ISY – 80

“Ah… .”

Aselia was worried about his runaway period, with only five days left. She was afraid that if she lived this week together, she would be unable to avoid the original work.

“If I refuse… .”

“Then you can do that.”

Aselia hesitated a little at his disappointed answer.

Everything was already very different from the original. Unlike herself, the original Aselia didn’t talk to him, and he ignored her in return.

But what about now?

Although he saw her as an object to project his lust on, he didn’t treat her as insignificant as in the original. Besides, she was killed in the original story because she didn’t smile.

Didn’t she smile to the point that even he was tired of it?

“Let’s spend a day together and think about it.”

“… Huh,”

She proposed instead of rejecting him right away. It wouldn’t be bad to spend a day together. More than anything else, she’d slept in his room many times before, so it would be strange that she refused if he came to her with such a request.

After all, she was in Class A, and he was in Class Z.

When he said something, she couldn’t refuse. Even so, asking for her opinion was as if he really respected her will.

Kalisten was the only one that at least kept the facade of respecting her in this lab. He asked her opinion, and he didn’t press it if she didn’t like it.

But in the end, he only saw her as an object of desire.

Was there really no heart for her in his attitude?

If she thought that way, she’d be the only one who was depressed and forlorn.

“Then let’s go.”

“Oh? Right now?”


Aselia clasped his outstretched hand.

His big, hot hand wrapped around her tiny one. Aselia was surprised he held her hand so naturally, but she didn’t hate it. Maybe that’s why she felt like an idiot for overthinking it.

Maybe he was nice to her because of how she looked like Selina.

Still, he never said he didn’t like her.


“Why don’t you call me by my nickname?”

“I know… .”

She wanted to ask him something before she left her room.

“What if I didn’t see you as just a friend?”

At Aselia’s question, Kalisten looked at her blankly.

His heart started to race. So he realized, his heart had also raced at the sight of the woman who had fuelled his desire. It is clear that his heart pounded at the sight of the woman called Selina because he was reminded of Aselia.

“I am… you… .”

However, he was a test subject who hadn’t even awakened yet and didn’t know when he’d run out of control. Besides, wasn’t she a person who was constantly being used for his awakening?

However, there was an appointment with the deputy director.

‘You want to take him to your new room?’

‘Yes. And don’t use him for my experiments.’

‘Do you think I’d agreed to that?’

‘Yes. I’ll do anything. Whatever you want, other than using Aselia.’

That was why he wanted to keep Aselia in his room. Because he didn’t know what would happen if he didn’t keep an eye on him.

Even so, he thought that if Aselia didn’t want to, he had no right to imprison him.

He intended to tell Aselia the truth about all this. He couldn’t do it earlier because of the researcher, and he forgot now because his heart was beating so fast.

“I do not know.”

But until I completed my awakening, I was a ticking time bomb.

That’s why I couldn’t tell you everything until the awakening was over.

“I see, I understand, Kal.”

However, she seemed a little tearful at the rejection.

“Let’s go.”

“You… .”

“Can’t you pretend you don’t see?”

Aselia’s eyes were hot. But he averted his eyes as she asked. He couldn’t do anything now.

Because he couldn’t promise anything.

Many test subjects died during awakening. Especially if you were of a higher grade.

Researchers wouldn’t kill him, but the experiments were so difficult that no matter how high Z-ranked he was, there was no guarantee he’d make it out alive.

If he, like an idiot, told her the truth.

Then, what about Aselia, who might be left behind?

He thought he was very cowardly, but it was the only way to protect Aselia from his unawakened self.

Bow down to the deputy director and pray for Aselia’s safety.


“… huh.”

His new room in Building Z was surprisingly spacious. She looked inside and admired when the door opened with a ‘beep’ sound.

“Wow… .”

Seeing her feeling better, Kalisten was slightly relieved.

However, as she walked, the joint of Selina’s red necklace was visible in her pocket. He grabbed it.

“What’s this?”

When Aselia turned around, the first thing she saw was the gorgeous red necklace dangling from his hand. From Alexis Rainier.

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