ISY – 81

“A-actually, I met a woman earlier… .”

Aselia hastily made an excuse. For a moment, she forgot that Alexis’ gift was in her pocket.

“She gave it to you.”

“Was her name Selina?”

“Ah, yes.”

Aselia found it strange that he remembered the name. A peculiar sense of deja vu overcame her whenever she heard that name. It seemed to evoke inexplicable feelings of nostalgia and embitterment.

“I see.”

Kalisten was doubtful, but he firmly believed Aselia was not one to steal. Nonetheless, her furrowed brow and sheepish expression while peeking up at him when he mentioned Selina, as if feeling guilty for lying, made him suspicious. 

But he intended to go along and play the fool no matter what lie she told. So he decided not to think too deeply.



Kalisten returned the necklace he was holding.

“I think it will look better on you.”


Baffled, Aselia was taken aback and stiffened as she accepted the necklace he gave her. For some reason, the despair she felt earlier seemed to be erased.

“Shall I put it on you?”

“… no.”

Aselia sensed his sincerity, so she couldn’t say anything more.

That’s how she ended up sharing a room with him.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

“Where is the Kernos chief?”

“Who are you!?”

This was a rebel garrison on the border. Alexis had found a hidden rebel base and was there to investigate.

However, he decided to face them directly because he thought it would take a long time to go back with his observations and come back to assassinate the leader. As long as the mission was successful, who would dare say anything to him?

That was the reason why the deputy director urgently called Alexis whenever a mission changed. Then, of course, Alexis went head-to-head and made a mess of all the plans, but he also completed every order to the t every time.

When it came to slaying and destroying his enemies, no one came even close to being able to follow in his footsteps. What he couldn’t do was political maneuvering.

Alexis watched the sunrise and said without giving his gaze to the guard.

“The leader of Kernos. You don’t know where he is?”

“How did you find out about this place?”

The two armed guards, loading and aiming their long guns, seemed wary but unafraid of the intruder prowling the entrance.

– Click.

Two sentries pointed their guns at him. But instead, Alexis was still watching the sunrise without even sparing them a glance.

The sun shimmering in his eyes was gorgeous. The golden-rimmed rolling clouds and the temperature warming him up were all stunning.

“It resembles Aselia.”

He was thinking of her as he watched the sun rise. It had a similar color to her hair but was a bit darker.

And yet it resembles her warmth.

“Be gone!”

“If you don’t back down immediately, I’ll open fire.”

Alexis finally looked at the parols when he watched the sun rise completely. They were startled when they met his eyes.

His bright blue eyes soon flashed red.

“A t-talented person!”

“Internal base, contact… .!”

– Boom!

The two guards were easily killed. Alexis looked at the two corpses who died quickly in one blow. The collision of his fist cut off their breath.

“You weren’t going to tell me anyway, were you?”

As he said that, he plunged his fist into the great iron door they were blocking.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwang!

The iron door started to fold and bend as Alexis struck it in succession. Shortly after, he battered the barrier, and it collapsed with a large ‘bang!’

“Who are you!”

“Don’t move!”

“Hands up!”

When he broke down the door, 20 soldiers came to greet him.

“Where is the head of Kerno?”

“Back off!”

“Ah, it looks like you don’t want to talk either.”

Alexis cleared his throat, somewhat annoyed.

“Report to the superiors immediately..—Argghhh!”

With the sound of ‘Slam!’, the one who seemed to be the highest-ranking soldier was slain by his fist. Alexis wiped the blood from his knuckles, unfazed, as if he had extinguished a bug.

“The guns are useless. Who wants to talk now?”

Before he finished his sentence—

– Shoot ding! Cang! bang! boom bang! Clap! bang!

The soldiers fired their guns at him in unison. Soon, with a tremendous crack, the surroundings fell silent, and a vast cloud of dust exploded into the air, blurring all sight. 

The soldiers lowered their guns at the stillness.

“The target appears dead.”

“Who said that?”


The guard who said that was pummeled by Alexis and died instantly.

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