ISY – 8

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“Now you can eat.”

His gaze had softened considerably from the glare he donnedbefore, so he was worth looking at. So I looked into his eyes and smiled.


“Ah, yes.”

It must have been uncomfortable that I was too close. So I went back half a step. I knelt down and held the tray. Then, I stirred the corn soup and scooped it out and fed him.

He signed loudly and ate it reluctantly as if he couldn’t help it.

“Ugh… ”

“Is it hot?”

“… Uh.”

So I blew on the next spoonful. He looked at me as if he was baffled at my actions but still ate it calmly this time. When Z-Class subjects got in trouble their hands were tied behind their backs, so there wasn’t much he could do.


“My name is Aselia.”



“Do you always get in trouble if I leave food behind?”

“Yes, you do not need to worry about it. It happened a lot in the previous rooms too… .”

“Do you go to other rooms?”

I nodded, and he looked strange. An expression of great displeasure.

“I did not know.”


“I didn’t know.”

His apologetic voice was so good, so I automatically asked, distracted by it. Come to think of it, I think he ate everything he was given in the novel.

However, if I only serve meals without making eye contact with him because I am afraid as in the original story, I will be brutally murdered.

“So, are you going to eat well from now on?”

He didn’t answer and met my eyes. I reflexively laughed and he frowned openly. I couldn’t give in. 14 days left. I have to grin.

As if to confirm, I served him the soup, and he ate it, like a despondent cat.

Upon consuming all of the soup, I spread apple jam on top of the crumbly baguette. After applying it carefully, I handed it over to him, and he looked extremely disgusted.

“Do you hate apple jam?”

“… .”

Because his eyebrows had furrowed, I was about to gently pulled back the food. Then he noticed my cheek, took a deep breath and ate it.

The bread was so leathery and tough, it was difficult to tear it apart. And in the mouth it sounded like chewing rubber. Of course, he looked offended by the food.

I placed bacon on top of the last remaining piece of baguette. He seemed to hate the smell of oil the most. With a desperate expression on his face that he couldn’t possibly do it, he looked at me as if appealing.

So I smiled, acquising and said it was alright. But he spotted my cheek again.

My face was still sore, but the swelling should have gone down by now.

Reluctantly, he bit into it.

“Ugh… .”

“It tastes awful?”

Without answering, he forced himself to chew it. Bread that was so stiff that it hurt the jaw and meat that is closer to condensed oil.

Kalisten managed to endure his rising desire to vomit. Chewing it all up and swallowing it down.

“Thank you, Z-999.”

Now the only thing left to do was for him to take the pills. This was the most difficult part.

I don’t know how there are pills similar to those in my previous modern world, but what they gave me seemed to be a mixture of vitamins, sleeping pills, and the unique stabilizer that can only be found in this world.

Kalisten was now at the beginning of his first awakening. So maybe they’re stabilizing him in advance.

Awakening was possible up to the 3rd level, with a number of stages within. I heard that the 1st awakening consisted of 5 stages.

“Excuse me, Z-999.”

“… .”

“I think it would be best to eat only this one of these. This is a sleep aid, this is a sedative… . If you eat this because you haven’t woken up yet, you’ll feel dizzy and tired. And never eat this,”

I explained, as I showed him to what appeared to be pentothal sodium. [t1v: anesthetic agent]

“This is a confession.”

He was looking at me blankly.



“You smell strange.”

“What are you talking about?”

Hypnotized, he looked at me like a possessed drunken man, and then leaned his head on my shoulder.

“Oh… .”

Even though Kalisten’s arms were tied behind him, I couldn’t move because of the way he gazed at me. It was like a herbivore being stalked by a predator.

“What scent is this?”

Suddenly, the wound on my hand was tingling just like when I was with Felix.

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