ISY – 76

“Do all awakened Z-classes treat people as toys like you do?”

“Why? Do you want to awaken? Because you’re jealous that I have Selina?”

At his words, Kalisten glared at him with more fury.

“Are toys meant to be slaves?”

“… Could it? But Selina is not a slave. She is a little more valuable.”

As Alexis announced that he ran his fingers through her neck and straightened her hair. Then he used mana to squeeze her hair, curling her straight hair into ringlets.

He seemed to find her wavy hair lovely, so he decided to do all her hair that way.

“Shall I tie your hair in two pigtails?”

“I don’t think it would suit this outfit.”

“Ah, I suppose so. Then I’ll just do your hair like this. I think having it untied would be pretty too.”

Kalisten studied her demeanor and expression and sensed her feelings. The woman in front of him was afraid of Alexis. Her fear showed little affection for him.

Maybe that’s why he felt worse.

“When I awaken, give me Selina.”

“What makes you think I’ll give her to you?”

“When I awaken, you will duel with me.”

“I don’t want to. Why should I duel over what’s already mine?”

Aselia grew more and more anxious as their words became more and more ferocious and pointed again. If they fought right now, Kalisten would lose. It was the obvious result if he was going to fight against a Z-ranker that had already awakened.

Besides, his awakening was already a crisis waiting to happen in the next five days. If he woke up, then, the laboratory would be destroyed, and all the test subjects would die.

Aselia went crazy with fear at the thought; she was able to speak out in spite of her terror.

“Why do you want that? I already have an owner.”

Kalisten frowned at her stern words, taken aback and embarrassed.

“Do you like living as a slave?”

Alexis wasn’t the only one waiting for her answer.

“If you became mine, I promise to release you. To live freely.”

Kalisten was sincere. Alexis was very offended, but he waited silently for her answer.

“I … .”

That was Aselia’s dream too. She truly wanted to end this dreadful, sickening experiment- prison- lab life. But even hoping to survive seemed too much of an excessive dream. Kalisten sitting in front of her was like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time, and he only saw her as an object of lust.

She raised her eyes to inspect him, wanting to know how he looked at her.

Then she was speechless. Because his eyes, holding hers, looked like he really meant it.

As if he would really set her free and grant her her freedom.

But she knew the truth. What this situation required was not the answer she wanted, but the answer Alexis wanted.

If she gave Kalisten the answer he wanted, it would be difficult for him even to awaken.

That’s why she sealed her thoughts and feelings in a quiet corner of her heart and declared:

“I will follow Alec.”

At those words, Kalisten’s eyes looked wounded as he scrutinized Aselia with a hurt expression.

Then Alexis said,

“Let’s compete now. If you win, I might give it to you.”

Kalisten glowered at Alexis and replied,

“Let’s have it, a duel.”

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