ISY – 72

Aselia didn’t even know what she was talking about when she blurted it out. She said it only because she resented him for making her feel this way, hating the sadness she had to suffer from in silence.

She thought that saying that would make him unkind towards her; he would treat her kinder when she was A-702.

However, contrary to her wishes, Kalisten’s words were unexpected.

“Should I show you too?”


“Can I show it to you?”

He became strangely intensely determined again due to his shame.

“Oh no, I just said—”


After he answered back, he immediately took off his shirt. His well-knit, tight upper body was revealed when he took off his light blue lab uniform clinging to his with ash and blood.

“Oh, now— wait a minute… .”

At Aselia’s words, he met her eyes with fierce determination. Aselia looked at his bright red eyes, rather nervous. Her gaze kept going down; he looked quite different when his uniform covered him. She had seen everything while washing up together the other day, so she tried to tell herself there was no need to be so nervous every time she caught a glimpse of his bare skin.

Aselia often saw her own body when she became a man. Although it felt unfamiliar and felt like someone else’s body, she became used to men’s bodies and never thought that they were so strange. But Kalisten’s body was so big that whenever she looked at him, her face felt so hot and her navel felt itchy.

“Look carefully.”

“Uh… but… .”

“You said you wanted to see me.”

After he said that, he tried to take the rest of his clothes off. Aselia grabbed and held his hand to keep him from doing so. When she grabbed his hand tightly, he was startled and let go. Surprised by her behavior, he narrowed his brows and glared at her.

“No, I… .”

Aselia lowered her head as she spoke, his abs filling her vision. His abs, which rose and fell with each breath, were perfect. It was an excellent and captivating abdomen, as if looking at a sculpture. The grooves of his stomach had shadows and were well divided as if water could flow perfectly between them.

She suddenly raised her eyes and saw his chest muscles. The pectoral muscles looked as hard as if they were made of two stones. She had fallen asleep in his arms several times, so she knew how hard his chest was. Maybe that’s why it felt like blood was rushing to her head. She recalled how his chest rubbed against her lips in the past was rigid but soft at the same time.

Then she remembered how he looked when she touched him. That ecstatic expression he made without holding back while under the influence of drugs.

“Z-999… .”

Kalisten didn’t think she knew his name, but he took off his pants because, for some reason, he was resentful and didn’t like her calling him by his number either. Then, with a spring-like jump, the pants fell to the floor.

He casually took off his clothes and left them on the floor while looking at Aselia. Seeing the rabbit-like figure covering her eyes with her little hand, he was strangely relieved, but the sight of her tickled his chest.

“Oh, can you put your clothes back on?”

“You said you wanted to watch me.”

“No I… .”

He felt a little shy as he watched her sit down in shame. And yet, seeing her heated ears, her flushed face between her hands, her wet voice and her quivering breath made the situation strangely exciting.

“I’ll put it on again only if you watch me.”

“Why did I say that… .”

She regretted her impulsive words. Thinking that, she closed her eyes and tried to get her palms off her face. But she didn’t have the courage.

“It’s pretty cold in here.”

His words made her feel a little guilty. He took it off because of herself and would be upset if he caught a cold.

“Should I really open my eyes? Will it be okay?”

“… uh.”

He answered her question calmly.

Aselia let out a small sigh, then slowly raised her head as her trembling hands clenched into fists. She felt she could hear other pounding sounds in her ears besides her own throbbing heartbeat, but she mistook it for hers only and opened her eyes.

That was the moment—

“What is going on?”

Alexis was back.

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