ISY – 75


Alexis shot a ferocious look at Kalisten and Kalisten was glaring back at him with his eyes blazing, somehow singeing even more.

Aselia felt like a helpless civilian in the middle of a confrontation between two titans. So she spoke up, holding Alexis’ hand tightly:

“Didn’t you say you were going to put the necklace on me?”

“Ah, yes.”

He was momentarily angry, but when he saw Aselia, he smiled as if he had forgotten about it.

“Turn around.”


Aselia turned her body around; she saw him approaching from his shadow. Soon after, he sat down behind her to put the necklace on, not from the front, but from the back. The slight rocking of the bed made Aselia nervous. He tucked all her hair down the side of her neck and in front of her.

Alexis’s hand touched the back of her neck, and she shrank from the itchy feeling of his gently caressing fingers. Then, mindful of his tickling breath, she shrugged her shoulders and waited for him to put the necklace on her.

“It’s cold.”

She was taken aback by the cold feel of it on her neck. Soon after, she felt it lightly resting on her neck as he put the necklace on her, so she lowered her shrunken shoulders and touched it.

“The one you gave me last time was expensive too… .”

“This one is more expensive,”

Alexis said, scanning her expression. He watched her reflection in the mirror in front of Aselia and smiled,

“This thing had a name… . but I can’t remember.”

She clenched her fist, not knowing how to react to the fact that he had bought something so costly because of herself.

“They say you can buy a castle with this one.”

“Why so expensive… .”

“I get paid for missions and I don’t need much so I don’t have a reason to spend the money I have.”

After his careless remark, Aselia turned around. Alexis smiled at her, amused. She met eyes with Kalisten, who stood still holding onto the broken closet door over Alexis’s shoulder. His expression was unusual, so she immediately lowered her eyes and said.

“Are we only going to be in the room today?”

It was hard for her to witness the rage in Kalisten’s tenacious gaze.

“Shall we go outside?”

“If you’re going out, let’s go out together.”

Kalisten interjected. Instead of staying in the closet, he walked over and sat down in front of Aselia.

“Aren’t you in pain? If you feel better, then get out.”

“It hurts, but I’m bored.”

After saying that, he settled down in front of Aselia. Alexis felt oddly upset and strangely offended. He couldn’t figure out what was troubling him, but he felt terribly bitter.

It was because, in the mirror, Aselia’s gaze holding Kalisten’s figure was strangely sad.

But Aselia didn’t tell Kalisten her true identity, so even if they were close, Alec was convinced he couldn’t be compared to him.

Could it be that Aselia’s eyes were like that because she didn’t want him to find out?

Alexis thought so and said:

“If you’re bored, go over there and take a look. Or else I’ll kick you out.”

Kalisten contemplated whether to leave or not. But if he went out like this, he would leave someone who looked remarkably like Aselia, to the extent that one would even believe it was Aselia with long hair.

Although he thought she wasn’t Aselia, his sixth sense warned him not to leave her alone with Alexis. Like a predator sensing the danger of prey being taken away.

“Why? Are you anxious?”

At Kalisten’s nonverbal provocation, Alexis glared at him ferociously. Aselia looked behind her in bewilderment, examining Alexis’ complexion. If nothing else, he felt superior, thinking he was closer to Aselia than Kalisten.

His petty instigation was both infuriating and comical.

“What? You’re really anxious, aren’t you?”

At Alexis’ sneer, she felt even more self-conscious.

“Come on, Selina.”

Aselia realized he was addressing herself. It seemed to take her original name as inspiration, but strangely it gave her déjà vu and a sense of nostalgia.



“Please do my hair.”

“Oh, yes. Sure.”

At her request, he grinned broadly and met her eyes in joy until she had to look away. Aselia couldn’t focus and see properly, conceivably because of Kalisten’s fierce gaze burrowing a hole into her as he sat before her. As she waited, her head slightly lowered and her gaze down, she felt Alexis’ hand on the back of her neck.

“Your hair is really pretty. Soft.”

“Thank you.”

He complimented her as he ran her fingers through Aselia’s hair, remarking and treating it as if he were touching silk.

“Let’s grow out your hair too. Then I’ll do Alec’s hair.”

“That’s good. Then I should also tell the deputy director to let me grow it out.”

Unconsciously she shrank when ‘deputy director’ came out of his mouth. Alexis, noticing the reaction, stopped his hand from touching her hair and asked,

“Did the deputy director harass you?”

“… no.”

Kalisten was also following Aselia’s reaction with his eyes. He thought her reaction was odd.

The deputy director, Isabella Wignum, was in charge of the lab composed of only male subjects. Did she also have power over the women subjects?

No, maybe she was talking about the deputy director over at the female lab elsewhere.

Kalisten sighed as his mind tried to weave her with Aselia even though she was right before his eyes.

He lifted his eyes and committed her to memory. Her platinum-colored hair was touched here and there by Alexis’ hand. It was very infuriating, but it looked so devastatingly brilliant, as if bright gold was being liquified. Her eyes were beautiful as if they were overflowing with violets, the same impression he got every time he saw Aselia.

Then, his eyes looked up and locked on her as if to confirm something.

“Your name is Selina?”

“Uh? Ah… huh.”

Kalisten unwittingly addressed her. Eyelashes that were as brilliant as her hair immediately trembled, and unfortunately, the moment her eyes met his, they looked away and turned downward again. He somehow wished she could look at him more. A corner of his heart grew even more irate at Alexis, who treated her like his property.

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