ISY – 83

“What do you mean by that?”

Just hearing the head of Kernos’ question that even sounded like Kalisten put Alexis in a foul mood. He didn’t like Kalisten because of Aselia.

He reasoned when Aselia followed him, she would cut off all ties with him, so he let the two of them be friends. Because he didn’t want to be hated by Aselia.

Besides, she was obedient and followed him well, so he had no complaints.

If there was only one complaint, it was Kalisten. He doesn’t know that Aselia is a woman. Judging from his eyes and behavior toward Aselia, whom he met last time in the form of a woman, he didn’t know how his attitude would change the moment he realized that his friend was a woman.

That’s why he had no choice but to dislike the displeasing man, whose voice and appearance were identical to Kalisten’s.

It was as if the threatening entity he was wary of had suddenly become double.

“This won’t work.”

“Ugh… !!”

Alexis declared, twisting the neck of the Kerno chieftain, that looked too much like Kalisten.

“I must say I killed him by mistake.”

He said to himself and tried to put strength in his hand. If he tightened his hand, he’d break his neck.

Alexis stared at the face of the man in his hand. His jet-black hair looked like a black river swaying in the darkness whenever the wind blew. His those threatening glowing red eyes were like fireworks shining menacingly at night.

Aselia’s worried expression came to mind whenever he looked at him; he really wanted to kill this man right now.

“You, you… ugh… Aren’t you looking for me?”

He said that while holding his neck. Alexis strangely felt his head heat up: Just kill it like this and say it was a mistake.

But he had never made any mistakes in his missions so far. He just handled it and perfectly met the goals the deputy director gave. It was due to the deputy director’s ability to understand and wield him well, and Alexis’ ability to understand her intentions and put them into practice perfectly were in harmony.

Strangely he was anxious about failing this mission.

Moreover, his new identity was still being assembled, and this mission concerned the imperial family. If he failed now, it could hinder arranging a place to stay and when settling down in a home with Aselia.


The most beautiful woman in the world with platinum blonde hair and purple eyes.

–‘I’m Alec’s.’

A pretty voice that only said beautiful words.


“Haa [sfx: Gasp]… .!”

Alexis was vexed at the waning strength in his hands.

And instead tried to distract himself: Just think of the child who will look half like Aselia and half like me.

“Huh, huh… .”

He ultimately released his grip. Then, feet struggling in the air were dropped off as if thrown to the ground.

“Why did you come here?”

“They want me to catch you.”

“What—why… .”

“I don’t know either. The emperor ordered it.”

After saying that, Alexis sighed and swept back the hair sticking out in front of his eyes.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Where are you going?”

“To get food.”

Aselia decided to live with Kalisten for just one day, so she prepared to go out when the bell announcing the meal rang. While blankly staring at her Kalisten said with a small smile,

“You don’t have to go.”


“I’ve decided to receive the full Z-class treatment now.”

“But isn’t that only for awakened Z-rankers?”

Kalisten nodded and then explained,

“I’ve reached the 2nd level of awakening so it’s approved.”

“By the deputy director?”


Taking notice of Kalisten’s exceptionally low voice, Aselia studied him and sat back down with an awkward smile.

This room was just as spacious as Alexis’s but still bare and empty. There was a bed, a closet, a few pieces of furniture, and a wash basin. But there was no shower room or kitchen.

It just looked like one large room.

“Then where should we be?”


He sat down next to a table with a sofa and patted the seat next to him on the couch, telling her to sit down.

Aselia watched him like that, then looked at the surroundings warily and went over and sat down. Seeing Aselia sitting across from him instead of next to him, Kalisten strangely frowned, but the moment his eyes met hers, his displeased expression disappeared.



“The food is then—”

– Beep.

Before Aselia finished speaking, the door to the room opened.

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