87

“Ah… . This… .”

Aselia didn’t know what to say, so she stammered. She was staring at the necklace held in the vice director’s hand in vain.

Why on earth was the deputy director here at this hour?

At this time, she had always been overseeing the lab experiments.

“You must be wondering why I am here.”

Aselia lowered her gaze as the deputy warden spoke to her.

“Come here.”

“… yes.”

Aselia slowly released herself from Kalisten’s embrace, bowing her head as she stood before the deputy director.

The deputy director led the way out of Kalisten’s room. Aselia momentarily panicked and stumbled as the warden handed the necklace back to her as she walked out of the room, but she quickly grabbed it and recovered her balance.

“Put it on.”

“… yes.”

Aselia put on the necklace she received back at her command. Then, as she watched Aselia’s long hair become short, she laughed, intrigued.

“If it’s a body transformation, you must be Y-class or higher.”

“… .”

“But aren’t you Grade A?”

The deputy warden realized that Aselia’s clothes belonged to Class Z, and on top of that…. Alexis as well.

“Do you know Alexis Rainier?”

“… no.”

Aselia didn’t want him to get in trouble, so she said that.

“I don’t even know Kalisten. I think it’s because of the drugs.”

Aselia didn’t want Kalisten to wake up with a bigger shock. As it was, his trust in her would be entirely over on the day he discovered that she was a woman and had been inadvertently deceiving him.

“It’s all because of me. So please punish me alone.”

Aselia begged. The deputy warden watched her wordlessly with an unmoved and unfeeling countenance. Aselia had no idea if she was really angry or what she was thinking. She was shaking with her head down.

The deputy warden watched her as if she were watching an insignificant being, then lifted her chin and made their eyes meet. Recalling the incident of being slapped, Aselia quickly averted her gaze.

“Do you really want to shoulder everything by yourself?”


Aselia calmly and steadily replied. She would rather shoulder and take responsibility for everything. Without harming Kalisten and Alexis.

“Then you should listen carefully to me.”

It was only then that Aselia looked directly at the deputy director.

She scrutinized Aselia with her eyebrows raised in interest.

“From now on, you must fully cooperate with my orders. Even if Z-999 refuses, I expect you to step up and say you’ll do it first.”

“… yes.”

“Then I’ll keep your secret.”

Inspecting her demeanor, the deputy director concluded that Z-999 knew nothing. On the other hand, Alexis was suspicious.

If Z-999 had known, they would have said everything when they tried to make a deal.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“You’d better not take me with you.”

“You’d better not resist.”

Alexis was dragging the Kerno tribe chief by the back of his neck. Hence the Kerno tribe leader was moving with his legs dangling and heels dragging on the floor.

“My name is Kalisten.”


“What is your name?”

Alexis knew Z-999’s name was Kalisten. Because Aselia often called him by his name.

But a person with the same face having the same name?

In addition, the amount of magic power he sensed from him was also similar. However, he was somewhat weak to be called an Awakener. Like someone who had magical powers but didn’t know how to use them.

“Did you say you were from the royal family?”

“… You read my information in advance.”


Alexis was about to drag him away, but he sighed when a guard appeared in his way.

“Do you want me to kill everyone or tell them to get out of my way? The result is me taking you away, regardless. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“I would like you to explain why you are taking me. Then I will obediently follow you.”

“Do you really think I’d believe that?”

The leader of the Kerno tribe sighed and ordered:

“Everybody back off.”

“But Commander! It’s not possible!”

“Oh, are you called Commander?”

Alexis felt a little pity for the rebels who called the Kerno chief their commander. Troops with missing heads were helpless until a replacement was found.

“I will follow you, so please tell me why.”

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