ISY – 79

“Ah, well… .”

Aselia felt strange because she had just seen Kalisten earlier. It wasn’t the first time they’d seen each other naked. But why did it feel so unfamiliar and embarrassing? And even the disappointing answer.

Maybe that’s why she felt a little embarrassed, but soon her feelings faded, and she could smile at him.

“I’m helping train Z-898.”

Then Kalisten stared at her suspiciously and pursed his lips. Aselia smiled unconsciously and reflexively as he burrowed into her eyes. Then, as if he didn’t like it, Kalisten frowned. Every time he saw her smiling face, his heart leaped painfully as if he had arrhythmia.

“What kind of training do you two do that requires you to change clothes for?”


“What kind of training is it?”

The manager of Building Z stood behind Kalisten. First, Aselia looked at the manager of Building Z. Then Kalisten looked in the direction she was looking at and warned with his eyes. Then, the manager of Building Z took a few steps back.

Z-999 was a precious test subject that the deputy director kept an eye on. However, it was better to keep a distance and watch. It was self-evident that Z-rankers would receive higher treatment than lower-ranking researchers once they awakened.

In addition, Kalisten was a test subject who succeeded in stage 2 of the five stages of the 1st awakening.

That’s why the researcher who managed the building had no choice but to shrink from him. In fact, besides that, Z-999 was famous for being so ferocious it was impossible to force him into an experiment.

“Z-898 is a body strengthening ability… . My clothes were torn.”

“You were hurt and burned because of me, and you went straight to help him with training?”

“Ah, yes. Because I said I’d do it… .”

At Aselia’s words, Kalisten looked at her with wide eyes of surprise.


“Do I have to tell you that?”

It implied he didn’t deserve an answer, so Kalisten lowered his gaze with disappointment and conceded, 


“Then can I go in?”

At Aselia’s question, he shut his mouth. His head was down as if he was hesitating and agonizing over something when he lifted his gaze as if he had made up his mind and asked,

“Have you happened to see a girl?”

“Uh? What?? What???”

Aselia panicked and froze at the door to her room. She had tried to swipe her card to open the door but couldn’t.

“… .”

He knew from her reaction that Aselia had also seen the woman, Selina. Instead, Aselia began to worry that he might have noticed her true identity by her response.

“Why do you ask that?”


“What… ?”

“I want to go into your room.”

Aselia pondered for a moment. Then, the moment she made eye contact with the manager of Building Z, who was so far away that she couldn’t hear her, she agreed.



The door to Aselia’s room opened, and Kalisten entered her room for the first time in his life.

When Kalisten entered Aselia’s room, he felt strange. His room was small, but Aselia’s was even smaller. Like a chicken coop.

Still, it was very well organized. When he was high he often broke everything in sight, but the things in Aselia’s room were all neat even though they were old.

Maybe that’s why he thought Aselia’s personality was revealed and it was cute.

“I’m changing rooms soon. To one Z-rankers use.”

“Really… ?”

“Huh, the room I was using was a punishment room.”

It was because he was so rebellious to the experiments at first. In the punishment room, there were ample restraints to subdue test subjects. It was located in the front of each building, and the room behind it was a decent room to protect privacy.

Those with no hope of awakening or showing signs of collapse among the Z-class entered the punishment room.

In the case of Kalisten, he entered because of his defiance.

“I see, congratulations.”


He went straight to the point and declared,

“I wish you’d share the room with me.”

Aselia raised her head in surprise at Kalisten’s words. He held her gaze with a calm gaze, not avoiding her.

The purple eyes, which felt new every time he saw them, filled his vision like violets. It was like a watery iris.

“But the rooms are for one person alone… .”

“The deputy director allowed it. I need your permission.”

“… for how long?”

Kalisten was a little disappointed that the first reply was for the length of time. He had made the proposal thinking they would live together indefinitely. Especially now that he knew Aselia lived in such a small room.

Maybe Aselia was very uncomfortable.

But didn’t you say you liked me?

“One week.”

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