ISY – 70

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“That’s just what it looks like.”

She thought that whenever he was nice to her, he thought it was an illusion. His kindness was just a tool to facilitate his desire to touch her.

At that depressing thought, the heat that warmed her body suddenly escaped.

“Let’s wash up.”

She spat out bitterly as if talking to herself, then washed her face and rubbed soap on her head. A lot of bubbles popped up, and she felt refreshed. But then thoughts of Kalisten came up, and inevitably the conviction that his kindness was due to lust. She felt uncomfortable. Upset.

Aselia worked harder, trying to only concentrate on washing herself.

So she washed for a while longer, then turned off the water and squeezed the water out of her hair. Her hair seemed to grow longer every time she saw it, but now it was long enough to cover her entire butt.

It seemed like her towel would not be enough, but after wiping her body, she wrapped her hair and brushed it off.

Then she put on her necklace again and wiped her hair dry.

She then put on her clothes.

“Ah… . this of all things… .”

As soon as she came out, she put on the clothes and belatedly realized they were the Z-class uniform. She wondered if it was okay to wear Z-class garments when she was lowly A-class. She didn’t want Alexis to get into trouble if she went out wearing this.

But soon, she erased her worries, thinking he might have thought that far when he gave her the card.

Then she headed back to Alexis’s room. Researchers looked puzzled as she passed by, as test subjects never moved alone. However, when they saw the number Z-898 on her chest, they only pursed their lips and didn’t come near.

Aselia felt unfamiliar. When she wore an A-grade uniform, everyone looked at her with contempt, and when she made eye contact, they would frown in displeasure. However, just because she was wearing Z-class clothes, if they made eye contact with Aselia, the researchers avoided her and seemed to be running away.

It was not uncommon for researchers to see Z-rankers, and among them, Alexis’ number 898 was famous. He was also close with the deputy director.

Above all, Alexis was the number assigned to oversee or personally exterminate escaping subjects. Besides, he was a monster that showed no failures or vulnerabilities and reigned as king even among the Z-class.

It was only natural that everyone would run away just by glimpsing the number.

So Aselia, as if taken aback by the changed gaze, quickly returned to Alexis’s room with the card.

Then she checked the clothes he had told her to change into.

“This— really… .”

How could he have such erotic clothes? The red dress she held in her hand seemed to cover only the vital parts, leaving her breasts almost exposed. The straps were thin, but it was a provocative dress that appeared to show off her entire bosom.

But she was told to wear it, so she’d have to wear it. Because he was the one who came to rescue her and was incensed at being late, she didn’t want to upset him more. Besides, she was indebted to him; he did her a favor.

Aselia thought so and sighed.

She then took off all her clothes, neatly folded them up, and undid her necklace, and placed it neatly on the bed.

Around that time, Kalisten, who had been locked in the closet, opened his eyes. Kalisten was unsettled by a strange rustling noise and captivated by the scent wafting to the crevices of the closet.

And, more than anything else, he opened his eyes slowly, realizing that the time he was in the closet was for his recovery, as the medicine was depleted from his system. For some reason, the pain was faint, and he had a clear mind as if all the medicinal effects on his body had disappeared.

“Oh, my…”

He was mesmerized by the sight he could see through the crack in the closet door.

There, the same woman as Aselia—no, the woman he saw in his fantasy was crouching naked, and she stood up holding something in her hand tightly as if she had picked up something.

—Thump, thump, thump.

Kalisten felt like his own heartbeat was pounding in his ears and reverberating across his whole body.

Then, as she turned around, he could see her body completely.

A white, curvy body, long platinum-colored hair like Aselia’s, and glimmering purple eyes. It was as soft and beautiful as the body he had seen in his dreams.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, even though he thought he was seeing something he shouldn’t have seen. What’s more, he was still tied up and couldn’t make a sound because he was wearing a restraining ball around his neck and mouth.

“Is this the front… .”

Even it was the same clear voice he had heard in his dreams.

Before long, she put a red dress on.

“It’s the other way around……”

She had put on her clothes inside out, laughed at herself, then put them back on. Then, wearing a provocative dress that half covered her breasts, she opened the decorations in the box to check.

– Pak.


Kalisten trembled involuntarily, but Aselia heard it. With a look of surprise, she approached the closet where Kalisten was.

He thought he should close his eyes, but the approaching outfit was so provocative and sensual that it was not easy to take his eyes off her.

“Is anyone there?”

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