ISY – 71

Kalisten felt the impending grave dread that he had made a terrible mistake. As Aselia approached, his heart pounded. He was deliberately sneaking a peek and caught. But he just happened to open his eyes at the moment when she was changing her clothes.

Even so, he could have looked away if he had wanted to.

Instead, he belatedly shut his eyes as he saw her reach for the closet.


She opened the door and found him. She looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“You’re not asleep, are you?”

Kalisten obediently and meekly opened his eyes. He didn’t know how to answer. When he woke up, she was changing her clothes, and he couldn’t see all of it because the bed was in the way—but to what extent should he confess and say how much he saw?


It was proper to apologize first. Aselia’s face turned redder, and her eyes widened.

“Did you see everything?”

“… no.”

Kalisten was being honest; he hadn’t seen everything, so he replied. But Ascelia saw his red ears, flushed cheeks, and the helpless look on his flustered and confused face as he averted his gaze, so she was sure.

“You saw everything.”

“… I’m sorry.”

It was the first time Kalisten had seen Aselia as a woman when entirely sane. That’s why he felt the weird sense that she was unfamiliar yet not unknown simultaneously. Even though she resembled and felt like Aselia, he had only seen her face once, and her voice was the same as he had imagined…. and somehow she was familiar even though he wasn’t used to it.

“Why are you in there?”

Aselia panicked and tried to divert their attention to another subject. She broke into a cold sweat, not knowing how far Kalisten had seen. She wondered if he might have found out her identity.

“I was here when I opened my eyes.”


“I don’t know either. I think I was put here until the medicine was neutralized and wore away.”

At Kalisten’s words, she seemed to know why Alexis kept him there the other day. It was a safe place to keep him if he woke up while on drugs. But she also wondered why he put him in something that looked like a closet.

“I’m sorry.”

“… ..”

Aselia didn’t know how to respond, but she thought his manner was sincere. He looked at her like he was really sorry, and his face was exceedingly red.

But since Kalisten met her eyes like that, his face too red; he looked like he wanted to die from the embarrassment.

“Are you the researcher in charge of Z-898?”


From his question, Aselia wondered if he hadn’t seen her change. So she stared blankly at him. She hurriedly averted her gaze, rubbing the back of her neck.

“I am not a researcher.”

“Ah, I see. Then what are you doing here?”

“I’m just Alec’s… toy.”


Kalisten looked at her in bewilderment. But Aselia didn’t notice she had said anything wrong. Alexis always called her a toy and treated her like a possession. She wondered if his anger at her injuries was similar to that of the owner whose cherished item had a scratch.

“What do you mean?”

“I just said it, do I have to say it again?”

“… no.”

Ashamed, Kalisten was taken aback by her questioning reply. It was strange to say such things casually, but in this laboratory, such things were not too abnormal.

“Why do you do that?”

“I don’t do it because I want to…”


“Because I’m A grade… .”

When he saw her, a woman, talking about being an A ranker, he concluded there was another all-female research institute. But, even so, a person couldn’t be a toy.

However, even here, plenty of A-grades were treated worse than toys and discarded. As a result, there were countless A-ranker deaths while being used to train higher grades.

“Is this room Z-898’s?”


Kalisten remembered that he had been here before. He wanted to release his frown but couldn’t manage to change his countenance.

“Ah, Z-999.”


He was strangely annoyed that she didn’t call him by his first name. It hurt his feelings as if she was the Aselia he knew and his friend was trying to create distance between them.

“You really haven’t seen everything, have you?”

When Aselia asked again as if to confirm, he answered with a sigh:

“I didn’t see everything. I just woke up and… When I open my eyes, you…. your clothes… were changing. I’m sorry.”

He seemed upset, meekly apologizing, and seemed to be withdrawing. He looked much softer than when she was a man with the number A-702.

It made her feel odd and miserable as if she had lost to herself.

“Ah, Z-999.”


“You’ve seen me change clothes?”

“… sorry.”

“Then shouldn’t I watch you, too?”

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