ISY – 77

“I already have an owner. So don’t duel.”

Aselia’s words made Alexis’ heart melt. Maybe that’s why he wanted to give her whatever she wanted and replied,

“Okay, I won’t.”

“Why? Scared?”

“No, Selina told me not to,”

Alexis stated and looked at Kalisten.

“Now go, Z-999.”

“What if I don’t go?”

“I wish you’d go, Z-999,”

Aselia pleaded; Kalisten’s eyes drooped. He was dismayed that as soon as he offered help, she had asked him to leave so quickly. He held her gaze, trying to confirm if she really wanted him to go.

“Do you really want me to go?”


“Do you want to live like this?”


Alexis couldn’t help but smile in delight at her prompt replies. Only one side of her hair was wavy, while the other side was still straight. He was delighted that she seemed to be affected by him, just as his hands reshaped her hair. [t1v: hair/mind can be the same word in Korean]

“Why are you trying to save me?”

At Aselia’s question, Kalisten was speechless. He knew why I wanted to save her from the fate of being Alexis’ toy but struggled to say it.

It was because this woman, Selina, looked surprisingly similar to Aselia, a close friend who appeared in his dreams and troubled him.

Pretending not to know her plight and not do anything about it made him feel strange and guilty as if he were pretending not to know Aselia.

“Because of who you resemble.”

“Who is that?”

“My… .”

Aselia perked up at his words, expectations lighting up her heart. Did he offer to help her because he valued her even in her male form?

“An eyesore.”

But Kalisten opted on the side of caution, on alert that Aselia would be in danger if he revealed his weakness in front of Alexis Rainier.

She didn’t notice that and instead looked down in resignation and disappointment.

“Would you please go?”

“… .”

“This is Alec’s room, I’m the only one he’s invited here. So go.”

Alec watched the situation with a smile, amused that she was forcing Kalisten out instead of him.

“Do you really want me to go?”

“Uh-huh, go,”

she retorted in a sullen tone. He too, felt let down; his shoulders dropped, and his gaze looked into her eyes, searching for her sincerity.

She really was

She was the most beautiful human he had ever seen.

Like Aselia.

Maybe that’s why he had no choice but to leave, even though he was upset that she rejected him.

“Goodbye, Z-999.”

Aselia waved her hand at him and let him go. She stared blankly at the closed door after he left.

Then, she realized that Alexis, next to her, was touching her hair, so she stood still.

It took less than 10 minutes for her hair to turn completely curly.

“You’re pretty.”

That was the first thing Alexis said after finishing her hair. He thought she was gorgeous. Her hair, twisted by his hands, went really well with her dress.

“Since my hair is done, can I go back now?”

“No, I can be here for another three hours.”

Aselia thought it was a relief that he had a deadline. But it seemed like all he wanted was an obedient toy.

“Sorry… oh.”

“Me too.”

When she paused and gulped, she was interrupted as he hugged her happily. She could tell he was trying to stop her words to save her the embarrassment.

“Let’s get some sleep? You are tired.”

“Yes? Ah… I am… .”

“I won’t do anything.”

He recalled the deputy warden’s advice to make her submit to him at night but chose not to. Even if that wasn’t the case, it seemed unlikely he’d be willing to let her go by the time he had to leave this place.

Above all, no matter how close she was to Kalisten, she chose himself over him.

Thus he was not impatient because of his satiety. However, Aselia’s body was captivating, eliciting his desire. She was curvaceous and beautiful. Although he was spellbound and transfixed by her, he could stand it.

Because he was a test subject who had been trained to endure for a long time.

Because he knew the euphoria of eating his first meal after starving for a week, his heart raced with the thrill he knew she would be his someday.

“Come here.”


So she lay down on Alexis’s bed, on his arm.



“Come closer.”

“… yes.”

She was, in fact, at her limit, utterly exhausted, and when she laid down on the bed, she felt a little weary. But for some reason, when she was with him, she couldn’t sleep because she was too nervous and afraid, like the torment of being unable to sleep when one is too tired.

So she had to close her eyes and pretend to be asleep for almost three hours.

By the time he was about to leave, she feigned that the gentle touch on her cheek awakened her.

He looked at her, pretending to be deceived, and said,

“I’ll take you home now.”


When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see Alexis’ face so close. Her heart leaped and skipped a beat and pounded. It seemed like she could die of a heart attack if she were startled a few more times like this, but she calmly looked down.

“I will change your clothes for you.”

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