ISY – 78

“No, I-I will dress myself.”


“It’s embarrassing.”

“You were shy last time. Are you not ready yet?”

“… I am not.”

Aselia’s heart pounded; he smiled happily and stroked her hair.

“Okay then. I’ll wait.”

Having stated that, he turned around.

“You can change now.”


She quickly put on her necklace, transformed, and removed her clothes. Since she returned to her male body, she no longer felt ashamed or self-conscious and calmly put on the lab uniform he gave her.

“This is not mine.”

“Yeah, it’s mine. Is it too big?”

“Yeah… .”

Aselia affirmed it was as big as the clothes she wore after taking a shower the other day, so the pants and top had a lot of extra fabric.

“You’re so small even when you become a man.”

“Rather Alec is too big.”

“Z-999 is big, too.”

“I think he’s also too big.”

Aselia strangely thought that Kalisten was even a little taller than him. Although Alexis had the body-enhancing ability, she thought it was strange that Kalisten was still bigger. She finished getting dressed. The number Z-898 on her chest felt awkward.

“What about my clothes?”

“I threw them away. They were burnt and torn.”


She nodded, convinced by his words.

“Let’s go.”


Grabbing Aselia’s hand after she had changed her clothes, he slowly headed towards building A with her.

Shortly after coming out of Building Z—



“There’s an order for you to return immediately.”

Guards, who seemed to have come under the command of the deputy director, blocked his path.

He said, clenching Aselia’s hand.

“I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

“You must go now.”

Aselia looked at the dim expressions on the guards’ faces and said to Alexis,

“I can go back on my own, Z-898.”

“… okay.”

He conceded as he slowly let go of her hand.

“Help me with my training next time.”


He glossed over the tension with a frivolous word and headed for the gate with the guards.

Aselia, who was now left alone, headed to Building A.

It was quite a distance from Building Z to Building A. It felt even longer since her clothes were heavy and cumbersome not only because they were too big but because she was carrying the necklace Alexis had given her. She mused that she could open a jewelry shop with all the jewels he gave her. She was in utter disbelief that he gave such expensive things so casually.

Even if he didn’t need much money, all these items cost a lot.

Even though it was burdensome, she supposed he cared for her. But no matter how much he cared for her, a toy was a toy.

That’s why she felt peculiar. It’s not that she felt bad, nor did she feel good either. On the contrary, it was an indefinable feeling.

So she strolled while scrutinizing her surroundings. But, perhaps because of the Z-898 mark on her chest, the researchers often ran away when they saw her.

Aselia went through this the last time. She was initially afraid of getting caught, but now she started to find it amusing.

So, Aselia headed towards Building A with light steps.

The deputy manager of building A looked at Aselia and let her in. Aselia wondered if she should explain, but she didn’t because the researcher hadn’t talked to her first. Clearly, if she went and spoke to her first, she would be struck.

Seeing that Ivan wasn’t there but there were his subordinates instead, it seemed like they were preparing another experiment. Many subjects in the lab were being studied for their awakenings.

So she ambled unhurriedly towards her room. She felt a little elated about being able to walk freely for the first time in a while. She was shuffling in Alexis’ shoes, which were too big for her. The loose shoes slapped against the floor like heavy slippers.

With that feeling of excitement, Aselia returned to her room.

Someone was standing in front of her room.

Red eyes. Black hair.

The person looking back at her was Kalisten.

“You… Why are you wearing that?”

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