ISY – 73

Thirty minutes before, Alexis went to see the deputy director.

“What? Why are you calling me unnecessarily?”

Alexis wanted to go back to his room quickly. But, above all, he was anxious to leave Aselia alone, and she still looked surprised.

As if he hadn’t been requesting to let her stay in his room for a week, he hadn’t locked her up in his room as he left.

Because it seemed like she would hate being locked up, so he left his room unlocked. Every time she was displeased and made a brief look of disgust, his chest felt so stuffy and constricted that he couldn’t act against her wishes.

“I called you because it was important.”

As soon as the deputy director saw him, she gave him a look of disdain and pity and leaned back on her chair.

Since it was the deputy director’s office, Alexis could walk in and out without knocking.

“Then hurry up. Quick. I’m very busy right now.”

“If this is about A-702 that you took to your room, he must have gone to wash up anyway.”

“Ah, yes.”

He remembered that she had taken his Z-class card from him. So he rationalized that she wouldn’t be there even if he went back quickly. Then, to his amazement, his body grew relaxed.

“Then tell me what this is about.”

“Your expression is grim. It’s unpleasant to look at.”

The deputy director glanced at him, clearly displeased, and then sighed. Then she handed him the papers.

“What’s this?”

“It’s about the Kerno chieftain.”

The deputy director was also well aware of why he returned every three days. But to her, it was terribly irksome for him to return, for No. A-702, who was essential to No. Z-999’s awakening. That’s why it was so bothersome and vexatious for him to return to the lab like this.

“It’s complicated.”

Alexis stored the information she had given him about the Kerno chieftain in his head.

“Isn’t the objective to wipe out the rebels and put the blame on the head of the Kerno tribe?”

“That’s right.”

“The other day, you ordered me to kill the head of the Kerno tribe. Why are you saving him again this time?”

The deputy director explained the complicated political reasons, but Alexis didn’t think it was that important, and his eyes clouded over in boredom. He didn’t really care to understand.

“Bring him alive. Your opinion doesn’t matter anyway.”

“… What about the identities?”

He asked her to confirm the terms of the deal he agreed to in exchange. After that, it wasn’t difficult for him to do whatever he was told to do. However, in the past, if it all had been too dull, he now found something exciting; now, all he wanted to do was take Aselia out and live in a stable space for just the two of them.

That’s why the fake identities he was supposed to receive were so important. A mansion had already been purchased in his name.

He didn’t think it would be bad to start a family now if he and Aselia lived together. Let’s have two children

If they resemble Aselia, then three are okay.

Since she was his toy, she would probably agree to the number of children, but Alec was worried about what he would do if she said no.

“That is the last thing. Don’t forget that the imperial family agreed to help once this task is over.”

“Huh. Did you call me for that?”

“That is the most urgent thing. You never know when they might recklessly attack and take your head.”


Alexis gave her a rough answer and told her.

“Can I go now?”

“Take that right before you go.”

“Ah… It’s so annoying.”

Looking at the medicine the deputy warden told him to take, he narrowed his brows with irritation.

“Even if I take this, I’m strong. And there’s no sign of collapse, so why bother?”

“What’s wrong with being careful in advance?”

Even as Alexis’ face twisted, he didn’t refuse it because the medicine seemed to be for his good health. After the deputy warden ordered him to take the IV, his physical ability increased, and he could also use his magical powers more easily. The drugs prevented those with special abilities from collapsing from overusing their abilities.

“Take it for 30 minutes.”

“Cut it to 10 minutes.”

“20 minutes.”

“10 minutes.”

“30 minutes.”

“Twenty minutes is good, 20 minutes.”

He put the IV in his arm and let the treatment enter him as he thought of Aselia.

When he returned to his room after the treatment, he saw Aselia changed into the clothes he gave her. She was dazzling to the point of stunning brilliance.

“Ah, Alec!”

It was Kalisten, who was naked and covered his lower body with his hands.

“This… .”

Aselia looked at him in bewilderment. Then, noticing Alexis’ displeasure, she became frightened.

“Why is he naked in front of you?”

“Well—that… .”

Aselia tried to think of an excuse. She did not believe he would let Kalisten go if she told him the truth. Alexis treated her like her toy. He wanted to kill XX-321 because he didn’t want him to touch his possession.

So she had to use her head to keep Kalisten from harm.

“Get dressed right now.”

Kalisten listened to him and slowly picked up his clothes from the floor. He had been covering his lower body with his hands, so it seemed he could not see something that Aselia had seen but shouldn’t have seen.

“Actually, Z-999 made me angry… .”

“Did you scold him?”

“… yes.”

Alexis was satisfied that Kalisten didn’t seem to know who she was. He had heard that the two of them were quite close, but perhaps they weren’t as close as himself and Aselia since he didn’t know Aselia’s identity.

“Was my toy upset by not being recognized?”

“It’s alright now. Alec came—”

“Are you glad I came?”

“Yes. You took a long time. I waited a long time,”

Aselia replied obediently as she moved closer to Alexis. Then, Kalisten’s strange anger made his heart boil.

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