ISY – 74

“Come here. Hug.”

“What? Ah… yes.”

Aselia didn’t want to be hugged at Alexis’ orders, but since he seemed to be in a good mood, she didn’t want to spoil his mood anymore, so she had no choice but to be hugged slowly. Then he hugged her back tightly and stroked her wing bone with his hand as if he were playing around.

“A lot of flesh shows through these clothes.”


He teased and then glared at Kalisten. Kalisten, already fully clothed, stood there with his fists clenched.

“What are you doing? Get out.”

“I’m still dizzy.”

“Then go back in there.”

Alexis pointed to the closet he came out of. Then Aselia poked her head out and looked at him, and she asked:

“What’s that place for?”

As she raised a question, Alexis watched her; she looked so much like an adorable rabbit and so cute that he smiled involuntarily and replied:

“That’s my secret enclosure. It’s where I often go when intoxicated to wait and let the drugs run their course.

“Oh, so it looks like a closet.”

“Huh. I am smart.”


Hearing Aselia’s response, he stroked her head on his shoulder as if he was happy. Aselia unconsciously hugged his torso. It was because his patting was so heavy that she would fall backwards otherwise.

Kalisten, seeing the two of them, thought about leaving in a rage, but another part of him didn’t want to. However, at the sight of the two of them getting along, he felt incredibly frustrated. He was upset that he was nothing to her even though he had only seen her twice, and his sizzling anger seemed to come out as magic.

Besides, she really couldn’t be Aselia. Still, it was strange. Why did he feel she was so similar to Aselia?

Aselia’s had a flat chest, and this woman’s voluptuous breasts were clearly in front of him. He reminded himself that the two could not be the same person. Yet his sixth sense told him otherwise, that he was denied by Aselia, making him feel horribly dirty.

“Does Alec take the drugs often?”

“I am very fit. But every time I go on a mission, they put a massive charge in my tracking chip so I can’t run away. However, most of the drugs that are put together when injecting mana are stimulants, so it’s difficult without a tranquilizer.”

“Why would they inject you with something like that?”

“To try and keep you from running away. I can’t even run away anyway.”


“Don’t you know? When you awaken, you won’t be able to live long without a tranquilizer.”

Alexis stroked her hair, removing her head from his shoulder. Then he smiled and waited for her answer. Then she nodded her head as if she knew.

“It’s a dual safety device.”

“Then do you stay here after taking the medicine?”

“No, after finishing my missions I come here to settle it.”

“Then shouldn’t we do it now?”

When Aselia worriedly asked, he smiled and said,

“I don’t need to right now.”

After saying that, he dragged Aselia by the arm and sat her on the bed. As she sat on her bed, Aselia’s bobbing breasts caught his attention.

“Didn’t you wear jewelry?”

“I was going to, but Alec came.”

“I’ll put it on you, then.”

“Okay… .”

He was fascinated by Aselia’s large breasts and wanted to touch them. As he slowly reached out his hand, she closed her eyes tightly as if holding back.

“You don’t like when I touch them?”

“… I don’t know.”

Her fearful voice stunned Alexis, discouraging him and causing him to withdraw his hand.

“Then, let’s touch each other later. Until then, prepare your mind.”

“… yes.”

When Aselia answered helplessly, he opened the red box placed near the bed. Inside was a necklace and a set of earrings.

“I will give you the necklace. Because your ears aren’t pierced.”


Alexis hugged Aselia around her neck, holding the necklace. Kalisten was recovering with the closet door open, watching the fire-like situation.

“Oh, it tickles me, Alec.”

Alexis was about to put on the necklace, running his little finger across her chest.


Kalisten unconsciously smashed and crushed the door of the closet.

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